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RadioRotary interviews Kayo Iwama, Associate Director of the Graduate Vocal Arts Program at Bard College, about music education at the college and the performances open to the public. Rhinebeck Rotarian and District 7210 Governor-Elect for 2016-17 Lou Turpin describes two of the several activities that help fulfill the Rotary Foundation motto of “Doing Good in the World.” In addition to his work for District 7210, Turpin has been instrumental in furthering the work of ShelterBox, perhaps the leading disaster-relief organization in the world. Rhinebeck Rotarian Lou Trapani, Artistic and Managing Director of The Center for the Performing Arts at Rhinebeck, returns to RadioRotary to discuss some of the upcoming performances at the big red barn on Route 308. RadioRotary interviews New York State Senator Sue Serino on efforts to reduce Lyme Disease in the Hudson Valley and to free physicians to treat chronic Lyme Disease with longer courses of intravenous antibiotics. RadioRotary interviews recovering addict Cara Mia Bacchiochi about her street ministry called Hope on a Mission HOAM, a volunteer effort to help women who are homeless because of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Eliza Bozenski is the development director for the Anderson Center for Autism, a nonprofit educational and therapeutic organization that includes day and residential programs for children and adults as well as diagnostics, training, and consultation for families or schools.
RadioRotary interviews Zamir Hassan, founder of The Hunger Van, a volunteer effort to bring food to the hungry homeless.
Millbrook Rotarian Joyce Heaton describes this year’s New Year’s Eve Millbrook a community event that is family friendly and alcohol free. Rotary has had a unique role in the United Nations starting even before the UN was founded.
The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a Federal program that operates on a country level, providing vocational training for low-income persons age 55 or older. Pleasant Valley Rotarian, and 2015 winner of the Jeffrey Keahon Foundation Award, David Kruger describes the work of The Rotary Foundation, the part of Rotary that not only does good in the world away from our communities, but also helps fund many local projects.
Salvation Army Captains Sam and Jenny Alarcon visit RadioRotary to describe some of the many ways that The Salvation Army works to solve problems in Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley. Cancer survivor Holly VanDerbeck tells about her experiences with Stage 3 melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Red Hook Rotarian Gale Wolfe is interviewed about her participation in a medical mission to Tibet for this “live from the meeting” RadioRotary interview, recorded during a regular meeting of the Red Hook Rotary Club.
Rotary District 7210 Past District Governor Bill Bassett (Walkill East Rotary Club) describes the history and current success of the effort, started by Rotary in 1979, to completely eradicate the terrible disease poliomyelitis, commonly called polio. The name “Dutchess Outreach” does not tell much about the organization’s mission, which is to meet the basic needs of low-income people when no other resources are readily available.
Christina Novak, Communications and Development Coordinator of the Dutchess Country SPCA, visits the RadioRotary studio to describe the work of her organization, which is much more diverse than most persons realize.
Rhinebeck Rotarian David Ives is the Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for Ives’ many activities promoting worldwide peace and health. In recent years, the proliferation of prescription opiate painkillers, such as Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin, and others, has spurred an increase in opiate addiction. RadioRotary interviews Marisol Rodriguez, Executive Director of Literacy Connections of the Hudson Valley, a nonprofit using local volunteers to help people to read, write, and reach their potential.
RadioRotary interviews Rhinebeck Interact’s Grace Steele and Morgan Rakow, two of the 23 participants in the 2015 edition of that Interact Club’s “Nicaragua Project.” Interact is the high-school service organization sponsored by Rotary. Newburgh Rotarian Doug Sturomski is the unofficial Peace Ambassador for Rotary District 7210, which encompasses the eight counties in the Mid-Hudson Region. Highland Rotary Club’s Charter Member Steve Laubach and Don Verity, the Highland Rotarian who manages PAMAL Radio, the network for RadioRotary, describe the 11th annual Hudson Valley Ribfest, one of the major summer events in the Hudson Valley and primary fundraiser for their Rotary Club. We are often taught to think before we feel, and to follow the rules of politeness in order to feel embraced. Ladybug: “Have you ever noticed how small I am yet how much attention I can attract when I land somewhere nearby? Our position at the top of the food chain means that we are better able and equipped to learn from our environment, to include the creatures in it.
Unless raw cannabis is old, there is little to no THC in it, and this means you can treat others with it without getting them high.
