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It’s estimated that one in four adults in the United States exhibit symptoms of mental health or substance abuse disorders. What can we do as employers, colleagues and friends to reach out to someone we’re worried about? The Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation offers guidance and training for individuals and workplaces that teach the warning signs of mental distress. The Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation  also offers a 60-minute B rief S uicide A wareness T raining (BSAT) that focuses mostly on statistics and “why” and includes 10 minutes of intervention suggestions, another valuable opportunity for the workplace. Mind Springs Health offers Mental Health First Aid, a program designed to help people understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance abuse disorders. If you work with someone you’re concerned about, Mental Health America offers tips for employers on how to support people living with mental illness in the workplace . Here at the Mesa County Health Department, we’re participating in mindful May.  Our health promotions team engages staff by offering different activities throughout the month, including team building exercises, physical activities and even a joke of the day to lighten things up.
Six members of the staff at Bray Property Management in Grand Junction attended the annual Colorado Convention of the National Association of Residential Property Managers in Denver. General sessions emphasized professionalism, while workshops informed residential property managers about the latest developments in the field.
Along with Hoppe, Robert Bray, Lindsay Jewell, Maggie Reno, Chris Thompson and Gina Williams attended the conference.
Peggy Lamm has joined HopeWest as vice president of development and will lead efforts to raise money for the Grand Junction-based organization offering hospice, palliative care and grief support services in Western Colorado. Lamm brings to her duties experience in fund-raising and communications, most recently as vice president of development at Colorado Mesa University. HopeWest operates an in-patient hospice center and  also provides hospice, palliative care and grief support services in Mesa as well as Delta, Montrose, Ouray and Rio Blanco counties. Hilltop Community Resources based in Grand Junction has joined in a new project enabling people to express their gratitude to nurses and other caregivers. The program offers clients and residents as well as family members, co-workers and others a chance to acknowledge those who provide services through Hilltop Home Care and Commons of Hilltop. The Web site also is a part of a study with Harvard University on the effects of gratitude in the workplace. The Camp, a campground in Grand Junction, has re-opened for the season to cater to customers attending festivals and other special events through October. The Camp, located at 171 Dike Road near Connected Lakes State Park, offers primitive camping just minutes from downtown Grand Junction as well as the Tabeguache and Lunch Loops trail systems. Bernadette Rodebaugh, a certified angel therapy practitioner, is the next scheduled speaker at a series of events at Crystal Books and Gifts in Grand Junction. Rodebaugh will lead a free presentation on angel therapy as part of the Off the Shelf event set for 1 p.m.
Bellco, a credit union with 22 locations in Colorado including Grand Junction, is celebrating 80 years in business. Founded in 1936 as a credit union for employees of Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph, Bellco said has grown into a financial institution with more than 260,000 members and more than $3 billion in assets.
Grand Junction Subaru has donated nearly $16,000 to a Grand Valley animal shelter, the latest proceeds from an annual Subaru Share the Love event.
Grand Junction Subaru donated $250 to the Roice-Hurst Humane Society for every Subaru vehicle the dealership sold or leased between Nov. The Roice-Hurst Humane Society has operated a shelter and adoption center for dogs and cats since 1963. Crossroad Fitness, a health club operating two locations in Grand Junction, is celebrating 30 years in  business. Cranium 360, a full-service marketing and communications agency based in Grand Junction, is among the latest winners of awards presented by the International Academy of Visual Arts. Cranium 360 received a 2016 Communicator Award in the print marketing category for a pop-up invitation card the agency created for Community Hospital.
Tile Meister of Grand Junction has earned a customer service award from Houzz, which operates a data base for home remodeling and design. The Best of Houzz customer service award is based on the number and quality of client reviews in 2015.
Tile Meister — a Grand Junction business offering tile, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and other products and services — has earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award the last two years. The company also offers TruStone groutless solid surface bathroom walls and vanity tops as well as tubular skylights. Tile Meister has been designed by the National Association of Home Builders as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. To qualify for a Consumer Satisfaction Award, automotive dealers must receive at least 25 reviews during the previous calendar year with a minimum of one review per quarter and an average consumer rating of four on a scale of five calculated quarterly.
