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They resent having to repeat themselves, and adopt strategies such as positioning themselves in front of their husband or wife when speaking, encouraging lip reading and relying on handwritten notes. If you are hearing impaired and married, there are steps you can take to improve your relationship with your spouse and ease his or her burden.
If you own hearing devices, use them – and if you don’t, speak with our audiologist to see if they will help. Hearing Haven Audiology is trained to diagnose and treat hearing loss as well as find the right hearing aid to be fit your lifestyle. While it’s the music industry that’s had to adjust to the latter it’s the former that has been starting to cause some concerns about its effect on a whole generation of music fans. Naturally, studies are still in their early days as people have only been using iPods for the last couple of decades and ear damage grows gradually over time. Fundamental to the damage that is being caused is the fact that delivering sound through earphones amplifies its effect on the sensitive parts of the ear including the delicate hairs that line the ear canal. It can be very hard to identify whether your hearing is being affected by listening to loud music for too long each day but if you do have any worries it’s always best to have your hearing checked professionally – and it’s also a good time to get advice about safe listening from an expert. Naturally, it will also be a great early warning about whether sooner or later it won’t be earphones you’re popping into your ears, but hearing aids instead.
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PurposeThe purposes were (a) to compare masking of consonant bursts by adjacent vowels for listeners with and without hearing loss and (b) to determine the extent to which the temporal intraspeech masking can be reduced by a simulated hearing-aid frequency-response shaping.MethodFourteen adults with sensorineural hearing loss and 10 with normal hearing participated.
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While an estimated 36 million American adults experience some degree of hearing loss, those closest to you – your immediate family – are affected even if they don’t share your hearing impairment.
Nobody wants to have difficulty hearing, but dealing with it in a positive manner can go a long way toward maintaining a solid marriage. Between the time the iPod was first introduced in October 2001 and 2014, Apple had sold 100 million of the devices worldwide and transformed both the way most people listen to and buy music.
This is for the simple reason that virtually everybody listens to their device via headphones at volumes that may well be too loud for too long. So while only a few people may be affected now, it could well be just the tip of the iceberg. It’s thought that in-ear plugs will be the most damaging with outside the ear headphones causing less harm. Well, a rocket taking off would register about 180 decibels and normal conversation normally reaches around 60 decibels. This says that you should only listen to any device at a maximum of 60% of its full volume for a total of 60 minutes a day.
Mackersie, School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, San Diego State University, 5500 Companile Drive, MC-1518, San Diego, CA 92182-1518.
Seven of the participants with hearing loss had flat or gradually sloping audiograms, and 7 had steeply sloping losses.
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Spouses must deal with increased volume when the TV is on, making it uncomfortable for them to watch television in the same room. Best of all, some experts feel, would be noise cancelling headphones that would mean lower sound levels could be heard more clearly. The highest ‘safe’ sound level is reckoned to be about 85 decibels and prolonged exposure to any louder sound than this could lead to permanent damage. To help users identify this level, there is often a warning on the device when it’s being exceeded. Temporal Intraspeech Masking of Plosive Bursts: Effects of Hearing Loss and Frequency Shaping.
Listeners with hearing loss were tested using unfiltered stimuli and stimuli filtered to approximate a hearing aid frequency response prescribed by NAL-R. All listeners were tested under earphones at the most comfortable level for the vowel stimulus. On average, frequency shaping significantly reduced the amount of intraspeech masking for listeners with steeply sloping hearing losses.

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