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Protect hearing hunting season, Australian study highlights impact early intervention children hearing loss. Hearing loss treatment options - improve hearing, The hearing loss pill team investigates the available treatments to help improve hearing loss.. Hearing loss: good news baby boomers, A recent study has revealed the prevalence of hearing loss among baby boomers may not be as high as expected. With head and neck cancer claimed to be the world’s sixth most common type of cancer, there now seems to be a further cause for concern as a 2010 study has revealed that nearly three quarters of head and neck cancer patients receiving radiation therapy experienced hearing loss. The various, current treatment methods for head and neck cancer, which include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, applied separately or combined, may affect the sensorineural auditory system and the nerves of the inner ear, causing temporary impairment or permanent hearing damage.

While the decision on the type of treatment of the tumour will be based upon assessing its’ size and location, development stage, curability and the patient’s overall health condition, radiation therapy is increasingly being used on head and neck tumours. The report found that nearly three quarters of the participating patients exposed to radiation therapy suffered some form of impaired hearing comparing less favourably with just under 50 per cent in a control group of non-therapy radiation patients. In conclusion, the study highlighted that hearing impairment amongst those suffering with cancer, as well as elderly patients, remains a major problem and a growing concern for their quality of life when undergoing cancer treatment by radiation therapy. The relationship between noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus has always been a source of debate and subject to continued research.
However, it is recognised that in specific circumstances, exposure to loud noise can be a common and direct cause of tinnitus, most notably in the workplace or at music events. Recent German research now seems to suggest that the chief cause of tinnitus is according to the severity of hearing impairment.
A study of over 500 adult chronic tinnitus sufferers revealed that 83 per cent showed a high frequency hearing loss corresponding to a noise-induced hearing loss. Furthermore, the study demonstrated indirect evidence supporting the hypothesis that the degree of noise-induced hearing loss also influenced the severity of tinnitus.
Even though, any one type of radiation treatment method may have an adverse impact on the patient’s short to long term hearing ability, nearly all of the radiation has been shown to reach the internal auditory system.

Untreated group members were more likely to feel lonely, depressed, worried or anxious, participating in fewer social activities, and becoming disorientated from their immediate environment. Generally, a noise that seems to originate in the ear or head, typically experienced as a ringing or whistling sound, is mostly temporary and will soon disappear as unaccountably as it appeared. While most everyday causes of temporary hearing loss are the result of the build up of wax or ear infection, there are rare instances where tinnitus may be an early symptom of more serious hearing damage. A further relationship was positively established between the degree of hearing loss and the two subscales of “intrusiveness” and “auditory perceptional difficulties” within the tinnitus survey. Overexposure to noise not only induces the hearing loss but also tinnitus and associated debilitating effects, often leading to a decreased quality of life.

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