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I discovered the Chinese approach to understanding and dealing with tinnitus by wandering into Acumedic's clinic on Camden High Street in north London last year out of curiosity. A tongue such as mine, to the eye of a Chinese doctor, is stark evidence that within my body and mind, my yin and yang are out of balance. After examination of tongue and pulse and a lengthy face-to-face consultation, Dr Lily writes the names of all these herbs out in Chinese characters on a prescription pad - downstairs two women divide the result up into daily doses. But then, as I continued to slurp my daily potion, I realised with surprise that things had begun to improve.
Dr Lily had explained that the ringing in my ears was caused by an internal imbalance, which the tea she prescribed was intended to correct. Then - because this medicine is extremely expensive: my month's supply comes to A?112, and they charge the same again for the consultation - I stopped for a couple of months. I returned to Acumedic and it was spelled out that there was no point in resuming the treatment if I continued my modest alcohol habit: the problem was located in my kidneys, and that organ is close to and (in the Chinese understanding) strongly affected by the liver. So I climbed on the wagon and within four days the bullying tedium of insistent white noise had again retreated, as close to a cure as I dare to hope for.
I shared my experience with John Phillips, an ear, nose and throat surgeon and a member of the Advisers' Committee of the British Tinnitus Association, and he conceded that understanding both of tinnitus itself and of Chinese medicine has a long way to go. He also raised a concept that no-one who puts any faith in alternative remedies would be wise to ignore: the placebo effect, which means that Dr Lily's herbs are doing me good precisely because I hope they will.
The Chinese explanation for how one's body works is exotic and unfamiliar, but it has been 3,000 years in the making and is the product of perhaps the world's most sophisticated civilisation.

While the West deals with each organ in isolation, and prescribes cures which often have destructive side-effects, the Chinese aspiration is to understand and map body and mind as a totality. In the Far East in pre-modern times, a well-to-do family would retain the services of a doctor and pay him a monthly stipend - but cut off the money if someone in the family fell ill. COMMENT RULES: Comments that are judged to be defamatory, abusive or in bad taste are not acceptable and contributors who consistently fall below certain criteria will be permanently blacklisted. By Helen Carson The 29-year-old Independent Unionist MLA for East Londonderry was re-elected to the constituency at the weekend. When I mentioned the problem to my GP some time ago she confessed that it was little understood and was still effectively incurable. Not expecting that they could offer any help with a condition that leaves Western medicine baffled, I didn't mention that I had tinnitus.
But in middle age, one's inherited material and functional energy, known in Chinese as qi, is running down. Now, lo and behold, it was taking effect and my baffling condition was getting appreciably better. It would take a conscious check to confirm that, yes, there was still this fuzziness clouding my hearing. At my first consultation, Dr Lily checked my blood pressure, and when it turned out to be high told me firmly to see my GP about it.
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They live in Kilkeel and Claire, a single parent, works as a pay roll manager in a factory.
Here, Laurence White talks to local two women about coping with this debilitating and incurable condition.
When my ears started ringing, I ran around to various doctors seeking a cure, until one of them took pity on me and explained that there was no cure. I had no good reason to suppose it would have any effect, and for two or three weeks the ringing continued as normal.
First it lost its ringing quality, so all that remained was a sustained shushing; then the shushing itself reduced, to the extent that sometimes I was able to forget about it for hours at a time.
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From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night it's like being chained to a relentless, one-track moron.

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