Grand Junction Subaru has relocated to a newly constructed facility located at 651 Market St. An entrepreneur who’s operated an electric contracting company and shot and edited video footage for cable television has changed gears again in operating a truck driving school. Les Cotton has taken over ownership of 5 Star CDL Academy, a company operated out of the Business Incubator Center in Grand Junction. 5 Star CDL Academy offers training to students to earn their A- or B-class commercial drivers licenses. 5 Star CDL Academy also offers training to earn the forklift operators certification required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.
Cotton, an electrical engineer and master electrician, founded EC Electric and later sold the company. An annual benefit event showcasing Grand Valley foods and beverages raised $25,000 for a clinic providing health care services in Mesa County.
Anne Tally, co-owner of the Wine Country inn, and Ben VanHoose, vice president of Alpine Bank, presented a check to Kay Ramachandran, executive director of the Marillac Clinic. The latest donation brings to $111,000 the total contributions raised for the clinic over the past six years. The April 3 event at the Wine Country Inn in Palisade featured local chefs and vendors serving gourmet food and beverages and also demonstrating their skills. Tally said her family supports Marillac Clinic because they know people who use the medical, dental and behavioral health services the clinic provides. N-Hance Wood Renewal, a national franchise specializing in refinishing hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets, has opened a location in Grand Junction. As part of a national partnership with Home Depot, N-Hance Wood Renewal has a presence in the home improvement store located at 2436 F Road. N-Hance cleans, repairs and renews wood floors, cabinets, trim and furniture, in turn saving customers time and money over replacements or traditional refinishing. N-Hance uses proprietary chemical abrasion and refinishing techniques that require no sanding, producing less dust and mess. Founded in 2001 and based in Utah, N-Hance Wood Renewal operates a total of more than 400 franchises across the United States and Canada with a presence in more than 1,500 Home Depot stores. Labor productivity as defined by the BLS, by the way, is calculated by dividing an index of real output by an index of hours worked of all persons, including employees, proprietors and unpaid family workers. This lack of productivity growth is a real and significant problem when it comes to wages and incomes. The lack of productivity growth in recent years means we should be talking about reducing tax and regulatory burdens and obstacles on investment and entrepreneurship at the federal, state and local levels.
The notion that more taxes, regulations and government control won’t have significant negatives is to deny the realities taught by economics, business and history. In the end, we need more entrepreneurship, investment and innovation throughout the economy, and that can’t happen under the heavy hand of government.
Local business owners and managers would love definitive answers to those questions, if only they could see a bit more clearly into their crystal balls. As it turns out, there’s a state official whose job is to peer into a proverbial crystal ball of statistics to develop projections for population and labor as well as other trends in Colorado. And she was recently in Grand Junction to talk specifically about her forecasts for this area. Even as Colorado ranked as the second-fastest growing state behind only North Dakota, there was a large disparity in growth rates between the Front Range and other areas. The situation is similar for employment in that the labor force in some areas of Colorado now exceeds pre-recession levels, but not in other areas. The labor force in Mesa County remains abut 8 percent below the pre-recession peak, although Garner questioned whether growth associated with what was at that time booming natural gas development was actually sustainable. The population of Mesa County is expected to grow as well, from about 149,000 now to 162,000 in 2020, 189,000 in 2030 and $215,000 in 2040.
Mesa County payrolls are expected to grow along with the population, from about 77,000 now to nearly 86,000 in 2020, almost 94,000 in 2030 and more than 111,000 in 2040.
Mesa County has a higher proportion of jobs in the health care, retail trade and tourism sectors than the state averages.
Mesa County offers some attractive attributes, Garner said, that include outdoor recreation, good health care, an airport, a university and comparably lower housing and living costs. Mesa County also has demonstrated it can attract people of different ages, and that’s important as well, Garner said. The Mesa County population is aging, though, and that will have implications not only for the labor and housing markets, but also the health care, transportation and other services offered as well as tax revenues for local government.
Once again in a move we’re sure to be told we can’t possibly fathom the depth and intricacy of due to the fact we’ve never served in office, our elected betters have created a comprehensive solution to the greatest problem facing the people of Colorado: Where to buy booze. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a problem buying a 12 pack since I moved to this state. And, yes, I know the bill also requires that the big boys buy out liquor licenses within a certain distance. Also, the bill allegedly assures the big chains can’t buy in bulk (they have to buy by individual store) and that there will be no warehousing allowed.
