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The Professional Edition of Interact-AS includes a high quality speech recognition engine for superior transcription accuracy; an unlimited number of user accounts (specific individual speakers) and voice recordings synchronized with your transcripts. The professional classroom headset microphone system is appropriate when talking 1:1 with adults but may not be the best option when you work with one or two students.
Just as for translation between a classroom teacher and a student, the person who is presenting the professional development topic will need to wear a microphone with a boom mic.
In 2012, Jane Madell, PhD and I sent out a survey to a variety of groups of parents of children who are hard of hearing or deaf, asking them what strategies they used to keep hearing aids on their children when they were very young. Understanding that early exposure to hearing actually develops structures in the brain that allows sound to be processed so it is meaningful – this time cannot be made up at a later age. Recognizing that children will not learn to language to speak or speak clearly until they can hear the speech sounds clearly and that these delays will affect readiness for school.
The “math” of hearing aids: Babies listen for about a year before they say their first word. Learning more about hearing loss by listening to simulations of my child’s hearing ability. Getting over my fear of putting the hearing aids into his ears and how to check them daily. Put the hearing aids on first thing in the morning so they felt normal on the head; never, never take a day off! Cap over the hearing aids with strings under the child’s chin, crisscrossed and then tied behind the neck so the child cannot easily untie the strings and pull the cap off. Clips to hearing aids attached to barrettes in hair; if child pulls off hearing aids it also pulls hair.
Snugly fitting earmolds that have a tube that fits around the outer ear to make the hearing aid harder for the child to yank off the ear; cement the tubes into the earmolds. Tube Rider collection as a fun way to keep a child interested and proud of her hearing aids.
Brightly colored earmolds and Ear Gear or SafeNSound name straps that the child can ‘show off’. Children are more likely to try to pull of their hearing aids if their hands aren’t busy doing something else!

It helps to know that all children go through a phase where they take off their hearing aids. Taping the CI head piece with medical tape to his head – if he yanked it off it would pull a bit of hair as a deterrent. Wrap a blanket around her that has a Velcro strip so she can’t bend her elbows while she es in her carseat (only need to do this a week or less before most children won’t bother the aids anymore). Communication Building Blocks There are a multitude of resources available that describe the different communication choices or continuum of communication modalities that may be used by children and their communication partners to develop language. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? We also asked them to rate the various hearing aid retention accessories that are available.
If a baby with hearing loss is awake for 8 hours day and only wears hearing aids for 2 hours then he will only be able to ‘tune in’ to the hearing world 25% of the time. If you pick your child up and consistently notice that the hearing aids are off, find a new child care provider. Persistence in putting them back in, using accessories to keep them on the child’s head and keeping the child distracted and ‘happily listening’ helps to get through these trying periods. Consider Achieving Effective Hearing Aid Use in Early Childhood, an in depth 80-page guide by Karen Anderson, PhD.
This resource presents different aspects of communication as building blocks that can be combined and recombined based on the child’s learning style, desired mode of the family and changing communication situations. It comes with a free noise-cancelling headset microphone for optimal performance in a 1:1 setting (plugs into computer headphone input). This version also has the ability to add language modules for multi-lingual conversations in dozens of languages.
For best accuracy, anyone who’s speech will be translated by Interact-AS needs to read a passage aloud for 6-10 minutes to train the software for best translation accuracy. Alternately, the presenter can have the translation show on the same screen as their PowerPoint presentation as long as they are using the computer that has the Interact-AS software to show their presentation. The results provide valuable information for families to know and for audiologists and early intervention professionals to share with the families they support.

Audiology clinics and early intervention programs are encouraged to print brochures to have copies readily available for families when hearing aid retention issues are discussed. That way the mittens are always handy and it is more of a challenge for him to get them off.
It is meant to introduce the concept of communication choices in an unbiased manner and emphasizes that any choice of communication modality can change as the child develops. Easy stories are available for children to train the software too, so you could have improved accuracy working with them. If you decide to purchase Interact-AS then the cost of the trial period would be deducted from the full price (you would pay $716.00). Jane and I then developed the information into three 2-page brochures that can be provided to families based on the age of their child. Because you will be working with more than 2-3 students you will need to have the Professional Edition of the software. If the child is only wearing hearing aids 30% of the time then the students can expect 30% achievement since listening and language development occurs all waking hours.
When it is time for discussion, other staff could speak into the desktop microphone – it needs to be close to the mouth for best accuracy. For an online computer learning event you could place the microphone next to the output speakers of the computer. Although the computer will introduce a background noise and the speakers presenting the online event haven’t trained the software for best recognition, the accuracy may still be considerably better than speechreading alone. Individuals will need to try Interact-AS to determine for themselves if it is an appropriate accommodation.

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