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I rode up to Ontario, Canada a couple of weekends ago, unfortunately for (yet another) funeral. Fortunately, I was wearing my much-beloved Olympia Horizon rain gear, so I stayed dry and warm throughout the entire trip.
I had coated my windshield with Moto Solutions RainCoat before I left, so the rain and copious spray from the many tractor trailers I encountered along the way were a non-issue - the water just beaded up and flew off my Tall Tulsa windshield. Two days later, it was warm(ish) and sunny, so I set out on my bike to visit some old friends and do a couple of errands.
A long winter of driving had obviously dulled my motorcycle senses - while I sure remembered how to operate my bike, I wasn't in "motorcycle mode" in terms of actually riding down the road, evaluating my environment. So when you are out dusting off the cobwebs - both literally (to your bike) and figuratively (to your riding skills), remember to keep your environment in mind. Honda Hobo looked at his old refrigerator and saw not an old piece of junk, but if it was laid on its back, and with some modifications, a bit of paint, and a couple wheels - he saw a motorcycle trailer!
Now he could have just taken the refrigerator, slapped a couple wheels onto it, a trailer tongue, and called it good. On the topic of trailers, some people prefer to transport their Wings to a new location, then ride it around that area once they arrive.
That's the reasoning behind some enterprising owners who have configured their trailers to be a home away from home - with fold down beds, tables, kitchens, TV's, even bathrooms and showers! User seebeechief just bought a 16 foot Continental Cargo trailer and was looking for some assistance in figuring out the best way of mounting restraining hardware inside to keep his bike secure.
User Lowrider1 included a shower for his wife in his trailer, with a 3500 watt generator, and brings along a 12 foot boat with motor for the ride! This topic keeps coming up more and more often; no doubt it is affecting a greater number of people all the time. Once the damage is done, you're left with tinnitus (ringing) in your ears, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
So how do you take motorcycling, intercoms, radios, CB's, headsets, engine noise, exhaust noise and wind noise, mix them all together and not damage your hearing? Springtime is the time when people pull their bikes out of their winter slumber and take them out for a ride. I've seen an amazing number of people in April who came to the site, posted a message describing a problem they were having, and within days - and sometimes hours - GoldwingDocs users sprung into action, diagnosing and helping the user fix their problem.
If you have a problem with your bike, and you need some help figuring it out, visit our forum and post a message! I have to thank all the great GoldwingDocs users who continually step forward to help out those who need it. Although a large majority of Goldwing owners keep their bikes indoors when they are not being ridden, some of us, by necessity, have to keep our bikes outdoors. Others, such as myself, regularly ride our bikes to work, where they spend the day sitting out in the sun in the parking lot.
I have a half cover that I carry with me that I will throw over my bike if I know it's going to sit out for any length of time (or overnight), or if it is going to rain. Two months ago I mentioned the scourge of Cancer, and how many people near to me that it has affected.
We have had a wonderful response - many people have joined up, and as a result we are now clocking over 1,000 CPU hours per day. The Bubba Keg is a huge mug that can be mounted to your handlebars, giving you all the hydration that you need.
Napa Bolt Anti-Seize works very well when screwing steel fasteners into aluminum - like bolts into the engine. My waterproof Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Gloves turn out to be not so waterproof after all in this update.
On the other hand, my Olympia Horizon Rain Gear passes the test, getting me through hours of absolute pouring rain while keeping me warm and dry.
I have less than a hundred of these relays left, and I don't have plans at the moment to order any more. One of the most important parts of changing the timing belts on a GL1000, GL1100, GL1200 and GL1500 is to make sure the cam sprockets do not rotate when the old belts are removed, before the new belts are installed. There are marks on the sprockets to line up against the head, but they are difficult to see, and parallax can cause errors.