You know who I want selling liquor, pharmaceuticals, pot, having gambling, running the ponies and possibly looking into hookers and dancers? Mark your calendars for June 4, when Mesa County Partners will host the 36th annual Superstars competition. The Superstars competition constitutes on of the biggest events of the year to help Partners raise funds for an annual operating budget of $2.4 million.
Partners uses the funds to provide programs for at-risk youth in our community.  This includes providing healthy activities like biking, camping, cooking classes and hiking for kids in our mentoring program. Since government funding remains uncertain, a non-profit organization like Partners relies heavily on community support through fund-raisers. Assembling the right team to lead your fledgling enterprise is tough because it demands a degree of self-awareness few of us enjoy. I’ve learned a few things over the past decade, some by astute observation, some by trial and failure and a few through the grapevine.

If you’re like most business owners and managers, you strive to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently with as few interruptions to the flow of business as possible.
Barriers or blockages to business success come in many forms: ineffective systems and procedures, poor customer service, inconsistent quality and team members who lack the skills and behaviors necessary to communicate effectively. These are just a some of the common blockages I help owners and managers identify and eliminate to enhance business performance and success. Attitude: While skills can be taught to individuals who want to learn, attitude is a different matter. Talents and skills: All members of a professional team must possess the basic skills necessary to perform their jobs.
Desire: A lack of desire means team members don’t care enough to deliver superior job performance. Communication: Ineffective communication represents a primary, and often leading, barrier to businesses success. Not effectively addressing blockages in your business will only compound the situations limiting overall performance. Small business owners remain cautious about the coming year even as they feel their concerns remain unaddressed in the midst of a presidential election, according to the latest results of a quarterly survey. While 87 percent of owners responding to the survey upon which the second quarter index was based said they’re following the 2016 presidential election, 50 percent said they expect the outcome to affect their operations. Asked to identify the most pressing challenges facing their operations, 16 percent of owners said attracting customers and finding new business was their top concern. The latest index is based on the results of telephone surveys of 600 small business owners conducted April 4 to 8.The overall score is based on the answers to 12 question about present conditions and expectations for the coming year. Most index measures held steady or declined slightly from the first to the second quarters.
Looking ahead, 51 percent of owners said they expect revenue to increase over the coming year, while 63 percent said they anticipate “good” cash flow.
A monthly measure of optimism among small business owners has increased, but still reflects concerns over the economy and difficulty filling job openings. The National Federation of Independent Business reported that its Small Business Optimism Index rose a point to 93.6 in April. The NFIB bases the index on the results of monthly surveys of members of the small business advocacy group, most of them business owners. The portion of small business owners responding to the survey upon which the April index was based who expect the economy to improve slipped a point.
The share of owners planning to increase capital outlays over the next three months held steady at 25 percent. Dunkelberg said those numbers indicator labor markets are tightening, and owners can’t find qualified workers to hire. The proportion of owners who said they expect higher sales remained unchanged at a net 1 percent. Asked to identify their most pressing business problems, owners most frequently cited taxes, followed by government regulations and red tape, quality of labor and poor sales. Dunkelberg said the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index has declined, offering little hope to small business owners consumer spending will increase.
Crews uses federal government data, past reports and contemporary studies to estimate the regulatory compliance and economic impacts of federal intervention. According to the report, the regulatory compliance costs associated with paying federal taxes alone exceed the $1.82 trillion the Internal Revenue Service expected to collect in both individual and corporate income taxes from 2015. Another 3,297 regulations are in various stages of development by some 60 federal departments, agencies and commissions, the report stated. The 2015 Federal Register contains 80,260 pages, the third-highest page count in its history.
The belief online user ratings offer good indicators of product quality is largely an illusion, according to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Still, most retailers provide user ratings on their Web sites and many consumers rely on the information when making purchase decisions, according to the results of the study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research. In addition, user ratings don’t predict the resale value of used products, the study found. Consumers rely heavily on the average user rating, which is presented front and center, according to the paper. In light of their findings, the authors recommend consumers remain cautious when they make inferences about product quality based on user ratings.
