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May is “Better Hearing Month” – Help the ones you love come to terms with their hearing loss.
Age (presbycusis) due to the destruction of the hair cells located in the cochlea that happen naturally as we age. Chronic diseases such as diabetes causing nerve damage to the auditory nerve, or cochlear nerve. Fluctuating: Hearing impairment changes, bouncing back and forth between good and bad, due to infection or blockage. Diagnosis:Diagnosis of hearing impairment is accomplished through a battery of hearing tests that determine the type of loss, location, and the amount of damage incurred.

Stem cell treatment: Still in the experimental stages of reproducing the hair cells in the cochlea, which are responsible for sending electrical impulses to the brain.
Even though any type of discrimination against people with disabilities is against the law, it still happens to people who are hearing impaired. Tests include: MRI, CT scan, tuning fork (Rinne test), auditory hearing test, audiogram, and Hearing in Noise Test (HINT).

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