As a result, several people have come up with methods and tools to try to keep the sprockets in place even when the belts are removed. User metalsmith came up with an ingenious contraption, made out of a few hardware store bits, that holds both sprockets in place securely and prevents movement of any kind. The speakers that come with the Goldwing weren't of the highest quality in terms of sound clarity when the bike was brand new. Replacing your speakers with quality, modern aftermarket speakers is one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your bike's audio system.
The Goldwing GL1500 Omron G8MS-H30 Relay is a relay used for quite a few different functions in the GL1500. If you have a GL1000, GL1100 or GL1200 Standard Goldwing with mechanical (not electronic LCD) temperature and fuel gauges, you've had this problem. Left in a failed state, it can cause damage - allowing a full 12 volts into your temperature and fuel gauges, destroying the delicate coils inside!
Hundreds and hundreds of Goldwing owners all over the world now have operating fuel and temperature gauges thanks to our 7 volt regulator. The Bubba Keg holds an immense amount of beverage, and holds it conveniently at hand for you.
When using fasteners into blocks of dissimilar metals, NAPA Bolt Anti-Seize ensures that the fastener will come out again years down the line.
The Nolan N-Com B5 Bluetooth communication system for the N44 helmet is a little fiddly to install (and came with instructions written in German) but performs well. LED Driving Lights sourced from China are not only inexpensive, but perform amazingly well!
We have one of the largest collection of Goldwing-themed images on the Internet, with over 8,800 images, and it grows every day.
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Disadvantage: Can't make out shit when a couple of people start talking at the same time--just a wall of noise. By page 2 I had decided to post the ARE YOU STILL GOING TO BARNWELL THIS WEEKEND but someone beat me to the punch and its just kinda dumb now. Pirates going to Barnwell Mountain next weekend want to swing by the house for some Barbecue? A rule of fairness: When other manufacturers websites allow people to recommend our products instead of their own then people can do the same here, but please not before! JonOpen mind and ears, whilst owning GSP Genera, Accession, Elevator EXP, Solo UL, Proprius amps, Cusat50 cables, Lautus digital cable, Spatia cables and links. Graham Slee wrote:Understanding Headphone Amp NoiseThis is where any reasonable reader who has noticed hiss using the above products should understandably cry, but why? Now, my ever inquiring mind would like to know if the output noise of the UL is a constant across all frequencies ? Here's a nice little graph that may help us all understand the varying levels of hiss owners report regarding their particular headphone and amp combination.(taken from "Public Address Systems" Vivian Capel, Focal Press 1992)For my age the graph suggests I've lost 10 to 20dB (sound pressure) from my hearing in the hiss region (upper mid frequencies).This is why I don't - I repeat don't - tweak the frequency response of anything I design by ear! Potentially exciting, I wonder if it's going to do anything for noise-induced tinnitus as well? I hadn't yet had the chance to get my GL1500 out from its winter storage before the trip, so I made a point of pulling it out, checking it over, and going for a half hour ride a couple days before, just to make sure everything was still working - and that I still remembered how to ride!
Looking for pooled water, looking for unexpected curves, looking for anything that might cause me to lose the limited traction I had in such wet conditions. What would have been a non-event for a car almost had my bike on the ground, simply because of a moment's inattention.
If you're like most people, you take it to the dump, or perhaps let the delivery people haul it away for a modest fee. Not only a motorcycle trailer, but a motorcycle trailer that already had built in insulation to keep items cold should he wish to do so. Enclosed trailers are a great way to do this, as they keep rocks, wind and dust off your bike while safely transporting it behind your tow vehicle. When you arrive at your destination and unload your bike, you now have a trailer sitting there empty. Once the bike has been pulled out of the trailer and parked, the awnings can be extended, and people can move in.
User Dusty Boots replied with pictures of his brand new (to him) 16 foot enclosed trailer, that the previous owner had converted into a Toy Hauler. There are some methods, and some people (such as myself) have come up with methods that work well.
