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Click here or on the picture to connect to local, national and international resources for more information on and assistance with hearing impairment. Classroom strategies Seating: Seat the student toward the front of the room and to one side with the better ear toward the teacher and class. The concept of sensorial disability  embraces persons with    sensory,  visually  , and hearing impaired;  and they  are   so  important for  humans,  because  those are the receptors that   perceive  information about the world around us. Partial blindness, when the vision of the person is low or there is insufficient capacity and need to wear glasses to improve it. Macular degeneration: loss of peripheral vision and central vision is weak or a black hole.
Blindness: means there is difficulty distinguishing between colors, especially reds and greens. Cortical blindness is caused by brain damage in the primary visual area of the occipital lobe although the visual organs are in good condition.
Uveitis is swelling and irritation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye that provides most of the blood flow to the retina. Trachoma: is an infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, which affects mostly children in rural areas of developing countries.
Now a days, we have many devices to help people with visual impairment, ophthalmologic examination, this depends to determine what kind of support they need. Guide dogs, blind people can be transported with the help of a dog which has to be trained for several weeks, is very useful if you need to walk long distances. It refers to the individual’s inability to detect or receive at least some sound frequencies which can usually be heard by members of their species, hearing loss can be classified as mild, moderate to profound. Premature birth during labor conditions in which a baby does not have enough oxygen to breathe.

Inappropriate use of toxic drugs (a group of over 130 drugs, such as the antibiotic gentamicin) during pregnancy.
Other causes include infections such as meningitis, measles, mumps and chronic ear infections can lead to hearing impairment. Solutions to hearing impairment focus on prevention, early detection and treatment and rehabilitation. Meningitis, immunize children against childhood diseases like measles, meningitis, rubella and mumps. The best set-up is the semicircle, which allows the student to see the faces of the teacher and the other students.
For many people the word blind means total lack of vision, visual impairment but is divided into total blindness or amaurosis, blindness. Damage to the optic nerve at the back of the eye leads to a gradual loss of nerve function and can cause loss of peripheral vision.
People with uveitis may have one or more symptoms such as blurred vision, perception of flies buzzing, eye pain, eye redness and sensitivity to light.
It begins as an inflammation of the lining of the eyelids, conjunctivitis or pink eye, without treatment can heal. These dogs are not pets but companions; they should not pet him or take him by the collar without the permission of the owner. Excessive noise, including working with noisy machinery, exposure to loud music or other noises such as gunfire or explosions can damage the inner ear and weak hearing. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this web site. Symptoms may include corneal opacity, eye discharge, swollen lymph nodes just in front of the ears, swollen eyelids and eyelashes reversed.

The system has 18 abbreviations, contractions calls to save space and speed up the reading or writing.
A student's individual education plan will include specific recommendations, such as oral approaches (speech-reading, auditory training, amplification) and manual approaches (American Sign Language - ASL, cued speech and finger spelling). As people age, accumulated exposure to noise and other factors can lead to deafness or hearing loss.
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This will allow you to face the class and give students a chance to speech read during the lesson.
When they appear not to understand, try: repeating the same words rephrasing simplifying the language pre-teaching new vocabulary before a new unit, particularly in the content areas using full length sentences. Single words or incomplete phrases may not convey full meaning to someone who is having diffculty hearing what is being said.Assignments Students who are deaf or hard of hearing may not know how to begin, how to proceed, and how to organize the process of completing an assignment, even though they are intelligent. This lack of independence can result in time management problems, frustration, and discouragement. Be aware of colds and other illnesses which will have a detrimental effect on the hearing impaired student's performance.

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