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One change we cannot see, but one that has a definite impact, is hearing loss. Do you want to increase your flexibility, reduce stiffness and find more energy with gentle yoga? According to the National Institute of Aging, presbycusis (prez-bee-KYOO-sis) is a common type of hearing loss that comes on slowly as a person gets older. Though hearing loss is diagnosed by a trained professional, there are early indicators that you may detect on your own.
Left untreated, these symptoms of hearing loss can have a negative effect on all facets of your life, from your social life to your family life. Hearing aids help keep you alert, aware and active, and can help keep up that baby boomer energy your generation is known for. To learn more about hearing health and schedule a free hearing test, find a Miracle-Ear location near you. Around five percent of the world’s population experiences some degree of disabling hearing loss. A former roadman receives compensation in Out of Court settlement after being diagnosed with noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). According to the letter of claim, the worker, now aged 48, was employed as a road worker in the Highways Department, from 1988 to present. As reported in the letter of claim, it is alleged that there were several different types of machines, and approximately 2 people worked on a job at a time. According to the letter of claim, the level of noise was so high, that in order to communicate with other employees, the claimant was left with no alternative other than to shout or use sign language. It is alleged that the employer did not provide the worker with any hearing safety equipment for nearly 10 years, by which time it is believed that excessive hearing damage had already taken place.
Fortunately, cases of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), or industrial deafness, have slowly been decreasing over the past three years.

Asons Solicitors is a Bolton-based law practice that specialises in personal injury and industrial disease claims.
The band issued an official statement on their website about the lead singer’s hearing impairment, saying that they will make up the remaining tour dates by the end of the year.
In the past two years the band has replaced two members, with drummer Chris Slade filling in for the original drummer, Phil Rudd, who pled guilty to drug charges and threatening to kill a former assistant, and Stevie Young replacing his cousin, guitarist Malcolm Young, due to early-onset dementia.
Whether or not this will be the group’s last tour remains to be seen, but a five piece band with only two original members is a sad sight to behold in any case, especially given that up until two years ago the classic lineup was all there.
According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing. Companies like Miracle-Ear provide hearing aids that are programmed specifically for hearing loss and are customized to the user. The permanent condition is allegedly due to excessive noise exposure at his workplace in Gateshead. During this time, the Asons’ client was exposed to excessive noise levels, whilst working on the site. The daily duty involved operating a compressor, still saw, breaker, wacker plate and roller machines in the vicinity of similar other machines in dealing with civil engineering and road maintenance. Workers were permitted breaks of 10 minutes and one lunch break of approximately 30 minutes.
Also, our client’s employer failed to carry out hearing tests, create, retain or review health records, and offer advice about the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.
Founded by brothers Imran Akram and Kamran Akram, Asons Solicitors has developed to become a young and dynamic law firm that delivers practical solutions to clients in times of difficulty. Doctors have reportedly advised Johnson to stop touring immediately or the rocker could run the risk of going completely deaf.

The band has been able to get away with a vocal replacement once before in an earlier evolution with Johnson replacing the group’s original lead singer Bon Scott, who died in 1980 after a heavy night of drinking.
Miracle-Ear products come in a variety of styles and technology levels, for the consumer to find the best fit for their particular needs.
Based on these figures it’s likely that either you or someone close to you will experience a hearing impairment at some point in life. The client was contracted to work shifts of 9 and a half hours a day, from Monday to Friday, plus overtime as and when requested by the company.
There was no canteen or break out area provided, leaving no escape from the noisy environment as the machinery continued to operate. The client advised that the use of the hearing protection was not enforced, and therefore a safe system of work was not enforced, which would have protected him from the risk of occupational deafness. Hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from accidents to illness, but while it’s one thing to watch a hearing-impaired character on television, personally losing this sense can be a completely life-altering experience. Moreover, the civil engineering company allegedly failed to conduct any noise or risk assessments, which would have determined the noise levels their employees were being exposed to.
They strive to grow and to develop, and their supportiveness and attention to detail ensures that their clients use them time and again.

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