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Sensimetrics Corporation, Malden, Mass, has announced the release of two new products: one simulates the communication difficulties caused by individual hearing losses, and the other makes improvements possible with custom-fit hearing aids and cochlear implants. The Hearing Loss and Prosthesis Simulator (HeLPS) is desigend as a powerful software tool  for dispensing professionals to help their clients and clients’ families make informed hearing care choices.
As a communication training tool, HeLPS provides high-quality audio-visual speech recordings that demonstrate for family members the importance of lip-reading and speaking clearly.
The I-HeLPS Immersive Hearing Loss and Prosthesis Simulator is a wearable headset designed to simulate hearing loss, hearing aids, and cochlear implants for live sound in any environment. I-HeLPS reportedly provides high-accuracy simulations for demonstrating hearing loss and aids in family counseling, hearing-conservation programs, and professional training.

Using simulation algorithms implemented in real time, HeLPS provides insight for family members about the impact of their loved one’s hearing loss on speech understanding, music appreciation, and environmental sound detection.
For the patient who is considering hearing aids, HeLPS gives a preview of the benefits that amplification will provide. Unlike HeLPS, which uses computer-stored signals as input to the simulation, I-HeLPS uses ambient sounds as input. The company says it can be valuable in research into hearing impairment and in assessments of auditory fitness for job performance.
It also conveys the improvements that are possible with hearing aids or cochlear implants, says the company.

HeLPS is also said to be a valuable tool in hearing conservation efforts and in professional education of audiologists and teachers.

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