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Joseph reckoned it would take less than three hours for the tree to absorb the flyzard's nutrients. He thought of the bedraggled puffer crouching in the corner of the lab aviary, mangled and dying. The foremen howled with laughter as McIntyre bowed, a toothy grin spreading beneath his moustache. Cal glanced at the crippled puffer-owl behind the transparent wall of the aviary, luminous eyes studying its captors as if they were the ones in a cage. Joseph's laughter rang against the walls, bold and unfettered for the first time since his arrival on Kelvyn.
The pulverizers were roaring at full capacity when Joseph and Cal reached the edge of the clearing zone.
Joseph stared at the stocky crew chief, knew with sick certainty that the man would not back down. One section of the colony structure and three pulverizers were demolished while the crews slept. Joseph knew little of his own Cherokee heritage: only scraps culled from thousands of history disks he had searched over the years. Cal shamed McIntyre into letting Joseph out the next morning after it happened for the second time. A mogre slipped from the splintered tree line on six powerful legs, drawn into the open by the scent of death. The two men jogged toward the temporary sleep-cubes where McIntyre and most of the foremen bedded down. Marsalis glanced at the ruins of the crew chief's cubicle, then nodded with obvious relief. Joseph and Cal were in the lab four hours later when the last shuttle blasted off for the Surveyor. Cal studied Joseph with a new expression in his eyes: surprise, admiration, a trace of fear. The two men stopped just inside the stand of trees that marked the boundary of the village. Cal was a slender man, but he managed to sling Joseph over his shoulder and stagger back toward camp. Cal sank to the ground in exhaustion, breath coming in strangled gasps, and laid Joseph beside him. Damage can include: Temporary hearing loss hearing returns after a short period away from noise Permanent hearing loss Permanent damage or destruction of hair cells in the ears.
Hearing protection Ear Muffs Must fit snugly – one size fits most people Generally very effective if worn properly – beware of glasses Tend to be uncomfortable in hot weather Special types available eg. Hearing protection The effectiveness of hearing protection varies according to type, manufacture and correct wearing. Module 2 Noise Audit Training Purpose of this module This module provides training on noise required to conduct a noise audit. VPP: The Standard of Excellence in Workplace Safety and Health Module 2 - Noise Audit Training Purpose of this module This module provides training on. Noise and Sound Safety Management Health, Safety & Wellbeing School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. Noise Exposure at Work Hearing Loss Prevention Rule (Noise) WAC 296-817 Developed by the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) for employee training.
Syracuse University Hearing Conservation Program Training John Rossiter, Safety Department.
Occupational Noise Exposure Hearing Conservation Training Program Presented by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
HC-- 1 NWACC Business & Industry Workforce Development Institute WELCOME HEARING CONSERVATION CORPORATE SAFETY TRAINING 29 CFR 1910.95. FHM TRAINING TOOLS This training presentation is part of FHM’s commitment to creating and keeping safe workplaces.
OSHA Occupational Noise San Diego State University Environmental Health and Safety Millie Tran and Sheryl Mansour. VPP: The Standard of Excellence in Workplace Safety and Health Module 3 – Doing a Noise Audit This module and Module 2 provide the necessary training needed. We offer a wide range of custom hearing protection specially designed for people who work in a noisy environment, such as musicians, or who enjoy loud activities, such as shooting, motorcycling or music festivals and concerts.
We can also help swimmers and shift workers with custom-made moulds and people unable to get a good night's sleep because of their partner's snoring. Proper sealAs all these earplugs are custom-made, good impressions of the ear must be taken first by our audiologists so that a proper seal can be created.
Please note: We do not accept any vouchers from manufacturers as payment or part payment for our goods or services. The ER series of hearing protectors - the ER9, ER15 and ER25 - are the flattest attenuating in the world. They have been independently tested to conform to the European Noise Regulations EN352-2 and they all reduce ambient noise while maintaining clarity at the same time. The range was especially developed for musicians who need to protect their hearing but not destroy the fidelity of their music.
Classical performersThe ER9 is suitable for use under light noise exposure such as for vocalists and accoustic guitar or string players and is used by many of the top bands. Amplified musicPeople needing protection under heavy noise conditions, such as amplified instruments, or percussion or brass players, should choose the ER25. The ER range comes in a standard clear mould but for an extra cost may be ordered in several colours and colour combinations. This range also offers custom hearing protection for musicians and has several features which allow the wearer to listen and perform in comfort and with impeccable clarity. The PRO series has been designed with the wearer in mind and is smaller than many other filters. This means it can fit into smaller ears without any protrusion which is great for comfort and aesthetics as it will always fit snugly underneath a helmet or other headwear.

