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A conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a problem with the one or more of the parts of the ear that conduct sound into the inner ear. There are many potential causes of conductive hearing loss, with some causes being easier to treat than others. If you have any questions about conductive hearing loss or hearing loss in general, please contact one of our locations to speak with an audiologist. When both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss are present at the same time and at the same ear, it is referred to as mixed hearing loss or ‘combined –type’ hearing loss. Medication or surgery may be the answer to the conductive portion of the mixed hearing loss, but these interventions cannot treat the sensorineural portion of the hearing loss. If you have any questions about mixed hearing loss or hearing loss in general, please contact one of our locations to speak with an audiologist. The development of hearing begins in utero.  Babies can respond to sounds in the first trimester of development. It is important to detect hearing loss in infants as soon as possible because early intervention can help the infant develop speech and language like other hearing infants.  Depending on the type and severity of the hearing loss, individuals with hearing impairment can have difficulties in their communication abilities which could include articulation, language, voice, fluency and resonance. Prognosis for children with hearing loss depends on several factors:  the quality of services the child receives, how early in life professional help is given, parental involvement, and the presence of other disabling conditions, such as blindness.

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The ear canal, ear drum, and the tiny bones in the middle ear make up the conductive system and any hearing loss caused by a problem in one or more of these areas is called a conductive hearing loss. Malformation of the outer or middle ear structures, a middle ear infection in which fluid accumulates behind the eardrum, abnormal bone growth in the middle ear, a hole in the eardrum, or poor Eustachian tube function may be responsible for conductive hearing loss. Antibiotics or antifungal medications are usually prescribed for ear infections, whereas surgery is usually an option for malformed or abnormal outer or middle ear structures and other physical problems. In this case, there is likely to be damage to the outer or middle ear as well as to the inner ear or auditory nerve. Typically, the sensorineural hearing loss is already present and the conductive hearing loss develops later and for an unrelated reason. Many people who suffer from a mixed hearing loss will receive medical treatment for the conductive hearing but will have to use hearing aid to treat the remaining sensorineural component of their hearing loss. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Unlike a sensorineural hearing loss a conductive hearing loss occurs because the sound entering the ear is reduced or dampened by the obstruction; there is no damage to the delicate nerves in the inner ear.
Rarely, there may be more serious causes of conductive hearing loss and these conditions, if left unidentified and untreated, may have profound medical consequences. Hearing aids are often the best answer when surgery is not possible, because they significantly improve hearing and are convenient. Start with one free email, and our coaches will offer you actionable recommendations to help you and your child. A conductive hearing loss can often be partially or completely reversed with medical intervention. Though usually not necessary, implantable hearing devices such as a bone-anchored hearing aid are an excellent alternative if neither surgery nor a traditional hearing aid are feasible options. As with sensorineural and conductive hearing losses, only a thorough diagnostic hearing and medical evaluation can identify a specific cause.

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