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The Ida Institute, Naerum, Denmark, has created a video and educational cartoon card targeted at young people listening to loud music. Click here to view the hearing loss PSA posted on YouTube, and click here to view the downloadable cards. A recently published study by the Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston shows that nearly one in five young people from the ages 12 to 19 have suffered a mild hearing loss. The Ida campaign was inspired by Deborah Von Hapsburg, an audiology professor at the University of Tennessee who worked with the Ida Institute this summer.

The project aims to increase awareness among teens that loud music can lead to permanent hearing loss and encourages them to turn the volume down. While taking the bus in Copenhagen, she noticed a young man listening to loud music on his iPod.
Several other studies have linked personal listening devices and loud music with increased risks of hearing loss. Since she could not communicate with him in his native Danish language, Von Hapsburg made a drawing of damaged hair cells on a notepad and gave it to him.

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