Additionally, scientifically speaking, we know that some of those acid cannabinoids are neuro-protective, encourage healthy bone growth, are anti-tumor, among other things. Since cannabinoids have been scientifically shown to have extremely LOW toxicity, this treatment has less ill side effects attributed to it. Not every celebrity baby name catches on -- Apple and Suri remain rare, as do Saint and North. Here’s a look at the most popular baby names -- and the celebrities who helped them rise in the ranks. Heather Locklear named her daughter Ava way back in 1997, and Reese Witherspoon welcomed daughter Ava two years later. Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel in 2004, and more recently Emily Blunt and John Krasinski gave the name to their daughter in early 2014.
The Jolie-Pitts are less traditional with their baby name choices, and Vivienne, Maddox, and Shiloh all caught on after the couple chose them for their kids. Olivia has become a top 10 go-to for this generation, but Olive languished in style limbo until Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher used it for their daughter in 2007. Drew Barrymore could join Brad and Angelina on the list of the most influential baby namers.
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan welcomed their daughter Everly in 2013, just as the name was taking off. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen picked a fairytale name for daughter Briar Rose in October 2014. Along with photos of nature and yoga poses, the supermodel posted a note on her website revealing her thoughts on faith. When it comes to spirituality, Jenner may not be that different from others in her age group. Along with photos of nature and yoga poses, the supermodel posted a note on her website revealing her thoughts on faith. The Grammy-winning singer collaborates with Nile Rodgers and Carrie Underwood on the album, but it's his song with Pitbull, called "Sun Don't Let Me Down," that's really raising some eyebrows.
The former "American Idol" judge asked Rodgers to pass along the song to Pitbull and see if the rapper "was feeling hip" to the track.
Years later, I'd realize how influential this story was in my life as I read it to my children. I heard its impact while at the 1989 World Tour concert of Taylor Swift as she sang, "Wonderland". The video features P!nk in an elaborate lace gown, topped with a thorny crown, standing on a giant chess board. It's hard to say whether it's P!nk complementing Disney or the other way around, with the video. Alice Kingsleigh (Wasikowska) has spent the past few years following in her father's footsteps and sailing the high seas.
The Hatter has lost his Muchness, so Mirana (Hathaway) sends Alice on a quest to borrow the Chronosphere, a metallic globe inside the chamber of the Grand Clock which powers all time. Julee is a quirky, dorky, Virginia Transplant with an appetite to taste the world, meet its desserts and tell their stories. Years later, I'd realize how influential this story was in my life as I read it to my children. Alice Kingsleigh (Wasikowska) has spent the past few years following in her father's footsteps and sailing the high seas.
When I sat down with Dylan Ragland a couple weeks ago before his set at Webster Hall, I brought up the fact that his soundcloud page had been disturbingly quiet for quite some time now.
When I spoke to Party Favor about this track, he made it very clear how excited he was for it to drop. I'm excited to see where this leads us as we get ready for the upcoming album he's been teasing. It's shaping up to be quite the summer for Party Favor, and if "Bust Em" is any preview of what we've got in store, I expect his meteoric rise to continue well into 2017. Danielle Brooks wants to encourage young women and aspiring actresses to never lower their standards or lose their integrity in the pursuit of a career. Ray also revealed Roy sent her a gift after the mixup, and she happily reciprocated with something to take the edge off all the hate -- because, let's be honest, the experience of being swarmed by the Beyhive was surely anything but hilarious for Roy.
Roy was accused of being "Becky" after she posted an Instagram photo captioned with the words "good hair." Once Bey's fans saw it, they unleashed their wrath. No show does creepy laughs like "The Twilight Zone." And the great thing about the creepy laughs of "The Twilight Zone" is that the person(s) being laughed at usually had it coming. If you haven't tuned into TV One's brand new hit series, "Rickey Smiley for Real", then it's safe to say you're missing out on a lot of laughter and the best in television right now.
After many years of struggling to balance these responsibilities, Smiley is now determined to be more attuned to his personal needs which includes, family, fun and meeting his perfect match. Throughout this second season, Smiley is focused on trying to keep his kids on the right track while being concerned with the fact that his success may be affecting his family.
After tuning into the show last season, I came to my own conclusions of why "Rickey Smiley For Real" is a show that everyone needs to be watching. Ironically, the current state of television has digressed as it pertains to a greater representation of positive diversity and fatherhood. There is a danger in the single story, as eloquently explained by Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her Ted Talk. Bard has an unusual undergraduate degree program in music because each student must also obtain a degree in another subject, such as mathematics or political science.