A variety of information about small business operations is available on a state-by-state basis as part of annual profiles compiled by the Office of Advocacy,  an independent office within the United States Small Business Administration. The profiles provide information on state and national economic growth, industries and jobs using data from government statistical agencies. Christine Kymn, chief economist and director of economic research for the Office of Advocacy, said the profiles also offer information that can be used to create policies that promote small businesses. With almost 101,000 firms, professional, scientific and technical services ranked as the top industry classification for small businesses in Colorado.
Two grants worth a total of $21,300 will support efforts to improve peach and sweet cherry production in Western Colorado.
Colorado State University received a $18,684 grant to provide peach growers in Western Colorado disease management solutions for controlling cytospora canker.Cytospora canker disease reduces peach productivity and profitability as well as orchard longevity.
Osito Orchards in Hotchkiss received a $2,616 grant to evaluate sweet cherry production methods. The two grants come from reallocated funds from cost savings from other projects in the Colorado Department of Agriculture 2013 Specialty Crops Block Grant Program.
Specialty crops include fruits and vegetables as well as dried fruits, horticulture and nursery crops and tree nets. A team of engineering and business students who’ve developed a way to refill dry erase markers is the latest winner of an annual elevator pitch competition at Colorado Mesa University. Hayden Murphy and Ashley Weber presented the pitch for Infinite Ink in the finals of the event held as part of Entrepreneurship Day at CMU.
They estimated Mesa County School District 51 alone could save up to $100,000 over the course of 10 years in refilling dry erase markers rather than discarding them.
A team comprised of Kasey Benish, Zach Hamm, Tierney Mitchell and Aaron Raper placed second in the elevator pitch competition with its presentation for Supplements Your Whey. Sadly, only 29 percent of those with depression contacted a mental health professional in the last year. The stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide often prevents us from asking the simple question, “Are you OK?” Even if we do ask, our question often isn’t answered honestly. In 2014, 248 individuals attempted suicide and 35 completed suicide in Mesa County, numbers significantly higher than statewide averages.
Brief S uicide I ntervention T raining (BSIT) teaches suicide awareness and prevention skills in a class designed to be presented in a workplace setting. Getting plenty of rest, exercising and taking some time for yourself each day are all important to mental wellness.
A former state legislator, Lamm served as chairwoman of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.
The organization also offers behavior assessment and training, low-cost vaccination clinics and pet-related educational opportunities. We are extremely honored and grateful to receive a donation of this magnitude,” said Anna Stout, executive director of the Roice-Hurst Humane Society.
The card featured three pop-up pieces showing the new hospital and was mailed in a semi-transparent envelope to showcase the design. This award certainly provides a strong testimony of our achievement,” said Randy DiDonato, owner of Tile Meister. A Best of Houzz badge will appear on the profile of Tile Meister, helping homeowners identify top-rated professionals. He subsequently operated Focus Production and shot and edited underwater and wildlife footage for such cable television networks as the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. The company’s Lightspeed Instant-Cure wood refinishing technology shortens the refinishing process while reducing odor. About a third of customer leads for local franchises are generated by their presence in the home improvement retailer.
Bureau of Labor Statistics continued an incredibly long stretch of poor labor productivity. It also means we need a very different agenda on education, namely, shifting away from public school monopolies to innovative choices and flexibility in our educational system. Employment in some industry sectors in Mesa County exceeds per-recession peaks, but hasn’t yet rebounded in other sectors. There’s also an advantage in being a metropolitan area, although not being a metro area close to Denver.
And as always, Senate Bill 197 will mess things up even more in an industry the government has no business being involved in and has been screwing up since its inception. Whether that takes 20 years or 20 minutes is probably dependent on how I feel about government intrusion in the marketplace.
So much for that sad sounding mom with the full time job, three kids and cart full of groceries who will have to buy at City Market now. SB 197 creates a “working group” to develop an implantation process to take care of any problems in the legislation. Through our restitution program, we provide substance abuse education classes for youth who’ve received minor-in-possession tickets. If you aren’t the right person, then either learn how to recruit well or fold at the outset, before you have a lot of money tied up in the effort. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese, conveyed this at a Stanford business school lecture back in the early 1980s. Good leaders hire great people and then focus their efforts on helping their people succeed.  It’s not just cheering them on, although encouragement is usually appreciated. When you run across unique energy and talent, hire them and even overpay them, but get them involved in your enterprise so the company is full of people who work harder than you do, are smarter than you are and have more friends in the industry than you do. While the stereotypical startup in Silicon Valley has 20-somethings working all night long and feeding on pizza brought in by the company, that’s not going to work for everyone.
