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The Hearing Center of Excellence fosters and promotes the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, rehabilitation and research of hearing loss and auditory injury. Take the challenge, pledge your commitment, and share your story in the prevention of hearing loss in America today. The Hearing Center of Excellence is committed to promoting Hearing Loss Programs and Hearing Loss Prevention Initiatives across the DoD. This presentation will examine the effects of hearing preservation for cochlear implant outcomes, by a review of recent key research articles on the topic. This article discusses issues surrounding hearing preservation with cochlear implantation surgery. This article discusses new research regarding newest applications of implantable hearing technology that combines electric and acoustic stimulation (EAS) in the same ear via hearing preservation using a conversational 20-question format.
This course will review pertinent journal articles on the topic of hearing loss and the risk for cognitive impairment, with implications for audiology clinical practice. You need the four frequency average in order to compare to the hearing charts (dB at 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 Hz).
One has to have more than a "moderate" or even a "moderately-severe" hearing loss for compensation purposes. Have you obtained hearing aid (s)?  They will provide them free and they will help considerably. As Rusty mentioned, you need the 4 decibel losses at 1000-4000 hz to determine your percentage loss, and since you are already service connected you can file for an increase.
It supports the development, exchange and adoption of best practices, research, measures of effectiveness and clinical care guidelines to reduce the prevalence and cost of hearing loss and tinnitus among Warriors and Veterans.

Take the pledge to implement the Comprehensive Hearing Health Program (CHHP) at your local clinic and share with us how it's going for you! Topics such as how postoperative hearing may affect outcome, programming of devices, working with patients with potential dead regions, bilateral EAS, who to refer and more are discussed.
Now, I have to turn up the TV so loud the kids and ole lady began nagging me to have my ears check, so I got'er done.I am hoping someone can relate my info to those charts the VA uses to rate hearing disability. Now, I have to turn up the TV so loud the kids and ole lady began nagging me to have my ears check, so I got'er done.I passed that but the audiologist recommended hearing aids. The Vanderbilt Audiology Journal Club is presented four times a year on AudiologyOnline, and this is our fourth year.
Just since this article has been published, there are some very recent developments in EAS research at the University of Iowa.
In the last three months, they have been given FDA approval to conduct two feasibility trials to study preservation of hearing with Nucleus hybrid cochlear implants in those with severe hearing loss and will be implanting children between the ages of 5 and 15 years of age. Gifford will review recent research journal articles regarding cochlear implantation in children under 12 months of age, and Dr. This new information about the Iowa-sponsored feasibility trials contradicts two points within questions 15 to 18 of the article: Adults with greater hearing impairment than those in the clinical trial described in the article are eligible for implantation with a Nucleus Hybrid L24 implant through the Iowa-sponsored feasibility trial, and the S12 and L24 devices are available to children through the feasibility study at the University of Iowa. As new advances are made in this exciting area of research and practice, we will try our best to keep you informed! There is ongoing discussion about how much steroid should be administered preoperatively, postoperatively and perioperatively.
Cochlear implantation with hearing preservation yields significant benefit for speech recognition in complex listening environments.

But certainly, if you are going to make that decision, you want to make sure that the apparent difference is not due to the unreliability of the material or method you are using.So, Dr.
Speech perception with combined electric-acoustic stimulation and bilateral cochlear implants in a multisource noise field.
The role of preoperative, intratympanic glucocorticoids for hearing preservation in cochlear implantation: A prospective clinical study. If we used a 50-item list, the critical difference range is smaller—it shrinks by 12% (see Figure 6). Effects of hearing preservation for cochlear implant outcomes - Vanderbilt audiology’s journal club. To examine the 95% confidence limit for PB-Max on the Auditec NU#6 list, determine the intersection of the word recognition score on the top x-axis, and the patient’s PTA on the left y-axis. If the intersection of these two values falls within the shaded area, the word recognition score is considered disproportionately low (based on the work of Dubno et al., 1995). If the intersection point falls within one of the vertical arrows, the two scores are not significantly different from each other (based on work of Thornton and Raffin, 1978).

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