Not only has he been a Shelter-Box Ambassador, encouraging the funding of the program throughout the district, but be also serves on the board of ShelterBox USA. Lyme Disease is one of several tick-borne illnesses that are widespread in the Hudson Valley.
Working in the city of Poughkeepsie, Bacchiochi and volunteer helpers distribute water and such personal care items as baby wipes to homeless women on a weekly basis. Its hundred-acre walkable campus on the Hudson, where autistic students learn in classes with 6 or fewer other students, is just the most obvious part of the organization. In 2000, Hassan chaperoned a school trip to a local food pantry and was astonished by how many were going hungry in his prosperous New Jersey community.
Twelve years earlier, the Rotary Club of Millbrook was seeking a way to help bring the village and environs together as a community.

Each year the United Nations invites more than a thousand Rotarians, members of associated groups such as Rotaract and Interact, and students participating in Rotary international Youth Exchange to come to UN headquarters in New York for panel discussions with Rotary leadership, UN ambassadors, and heads of international nongovernmental organizations.
While its most notable success has been the worldwide reduction of polio to a handful of cases in two countries—with complete elimination on the horizon—The Rotary Foundation may have saved even more lives with its projects for clean water, maternal and child health, and peace.
The Salvation Army, founded in London by William Booth in 1865, is a worldwide Christian church that is organized along military lines.
Originally detected as a change in a mole, her cancer showed up later in lymph nodes, but was arrested by a combination of surgery and interferon, a drug that stimulates the immune system to attack cancer. Polio has a long history as a human disease that often causes lifetime paralysis or even death. EPIC (Engaging People in Change) gathers high-school students from around NE Dutchess and holds weekly meetings that focus on social justice and leadership skills. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society funds research that has greatly reduced the death rate from these cancers, and the Society also provides education and support for patients as well as advocacy for better treatments and services. Elsewhere in Vietnam, they have built two more schools, and they have embarked on programs in Jamaica, Honduras, and Ghana as well. While the letters SPCA stand for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, most people think of the Dutchess County SPCA largely in terms of pet adoptions (and they do handle this for all kinds of pets, including birds, rabbits, rats, and Guinea pigs, as well as dogs and cats), but there are many other services. When he was 16, Ives took a trip to Latin America, where he was devastated by the poverty he encountered, and Ives determined to devote his life to helping others.
When addicts can no longer obtain their pills, they often turn to heroin, a cheaper street opiate—in fact, it is so cheap that many who could still purchase prescription pills also switch to heroin.
One in five Americans are functionally illiterate, which means that their reading and writing skills are at a sixth-grade level or lower. Each year members of the Rhinebeck Interact Club, some adults (mostly Rhinebeck Rotarians), and some college students travel to the Leon department of Nicaragua where they work for a week on building and improving schools in impoverished rural villages.
One of his several projects related to peace is building and placing Peace Poles in parks, high schools, colleges, and various public places around the region.
They use their part of the income from the Ribfest to support The Rotary Foundation, ShelterBox, and several local charitable causes, including defibrillators for various locations around Highland (one of which saved a customer having a heart attack at the diner where the Rotary meets).
As a result we squash our natural instincts, our gut feeling, and tell ourselves to follow the “rules” instead.
The plant naturally produces cannabinoid acids, like THC-A, which are strongly anti-inflammatory, but NOT psychoactive.
The results will be obvious, since as the pain reduces, they become more active and playful. This treatment is no different than the treatment for humans, and especially for older patients, can greatly improve quality of life by reducing daily ‘aches and pains’. But from today’s top 10 to the newest names on the rise, it is clear that the picks of celebrity parents have boosted some of our favorites.
But Scarlett Johansson used it for her daughter's first name in 2014, and other parents have followed suit. Lately it’s come out of hibernation, having moved up 88 places this year to number 514. Americans have long loved Biblical names for boys, and the Timberbaby’s star power makes Silas a name to watch. It returned to the top 100 just a year later (also likely boosted by The Fault in Our Stars character Hazel Grace). Nearly unheard of in 2011, Everly soared to number 178 in 2014, and made it to number 138 this year.
The name debuted in the top 1000 for both girls and boys this year, making Briar another celebrity baby name to watch.