It's also the time when we discover that some parts or devices on our bikes have mysteriously stopped working over the winter months. Particularly in southern latitudes, where the sun is stronger, and to bikes with darker color paint, the combination of sunlight and oxidation can destroy the beautiful finish on your Goldwing.
Other than that, if my bike is outside, it's in the sun - but my bike is white, so it is one of the least affected colors. It succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and continues today to be one of the most popular features on the site.I have seen some other sites attempt to copy my idea, and those sites have come and gone - and with it their contests. This past month, I lost yet another family member to Cancer: my maternal grandmother, my last remaining grandparent.
This is the equivalent of a one-CPU computer running for 1,000 hours doing calculations for cancer scientists, every single day. These electromagnetically-actuated switches are used to switch all kinds of circuits, from headlights to radios to even the starter. The replacements must be of the correct impedance, they must be waterproof, and they must fit into the existing speaker mounting areas with little or no modification. For almost five years, we've been manufacturing a modern, solid-state 7 volt regulator to fix this problem once and for all. Visit the Member Picture Gallery, view some of the great pictures, and add yours to the collection!
You're going to like this: We have tons of world-reknowned How-To Articles articles - the largest collection of Goldwing How-To Articles on the Internet! Simply identify yourself by typing your Username and Password and all of your profile information will appear on screen.
The Act and Rule also cover other types of information -- for example, hobbies, interests and information collected through cookies or other types of tracking mechanisms -- when they are tied to individually identifiable information. I almost don't even notice in normal everyday life, except a handful of situations like large crowds where there's a lot of noise.
78dB is maybe an average value and lower value might apply at specific frequencies which would in turn increase the noise floor at some specific and narrow frequency ranges. Instead I use the same reference audio test gear the world's top manufacturers, studios, theatres and broadcasters use. I also managed to leave just in time to ride into a tremendous rainstorm, and as I rode east across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and up into Ontario, the rainstorm followed along, sitting right on top of me. I had all of my lights turned on (and I have a lot) to make me visible through the rain and spray, and I talked to the tractor trailer drivers over the CB to let them know in advance that I was passing, because I was often obscured by their spray. I suspect I was the only motorcycle he saw that night - I sure didn't see any others on the road during my trip.

Turning right at an intersection, I accelerated smoothly through the corner - and suddenly all hell broke loose.
Wouldn't it make much more sense to make use of that empty trailer while it's there? With room for up to three bikes, fridge, microwave, bed table and shelves inside, it's truly a home away from home. Even if your Goldwing doesn't make much more noise than a sewing machine, just the sound of wind over your helmet can exceed sound levels that over the course of an hour or two can cause permanent damage.
Your discriminatory ability (the ability to pick out a single voice in a noisy room) is severely affected. Have no fear, the fantastic GoldwingDocs users are here, and they're here to help you get your bike running again.
I mentioned back in February a simple way to help fight it: By dedicating your computer's idle time to help research scientists find cures and treatments.
Thanks to a quantity buy from the original manufacturer, we are able to offer them at a much reduced price. Even if you think you might not be capable of working on your bike yourself, our illustrated, step-by-step instructions make it easy - even for the beginner. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to your forum moderator.
Because of the Encryption that we use for your password, we cannot tell you what your password is. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come. I've found that a partially inserted (snicker) ear plug helps only the louder (therefore closer) sounds get through. Sometimes at night when my head's on the pillow I can hear a low humming sound like a truck ticking over a couple of blocks away. While riding through the Buffalo area and the Niagara region of Ontario, it felt like someone above me was pouring buckets of water on top of me, the rain was coming down so fiercely. My hands were warm and dry until the bucket deluge began; at that point they became saturated with water, and my fingers were cold and wet for the remainder of the trip. I slowed down well in advance for toll plazas and off-ramps, as I just didn't have the traction that I normally would. A note is generated at the bottom of each edited post displaying when and by whom the post was edited. My Avon Venom tires displace the water very well and do all they can to hold me on the road, but at some point, you are up against the laws of physics.