It’s more like when a talented chef scours the pantry to find just the right combination of tasty and unique ingredients and finds a way to mix them together to create a delicious entree.
But as you work to prevent or remove any blockages that limit your success and happiness, there are a number of key variables to keep in mind. There are also less-than-effective hiring practices, poor on-boarding and training, a lack of teamwork, low morale and team members whose negative attitudes and lack of desire prevent them from performing at consistently high levels. If you’re not mindful of your company’s blockages, your lack of awareness could prevent you from addressing them at all. Although many people are hired for their talents, it’s their attitudes and resulting behaviors that determine if they’re a blockage or asset in your business.

When people don’t care, they also lack commitment and loyalty and are less efficient and productive. For this reason, effective communication that accurately conveys information, images, objectives, feelings and desires so that all parties are on a similar, if not the same, page must be highly valued and strongly encouraged. Explore your business to see what blockages to the smooth and efficient flow of your operations you can discover. But only 28 percent of owners said candidates are discussing issues important to small businesses.
The economy and government regulation tied for the second most-cited challenges, followed closely by hiring and retaining quality staff. While 23 percent of owners said they anticipate an increase in jobs, 9 percent forecast a decrease.
For April, five of 10 components of the index advanced, while four components remain unchanged and one retreated.
At a net negative 18 percent, more owners anticipate worsening rather than improving conditions.
The proportion of owners who consider current inventories too low held steady at a net negative 5 percent. But at a net negative 19 percent, more owners reported profits were lower quarter to quarter than higher.
Businesses generally pass on the cost of some taxes and regulatory compliance in the prices of products and services and the wages paid to employees.
The Treasury, Commerce, Interior, Health and Human Services and Transportation departments account for 41 percent of all federal regulations. Of the seven all-time-highest Federal Register total page counts, six have occurred under the Barack Obama administration, the report stated.
Bush administration averaged 62 major regulations annually over eight years, while the Obama administration has averaged 81 major regulations annually over seven years, the report stated. They do this regardless of whether the average rating is based on a small or large sample of consumers. Because consumers comparing two products with the same objective qualities tend to give higher ratings to the one that is more expensive or from a brand with a premium reputation, marketing still counts.
Small businesses employ a total of about 1 million people in Colorado, nearly 49 percent of all employees in the state. Construction ranked second, followed by health care and social assistance, retail trades and accommodations and food services. Small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all businesses with employees and employ about 48 percent of the private-sector workforce.
The team also includes John Fowler, Zachary Kennison, Makayla Kovac, William Ramsey and Shauna Whittier.
By one estimate, 70 million dry erase markers are thrown away in the United States each year after they run out of ink, Murphy and Weber said. The training is based on a comprehensive two-day training, but scaled down to 60 minutes to allow more businesses to offer this to their staffs.
A productive atmosphere, livable wages, reasonable accommodations, health coverage and benefits, open communication and employee accountability all contribute to a healthier work environment.
For tips on how to boost your mental health and create a work-life-balance visit the Mental Health America .
She also served on the board for the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for Ethics, Humanities and the Law. Rodebaugh believes people can receive messages from angels to answer questions and address concerns in their lives. The award was the seventh Cranium 360 has won in four years for marketing and design projects.
As a Customer Satisfaction Award winner, Grand Junction Subaru also receives recognition on the DealerRater Web site.
The school is approved and regulated by the Department of Higher Education Private Occupational School Board. Labor productivity is tied to investment made in technology, tools, machinery, business facilities, skills, education and so on. Unless, of course, you are a stand-alone, licensed drug store like a Walgreens or Rite Aid, then you can’t. No quick fill up at the gas station —where you can still buy your state-sanctioned lottery tickets — with your Lime-arita for you.
Teams will earn points based on where they finish in each event.  Additional points will be awarded for raising money to benefit Partners. The Western Colorado Conservation Corps uses proceeds to provide first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, buy safety gear and provide healthy meals for kids in the field. It’s coming alongside every member of the team and getting them the help, training, resources and information to succeed.