She wrote that her famous family didn't attend church regularly when she was a child, but that they made it a point to go for the Easter holiday. There were no pictures, only those from the magical place that filled my mind with a world of imagination and peculiar creatures. Disney's highly anticipated Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to 2010's Alice in Wonderland, has the Red and White Queens Clashing, turning Underland a shade of P!nk!Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass takes audiences on a new adventure. Her trademark voice a reminder that we've missed P!nk, since she took a break in 2012 after her multi-platinum album The Truth About Love.Photo Courtesy of Disney. Upon her return to London, she comes across a magical looking glass and returns to the fantastical realm of Underland and her friends the White Rabbit (Sheen), Absolem (Rickman), the Cheshire Cat (Fry) and the Mad Hatter (Depp), who is not himself. Returning to the past, she comes across friends - and enemies - at different points in their lives, and embarks on a perilous race to save the Hatter before time runs out. She enjoys traveling, writing, obsessing over Bon Jovi, watching movies, being a mom, and enjoying life's journey. There's typical Disney magic and characters with the original cast, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Anne Hathaway and there are new additions, Sacha Baron Cohen and music performed by P!nk!
She enjoys traveling, writing, obsessing over Bon Jovi, watching movies, being a mom, and enjoying life's journey. There can only be so much calm, and I'm sure I can speak for many of Party Favor's fans when I say that we're ready for the storm. And even in a situation where I talk about being topless," Brooks said during the interview segment. And even in a situation where I talk about being topless," Brooks said during the interview segment. But thanks to the similarity of her name to Ray's, a few people unintentionally aimed their attacks at the wrong person.
The Bobbcat Films-produced docu-series returned on Tuesday, May 10th and airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Smiley says there's a lot to look forward to this season especially for families who feel deeply connected to the show.
I feel like Rickey Smiley's story is my story," shared 42 year old Robert Smith- a white British single father of three living in Vinings, Georgia.
The Graduate Vocal Arts Program owes its existence to the renowned soprano Dawn Upshaw, who developed and directs it. On another front, through his involvement with the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University, he has participated in several of the Nobel Peace Summits, an annual gathering of winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Trapani describes the education program at the Center, which includes a touring company that performs The Wizard of Oz, Rip Van Winkle, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at local schools. Many believe that when it fails to be cured either by no treatment or inadequate treatment, it becomes chronic Lyme Disease. As with other parts of the United States, Poughkeepsie is undergoing a wave of addiction spurred by the introduction of powerful opiate pain relievers and the availability of cheap heroin.
It also encompasses 21 group homes,  three life-learning centers, a clinic, and consulting arrangements with local schools. He says that in his tradition, you are not supposed to go to sleep if your neighbor is hungry, so he began to work on ways to alleviate the problem.
In October of that year, Joyce—who was aware of First Night Celebrations in Boston and elsewhere—proposed that the club sponsor a New Year’s Eve celebration of music and events directed at children.
Also each year since 2009 the RadioRotary team has been there to interview some of the participants.
SCSEP counselors Cheryl George, Patsy Kimbrew, Sheila Rock, and Marlene Fredericks describe the program, which provides training in such skills as handling interviews and writing resumes. It is also the most effective charity because nearly all of every dollar given to The Rotary Foundation is used for its work instead of spent on administration or fundraising. A basic step to avoid skin cancers is to protect your skin from the ultraviolet components of sunlight and from artificial tanning—hats and other clothing on sunny days and application of sunscreen before exposure are the first lines of defense.
Dean Bloch, an obstetrician-gynecologist, and various other medical personnel on a mission to bring aid to a remote village in Tibet. In the early 1980s a thousand persons per day contracted it and it was endemic in 125 nations. Carleton Harris started with the summer camp run by the Rural and Migrant Ministry, leading him to become involved with the Youth Arts Group, which has much the same mission as the newly formed EPIC. One way that you can help fund the Society and also increase awareness is to participate in one of the several Light the Light Walks in the Hudson Valley or Connecticut. RadioRotary gets the details from Joe Conti, President of the Board of Directors, and Brian Riddell, Executive Director of Dutchess Outreach. Today the schools they built in Vietnam have more than 500 students in grades K-6 and, with the help of Rotary District 7210, they are working toward expanding the original school to take in another 500.
A low-cost clinic, open to the public, provides routine veterinarian care for all sorts of pets.
After a stint in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, he mixed an academic career with work for nonprofits, including Rotary International.
Among the many problems caused by using either kind of opiate is overdose, which frequently leads to death. Literacy Connections trained volunteers work one-on-one with the functionally illiterate to teach them the specific skills they need for a given goal, such as passing a driver’s test.