I chopped the throttle, steered into the skid, and the bike snapped upright - I managed to save it. My heart still racing, I continued down the road while looking back - and noticed the large patch of winter sand still sitting in the corner, now with a large sweeping skid mark through the middle of it. There are so many products out there it can be bewildering to attempt to choose between them.
On the other hand, congenital hearing loss means that a person is born with no hearing.One may not be aware that he is suffering from a hearing loss, especially if it happened over time. However, your friends and family members may have noticed that you are having troubles understanding what they are saying.
The tone itself seems to be coming from an area inside the center back of my head and not related to either ear, IOW it must be somehow in the grey matter connected to my auditory system.
Hearing loss can be dealt with in various ways but in order to do such, knowing what causes hearing loss would be necessary.When it comes to the adult people, noise and age are some of the most common reasons for hearing loss. Frequent exposure to noises like listening to loud music or when using a lawn mower have the potential to damage the structures in the inner ear which in turn leads to hearing loss. In the same way that when the music stops you are in a quiet room, the noise sound pressure level is the same.
Sudden and loud noises such as an explosion can damage onea€™s hearing as well.On the other hand, changes as one gets older affects the inner ear as a slow yet steady hearing loss when the cause is age-related. And likewise when the orchestra strikes up the music sound pressure level is also the same - provided the neighbours don't object, but they wouldn't, not with headphones!This is where any reasonable reader who has noticed hiss using the above products should understandably cry, but why? I am affraid there is only one answer I can think of after many hours of deliberating, and that's a rising response. Mine's an extremely high pitched sound like escaping gas, in both ears but louder in the right.
The other factors that may cause hearing loss are earwax buildup, an injury to the head or the ear, an object inside the ear, ruptured eardrum, ear infection, and other kinds of conditions that may affect the inner or the middle ear.As hearing loss may be due to various reasons, the treatment can be in different ways as well.
To any reasonable mind it has to be the only way any hiss could be heard that's above the backdrop of a quiet room in a house. But of course, it is always necessary to visit a doctor and undergo physical exams and ask your doctor about the symptoms. Those who read far and wide on the subject of transducers should find the penny has already dropped: to appeal to the mass market - the "baby boomers" whose hearing has by now lost some of its top end - there are numerous transducers with a gently rising response which means there is subtle treble boost which accentuates hiss to audible levels.
I'm pretty sure mine is noise damage related because it's exactly like the kind of ringing you experience after a loud gig. The doctor will take a look at your ears using a lighted device which is also known as otoscope. Transducer manufacturers may disagree rightly or wrongly - I offer no proof here.All I know is it is my never ending task to try and please all and sundry, so being one who so often carries the burden of others, I will look to see if there is the possibility of reducing the Solo Ultra-Linear noise floor without losing its sublime qualities. There might be some brain damage related too because I had some recreational drug use in the 90's (and I would always have a loud ringing the next day, the kind of ringing you get when you've been smashed over the head, which is I guess pretty much what taking drugs is akin to). If the doctor thinks that you have a hearing loss problem, he will perform hearing tests in order to check if you have indeed a hearing loss and be able to find out how severe it is. The other kinds of devices that can help alert a person to the different sounds in the house are doorbells and phones.
Even so, I'd love more than anything to see a cure, because one of the hardest parts about having it is the though that total silence is impossible. There are also ways that a person can do to live even with reduced hearing like paying attention to the gestures of the people, posture, their facial expressions, as well as their tone of voice.For the other types of hearing loss, the problem that caused it can be treated. We have definitely screwed our collective ears over the past 20 or 30 years, what with the increase in volume at rock concerts, clubs, and our obsession with music on headphones. For instance, one can remove the earwax or by taking a medicine for some infections to help a person get his hearing back.
Other ways would to avoid loud noise like the ones coming from machines, loud music, power tools, and loud motorcycles.A person should also turn down high volumes of listening devices through headphones, ear buds, or mp3 players.

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