There’s an old Wayne Gretzky quote about skating “to where the puck is going, not to where it is.” Leaders aren’t just cognizant of what’s happening in the industry, they also have a good idea of where the industry is going next.
Most startups are cash poor.  Moreover, the cost of providing benefits in this new age of affordable health care has fewer and fewer companies able to provide that benefit or many others. While a person lacking the necessary skills to do the job potentially could constitute a good hire, they must compensate for that with a good attitude and strong desire to learn and grow.
These team members will consistently produce lesser-quality products and services, resulting in unsatisfied customers. Clear and specific communication allows people and systems to work together seamlessly for superior results. Strongly consider hiring a qualified professional to assist you in eliminating blockages in your business for good.
Those issues include the implications of taxes on their operations, economic policies affecting small businesses and health care laws, the owners said. Department of Agriculture Specialty Crops Block Grant Program to improve the competitiveness of specialty crops.
The only period to rival this was from 1979 to 1982, when productivity declined in three of four years. According to the latest data for gross domestic product, the broad measure of goods and services produced in the country, real private fixed investment has barely grown from the pre-recession high, increasing by a tiny 1.9 percent from the first quarter of 2006 to the first quarter of 2016. Nor will I run for office talking about freedom when the laws I pass are clearly against it. That is, if you can find a casino in your area willing to pay Denver tribute to exist, along with the monthly protection money to stay in business. They are really making it inconvenient for a guy to have an oxycodone and Jack, aren’t they?
Nope, turns out it is about pleasing the big boys with the ears of our legislators and their crony capitalist partners, not us regular folks desperate for a drink, or so they said. How long before other big retailers say to their all-too-willing politicos there should really be only one source for this, or one source for that.
Tell in what way does this help any of us by adding maybe 400 liquor licenses while putting who knows how many more out of business. Meetings and junkets for the insiders to get together and drink and laugh at the little people. The only way to obtain this vision is to be passionate about what you do and curious about the competition. The giant companies are still doing it, but those companies often pay poorly and are inflexible about hours and time off.
If you are aware of the blockages in your business, you’re positioned to take the critical next step of understanding what they are, where and why they exist and how much they’re costing you in real terms. But if they bring a consistently negative attitude to the workplace, their performance will be less than their best and, invariably, they will disrupt your operations in multiple ways.
Just one team member can hurt the overall efforts of an entire team by dampening morale and damaging the work environment.
If we focus just on nonresidential fixed investment, which excludes residential housing, real business investment gained a woeful 9.1 percent from the first quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2016.
I mean, why pass a law that makes convenience stores more convenient, when the real payoff is with the big boys?
While it’s not necessarily true good ideas are a dime a dozen, it is true many more people have good ideas than are able to put them into action.  Fear of failure has no place in the executive suite. Of course, this vision is nearly worthless unless it’s communicated to staff so it can help in making the sort of decisions that are consistent with moving to where the puck is headed next.
Many of my best employees have been part-timers because they wanted to spend more time with family or were empty nesters and wanted to travel. Moreover, when owners and managers tolerate this type of attitude, they lose credibility with the rest of their teams. Once you’re through the traffic jam, all these things are reversed and there’s a feeling of relief and satisfaction as you’re free to continue down the road to success and happiness.
For good measure, one has to factor into the equation the level of resources being wasted in the areas of primary, secondary and higher education. They used the little guys (convenience stores) as pawns by letting them think they would have some piece of the pie. And we all know there are no special deals in sales, especially the kinds for which the government runs protection.
Astute knowledge of a particular industry married to decisive action by the leadership team leads to success. If being flexible attracts that top caliber candidate to your firm rather than the publicly traded slave shop down the street, why wouldn’t you be flexible? They used the liquor store lobby by telling them it’s SB 197 or we give licenses to everyone.
Better news, they report to our betters in the Colorado Senate to assure the special interests are happy. And if the candidate isn’t attractive enough to merit a little flexibility, then don’t hire him or her to begin with. And, of course, they used the people by letting them think their convenience mattered in the decision. Leadership requires a willingness to step in front of the crowd, or camera or team and help the group organize thoughts and make decisions. They were probably raised to take bold action on the athletic field, which requires high-energy risk taking reinforced by shared celebration when those actions lead to success.

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