ValueThe filters are removable so you can clean and maintain your earmoulds to give you the maximum life and the best value for money.
They also have a vented design that allows sound to escape from the ear canal which reduces the occlusion effect (noise booming in a blocked ear), making them ideal for vocalists and wind players. Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound but 17 decibels quieter, with no loss of high or low frequencies. ClarityThe PRO 20 provides protection against high noise where there is an emphasis on higher pitch frequencies, such as motor sport and industry, yet still allows the wearer to communicate clearly; PRO 26 is perfect for musicians working in the loudest environments, allowing complete clarity in extreme noise and PRO 27 is designed for very loud environments.
Custom-fit Swim Plugs are made from medical grade silicone and give excellent protection for your ears while swimming or taking part in other water sports. They are particularly recommended for people who are prone to suffering from ear infections after swimming.
Swim Plugs are made in a variety of colours to the exact shape of the ear from a durable silicone material which floats in water.
ConvenientAll Swim Plugs come with convenient recessed handles and removable cords are also an option. SecureAs they are custom-made to fit your particular ear shape they provide the best possible water seal which helps to protect against ear infections and water impact.
Custom Sonic Valves have been developed especially to give hearing protection while shooting. EasyThe valves react upon impulse from sound waves and shut down when the gun is fired but still allow you to hear normally. VarietyThey are available in a variety of colours, colour combinations and finishes and a neck cord is also available if wanted to retain the earplugs. IdealBecause Sonic Valves allow you to hear under normal circumstances they are ideal for sportsmen, police firearms officers and army personnel. SleepFit noise plugs are made of extra soft silicone material so they are comfortable to wear while sleeping. SleepFit noise plugs are deal for the partners of people who snore, shift workers, students who want to concentrate better, people who travel regularly on noisy transport and anyone who lives in a noisy neighbourhood and has problems getting a good night's sleep. Each tree was a scale model of the forest, supporting a complete ecosystem within its massive coils.
He was in better shape than anyone else in the Surveyor's crew, but the strong gravity of Kelvyn still sapped the strength from his muscles. Skin and bones would drop to the forest floor, where scavengers feasted on the porcu-pine's leavings. A mousipede crouched in the grass near the center of the clearing, nibbling on the fruit of a bloodberry bush.
A broad pair of forewings and a smaller pair of hindwings controlled their speed and direction of flight.
Joseph could not see the creatures hidden behind the leaves, but their terror and confusion buffeted him in waves. He searched the work zone for Angus McIntyre and spotted the crew chief near a field console, poring through schematics with a cluster of foremen. It didn't take long to locate McIntyre, but the noise made it impossible to talk in the open.
He read of the Busk, the festival celebrating first fruits and new fires, but the words had no flavor. The essence of what the Cherokee had been eluded him, like the dappled outline of a lightning-buck darting through morning mist.
He looked more like a cornered animal than the puffers that circled above him, singing their silent rage. They fell to the ground, Joseph clawing for the laser, McIntyre still trying to aim at the retreating puffers. He had been up most of the night, haunted by ghastly visions of Shaman erupting into flame. For a moment he was gliding through the ancient forests of America with his ancestors - strong and unbowed - sinews stretching down into the fragrant soil like roots. The aim of this session is to provide you with information on:- Noise at Work Legislation What noise at work is Health effects relating.
Major Topics Hearing loss prevention terms Hazard levels and risk Standards and regulations Worker’s compensation. The Effects of Noise on Hearing Continuous exposure to excessive levels of noise may cause irreversible hearing loss. 2O-Noise CONTENTS Introduction What is noise How we hear Why a noise prevention program Signs and symptoms of hearing loss. This is the ear protector used by many top bands, pilots, drivers and even NASA astronauts and is ideal for most musicians. This is the one used by many stage performers and club DJs working close to loudly amplified music. In addition, the PRO series is water resistant so they can be used outside or in high moisture environments and can withstand perspiration without it damaging the filter membrane. Swim Plugs can be ordered in a wide variety of bright colours, making them easy to find if they are dropped.
Because this kind of dangerous noise is sporadic these earplugs offer protection only when you need it most, allowing you to hear normally when there is no gun being fired.