Under the supervision of a local foreman, the students bend rebar, mix cement, lay bricks, paint, and perform other basic construction tasks. Each year the Ribfest brings the best in barbecue to the Ulster County Fairground in New Paltz, along with children’s activities and specialty booths of all kinds. However, sometimes that pushes us towards this idea of separation – that in striving to step away from the pack, we isolate ourselves from the pack. It’s important to notice the little things around you, like how the veins in a leaf look like tiny rivers, the way that spider meanders along as if she knows exactly where she’s going, or the scent of the flowers on a spring day.” ~Steven Farmer in Children’s Spirit Animal Cards. Animals seem to be able to understand what we are saying because they tune into feelings, rather than words. Drew Barrymore gave the name to her older daughter in 2012, and Olive is now up to number 264. Reality star Kendra Wilkinson named her son Hank Baskett IV in 2009; then tennis star Andy Roddick and actress Brooklyn Decker welcomed their Hank in 2015. There's typical Disney magic and characters with the original cast, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, Anne Hathaway and there are new additions, Sacha Baron Cohen and music performed by P!nk! He's coming off of two solid weekends in the Heineken house at Coachella and will be gracing a number of festivals with his presence, including Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, and the upcoming Sunset Music Festival in Tampa Bay, FL.

He exclusively spoke to us about diversity in television, faith and what audiences can expect on season two.
Performances by students, faculty, and guest artists occur throughout the year at Bard, some of them free and many at the famed Fisher Center designed by Frank Gehry. At the most recent summit in Barcelona, Spain, Turpin combined these two aspects of his work by speaking to the meeting about how ShelterBox has been working to aid the refugees from the Syrian Civil War. These fit will with the Center’s theme for 2016, which is “All-Americana,” featuring plays by American authors such as Kaufman and Hart, Tony Kushner, and Arthur Laurents. Chronic Lyme Disease, which is not recognized by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC),  may affect those afflicted years after the initial infection. In the late 1980s, Bacchiochi was herself an addict, but in 1990 she entered recovery programs. This compelling RadioRotary interview tells the listener much about autism and the important place of the Anderson Center in its management. As he traveled from place to place around the United States, helping to set up food pantries, he realized that many of the hungry homeless lack transportation to get to the food pantries, so he created a volunteer program that would bring healthy food to where the homeless lived, beneath bridges or in doorways. Retired seniors are placed in jobs that reflect their previous work life or that are based on training received in the program. From its first days it has focused on helping the homeless, addicts and alcoholics, and the hungry. Changes in moles, persistent bleeding, and “floaters” in vision are among the signs that need medical attention.
Their whole family took part, as the 14-year-old brought eyeglasses, the 17-year old organized the Tibetan patients, and the 19-year-old and Gale both helped out in the dental clinic, where hundreds of teeth were pulled. As a result of a partnership led by Rotary, but including the World Health Organization, the U.S. Grace Latino Outreach (GLO) has for the past decade offered programs in English as Second Language as well as aid of all kinds for the immigrant population. Amanda Harley, a campaign assistant for the Society, visits RadioRotary to describe the walks and provide information about cancers of the blood. The expansion of the original school is estimated to cost $82,000, a sum that 7210 District Governor Nick Constantino has vowed to raise.
There is outreach to schools, humane law enforcement, a pet cemetery and crematorium, and a lost and found service. Susan Salomone’s son Justin, who struggled with opiate addiction for ten years, was among those who died from an overdose, leading Mrs. Sturomski builds are 8-feet high, resembling the Washington Monument, and have the message “May Peace prevail upon the Earth” in 80 languages. Because if you try to grow toward them, you will miss the warmth, just as they will miss the warmth…” ~Lana Fox and Sophie Bulldog in Paws Off My Bone! For example, a dog will comfort a human, but won’t fight that human’s feelings or try to change them. Listen to the emotions behind the words of others and those words will be better understood. A simple, vintage name that regularly charted in the top 20 a century ago, it could return there again. Her powerful voice for the movie's anthem "Just Like Fire" is amazing.Photo Courtesy of Disney. It is definitely a calm before the storm." Sure enough, we've seen the first sign of a hurricane on the way, and that's the new track "BUST EM" that dropped on April 22nd.
I'm praying I'll get to catch a couple of these appearances, as he's done nothing but perform at a monumental level every time I've seen him.
Every two years, the Vocal Arts Program mounts an opera for the public, complete with a full orchestra accompaniment. Among the unusual attractions will be a new opera (Godfather Death) and pairing the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s Romeo and Juliet with West Side Story.
Symptoms can include arthritis, fatigue, mental fogginess, and impaired vision.  The black-legged ticks that carry the disease from other mammals, such as deer and white-footed mice, often attach themselves to human hosts in the nymph stage, when they are about the size of a sesame seed.
