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Hi, i have a ford ranger 2004 2.3L, i currently installed a custom cold air intake (i will post picture later on) and after about 2-3 hours of driving it my check engine light went on. Unfortunately you've wasted an incredible amount of time and money on a bunch of products that don't actually give you any performance gain and just cause problems. The hissing is the air filter on the CAI, oh and by the way that is a hot air intake, the unit you took out was actually a cold air intake. Yeah that intake is just sucking hot air from around the engine and causing a loss of power actually. You installed a hot air intake, and yes the hissing sound is coming from the intake filter. What happened here is the Primary HEGO is seeing mixtures leaner than expected because unmetered air is sneaking because the MAF isn't properly calibrated or designed to work with the intake you made.
What i did was i unplugged that battery when i was installing and then when i was done a reconnected. I started that truck and at first the idle was rough (like it was about to die) a few seconds later it was ok.

That's because your truck starts in open loop, with the HEGO being ignored and the factory open loop map is used, shortly after, it switches back to close loop and it uses HEGO feedback to scale the maps, Positive % in your situation. So if this setting is a hot air, then what are those cold air intakes that other brand advertise? If you hear banging or clanking noises it may be an indication that your unit has a bad compressor. Noises mean that there is something that is preventing your air conditioner from functioning normally. Find a reliable air conditioning Anjou or thermo pump Montreal repair service online the next time your system breaks down.
As to my knowledge i installed a cold air based on the products that i see from K&N other cold intake brand. A number of issues may cause this including the duct itself, leaks, a problem with a specific part or a trapped bird or rodent. It is better to head off any serious complications by calling in a professional air conditioning repair service.

Instead of a blast of refreshingly cold air, the system makes weird noises and the air is anything but cold.
Any type of buzzing noise usually corresponds to a problem with the electrical connections. Im also thinking about putting a catback exhaust system or just a muffler, which one is better? As for the hot intake, i understand that it gets air from the engine compartment, which is hot.
The technician will then recommend a fast solution that will fix the problem and get it running smoothly again.

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