They are not electronic and the valve barrels can be removed so cleaning the moulds is easy. However, this must not be tugged to remove them from the ear as this could damage the moulds. Custom Sonic Valves are the best kind of hearing protection for those who are regularly exposed to firearms. Yet the rustle of leaves, the fragrance of vegetation, the spring of living carpet beneath his feet offered familiar comfort. He took three swallows from his water pack and watched in fascination as a nearby porcu-pine lured its prey. It scurried halfway to the tree line on its dozen stubby legs before the puffer's talons dug into its back.

He wriggled between the loops of a corkscrew so his presence would not disturb the puffers. I also know that Corporate is rattlin' their saber a little louder every day, and it's not your head'll be rolling if we fall behind.
When we rape a world, it's never the same again; it dies of shame and misery, then it rots around us until we leave. He read of Sequoya and others who tried to adapt to the white man's customs, hoping to salvage some shred of their culture.
The tension in his body unwound as the three of them ambled through the maze of plasteel and titanium toward the far edge of the site.
An ugly purple bruise bloomed on one cheek; a split lip bulged beneath the bushy moustache now matted with blood. Massive crocodilian jaws snapped up the tenderest chunks, crushing them to pulp as they vanished into its maw.
These men did not fear anything in the galaxy they could see, but an invisible enemy was too much for them. I've reviewed every scrap of seismic data I have, and there's just nothing out of the ordinary about this chunk of rock. Then the crippled puffer-owl spread his speckled wings, inflated, and vanished into the sky.
The ER9, along with the ER15, is the chosen hearing protector for many classical performers.
Corkscrew ferns twisted toward the sky in tightly bunched loops all around him, giant fronds feathering out to catch the orange sunlight. He felt in tune with the rhythms of nature here, reconnected to the threads of growth and life woven into the very fabric of his soul. A brown flying-lizard not much bigger than a pigeon hovered between the branches, drawn by the aroma of honeysap that oozed from the porcu-pine's bark. It squeaked twice as its captor flipped it and sliced through its tender belly with a scythe-like beak. Well, now, there's a thrivin' colony on that planet, and I don't believe a one of them that built it spent a slim second in lockup.
The roar of the pulverizers swelled, much tamer now that half their number had been reduced to scrap.
We've only five pulverizers left as it is, and the lads can't make any progress with this commotion. Before Joseph could react, a rod of light leapt from McIntyre's hand into the mass of puffers.
Shackled by the roustabouts, Joseph could only shout to drive the demonic creature back into the forest. He's dead and buried… just a few hours after you told him he oughta haul ass out of here for his own safety.
He saw the same wonder in Cal Benton's eyes that he himself had felt when he first walked among the corkscrews. I better get you back so we can drug you up good… and so I can jabber some double-talk at Marsalis. They had been chased away by a ghoul with hair the color of blood and a moustache of flame. Eight interminable months trapped in the sterile shell of the Surveyor had almost driven him mad… but the land restored him.
As soon as the flyzard touched the sticky sap, the branches snapped together, impaling it with a dozen needles.
A few minutes passed before the bloated outline of a puffer-owl glided from the upper branches. Because of the strong surface gravity of Kelvyn, they could not get off the ground without the buoyancy of their flight bladders.
Far beyond his vision, a clan of puffer-owls had built their living chambers, piling section upon section as family and home grew together, intertwined. He barely missed an outstretched porcu-pine branch as he labored back the way he had come, legs pumping against the iron grip of Kelvyn, black hair dancing in the wind. It floated across the glade with silent stealth, riding the wind like a feathered zeppelin. These inflated with hydrogen extracted from the air when the owls rose, swelling them like balloons.
When he staggered into the clearing near the camp, ten pulverizers were already online, gobbling the forest and turning it to mulch. McIntyre followed their gaze, stroking a bushy red moustache that burned like fire in the orange light.
But the fact is, we've got to finish the shell structure here and be hyperspatial toward Avalon inside of two months, or it's my ass. After a few weeks with the pulverizers, we'd flattened half their hunting territory and driven most of the game away. Maybe this planet has some weird localized tectonics, some kind of seismic hiccup we haven't detected yet. I programmed the computer to scan the ultrasonic frequencies, and there it was: they have a musical vocabulary, pitched so high that the human ear can't detect it. Soon Shaman's village would be a memory, and here he sat like a caged animal, cut off from the sweet breath of the land… unable to stop the slaughter of a way of life.
They wheeled overhead, diving and snapping at the crews, filling the air like a plague of feathered locusts. Without warning he whipped it down across his legs, driving the needles deep into his thighs before collapsing with a cry. Survivors climbed frantically above the inferno, but McIntyre kept firing, setting off a dozen smaller explosions.

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