With the help of her church, she hope someday to open a storefront that would make it easier to carry out her mission.
Some of the music acts from that first occasion—jazz pianist Larry Ham and the Handman Family strings—have been featured every year since, while other popular favorites such as the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Metropolitan Klezmer, and ragtime-and-blues piano scholar Peter Muir, have been present many times. Many may know it from collecting money outside store entrances at holiday time—the bell ringers in uniform are Salvationists, while many others are volunteers.
The team, housed in a Tibetan nunnery as arranged by a monk from the Red Hook Buddhist center, helped nearly a thousand Tibetans during the week-long mission. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and UNICEF, the number of cases has been reduced to about 150 per year and it is endemic only in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Salomone to start “Drug Crisis in Our Backyard,” a community action organization that provides resources for dealing with addiction. Before a learner enters the program—which is free—they are evaluated by certified testers to determine the specific source of their difficulties.
Another project is the Peace Bell, related to the Peace Bell permanently placed in Hiroshima, Japan.
Adopt these traits from our animal brethren and the next time someone says “You’re behaving like an animal,” they ‘ll be paying you a compliment. Listen to the feelings behind your own words and you’ll begin to take better care of yourself. His radio family, Gary, Da Brat, Headkrack and Juicy all add to the raw unfiltered comedy that engulfs the show. Bard actually hosts three orchestras, including the American Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leon Botstein. In about a quarter of the infections, a characteristic “bulls-eye” rash forms at the site of the infection. In the meantime, Hope on a Mission HOAM could use help in the form of donations and volunteers. A popular feature of New Year’s Eve Millbrook are the lighted buttons designed by local students. The Alarcons describe various Salvation Army projects from after school for children to centers for seniors. This effort has been aided by hundreds of millions of dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put forth as matching challenges for The Rotary Foundation, currently a two-for-one match to every Rotary dollar up to $35 million per year. Learn about this and more, as well as how to become one of the more than 200 volunteers that make the Dutchess SPCA work. From his Nicaragua connection, he helped start the major commitment that Rhinebeck’s Interact Club has made to schools, pure water, and other improvements in rural Leon Province. Listen to these two enthusiastic girls tell about their work and their other Nicaraguan adventures. Rotary, which has Peace as one of its six areas of service, has over 500 different ways to symbolize Peace, and among the examples are over 200,000 Peace Poles worldwide. Learn to listen to yourself again by allowing yourself to just experience each moment, not control it. If things begin to feel destructive or unsafe, they’ll go off and find their own space. Should I lose weight, gain weight?' I really didn't think my career was gonna pop off until I was 40, but here I am," she said. The annual event is free, since it is supported completely by contributions from local foundations, businesses, and individuals.
This docu-series is an honest exploration of fatherhood in general but precisely "single fatherhood." This is something that resonates with viewers and fathers no matter what their backgrounds are.
For a long time Black roles were marginalized and pigeon-holed to domestic workers and then the Cosby show was introduced which gave an ideal of what a Black family could or should be like.
It is not a fundraiser for the Rotary club; every dollar raised is spent on making the event joyful for all participants. Just BE “The dog has no self-image, good or bad, so he has no need to play roles, nor does he love himself or hate himself. They understand that the best thing they can do for themselves, and for others, is to be true to themselves and their inner state. I was so thrilled when he really loved it and sent back the verse he did."-- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. This is why I fell in love with "Rickey Smiley for Real." Lets be honest, Black fatherhood is rarely truthfully represented through the lens that TV One is presenting it. Cliff Huxtable was a Doctor and Entrepreneur and Claire was a mother who was a successful Attorney. The Fresh Prince of Bel-air blurred the lines between that which was the Cosby show and what was also the reality of the hood (West Philly) worldwide.
The reality is that none of those things measure your worth and do not necessarily equate to happiness.
You can have a smaller house, a smaller salary, and still live a far richer life than those with all the toys. And I think that's what I hope, by living my life as truthfully as I can, women and men can do the same."Check out Danielle Brooks' AOL BUILD segment in its entirety in the clip above. Follow your instincts “Trust your instincts and stay away from people or creatures who smell like bad things or bad moods.” ~Jennifer Freed and Stanley the Cat in Lessons from Stanley the Cat. Be genuine, be true “Why are you afraid to bark out your truth and show the world your trueness? Look outside your self Ladybug: “Have you ever noticed how small I am yet how much attention I can attract when I land somewhere nearby?

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