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Now we have a simple technique for correcting your tennis elbow difficulty having an quick solution. Basically, how to put the fuzzy little ball where your opponent isn't and have fun doing so!
The tennis spin serve is commonly used to keep the returner off guard and guessing during a service game. The tennis spin serve is different from the other tennis serves such as the flat serve because of the different type of rotation used on the tennis ball. Although the tennis spin serve is not as popular as the flat serve, it is just as important to master this type of serve to keep your opponent from getting into a rhythm and predicting your serve placement. Because it is the first shot in every point, the serve determines how the point will be played and whether you can start it out with the upper hand immediately. Additionally, you might not be hitting it with enough variety to keep your opponent guessing on the return.
The techniques of the various tennis spin serves are dependent on the type of ball toss appropriate for each.
As you launch up to hit the ball, keep looking up at it and concentrate on hitting the ball from the 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock position. The twist serve is basically the same as the kick serve, except that contact is made from the 8 o’clock to 2 o’clock position for right handers (4 o’clock to 10 o’clock for lefties). The technique is basically the same as the flat serve except that at contact, you use your wrist to brush the racket head around the right side of the ball (or left side for lefties) and downward to produce sidespin and backspin. Each tennis spin serve has a unique trajectory and bounce that can be disconcerting for the returner. The height with which the ball crosses over the net and the way it curves into the box make it usually the first choice as a second serve. When aimed at the right side of a right handed receiver, it can present a tough challenge because he or she will tend to prepare with a forehand but find that the ball will instead bounce sharply toward the backhand side. Making the ball bounce low and wide to the forehand side of a right handed receiver keeps him or her from getting grooved on the return. It is also valuable against players who use western grips and are not too comfortable with low balls curving away from them. This serve is effective on all surfaces, especially grass because the ball bounces even lower.
The low and inward bounce makes the returner have to get out of the way and lift the ball up – something very unusual to do on the return.
Simply put, anyone who is able to use the flat serve and the different tennis spin serves in all kinds of ways will always be tough to break.
Then you've got to check out our FREE in-depth slow motion analysis video of how Federer and other pros prepare for their forehands.
Powerful, spin friendly and maneuverable, with improved comfort and feel, the new Babolat AeroPro Drive reaped many compliments from our team. Paired with a poly, the spin potential and easy response of the AeroPro Drive pleased Chris.
The stability, maneuverability and solid response of the AeroPro Drive made it an enjoyable racquet at net. Finding consistency with his power was Chris, who said, "I've always liked serving with the AeroPro Drive, and this new version lived up to my expectations. Returning as aggressively as they were serving, most of the playtesters found enough power, control and spin to put their opponents under pressure.
Also needing to pull her returns in a little was Siobhan, although she enjoyed the powerful response. Brittany enjoys taking big swings on her returns, and she easily settled into a comfort zone with this racquet. Chris - "I liked the spin, maneuverability, crisp and clean feel, power, and just how easy it made it to hit the ball with depth and pace. Brittany - "This racquet played like a mix of the previous AeroPro Drive and the new Babolat Pure Drive. Siobhan - "Obviously it reminds me of the 2010 model, but it's hands down an improvement on that. Andy - "This is nothing like the midsize frames that I would typically lean toward, and frankly I was very surprised that I enjoyed this racquet so much.
Andy: Open level all court player with a semi-western forehand grip and a two handed backhand. Push both feet off the ground to help accelerate racquet; Shoulder rotates even more while the racquet face is down.
The back leg starts to bend as the racquet follows through; Notice the difference in racquet face direction from picture 12 and 13. Learning the tennis serve requires a player use different spins to develop an effective shot.
The serve is supposed to provide an advantage in winning points so you should make the most out of your service games. Even if you don’t have very good disguise, you can keep the receiver from establishing a rhythm with his or her return by varying the spin of your serve.

Spin serves also travel more slowly through the air but can still be difficult to return because of the way the bounce. The more similar the toss, the better it will be because of the disguise that can be provided. For right handed servers, kick serves cross the net high and curve downward into the service box before bouncing high and a little to the left side of the receiver. On a hard court or clay court, this serve is very effective for setting up the point because these surfaces accentuate the height of the bounce. They can move way back and let the ball drop a little but that would give too much ground to the server.
Aiming this to the hip of the returner also makes it uncomfortable for him or her because the ball will be jamming into the body.
But instead of just simply curving downward into the service box, it curves to the right of the returner before bouncing out to the left. Its leftward bounce means that it will play to a right handed receiver’s backhand, which is usually the side less adroit at hitting awkwardly bouncing balls. It is also awkward for players with one-handers especially if they aren’t good at handling the bounce. If he or she has been running around the backhand to return, this type of serve will catch him or her off guard.
There have been left handers who don’t really have great serving mechanics, but are tough to break simply by virtue of the reversed spins they produce.
The slice serve is a lefty’s most useful serve because it bounces wide and low to the backhand side of a right handed returner. Check out our Tennis Ebooks and be on the way to improving all of your tennis strokes without the trial and error. The new and improved Babolat AeroPro Drive has arrived, and it's everything we hoped for and more. The first thing Brittany noticed was her ability to hit heavier groundstrokes with tons of spin. He said, "This version of the AeroPro Drive felt extremely maneuverable, more so than the previous versions, and I was able to get a lot of spin out of it. Chris liked the crisp and clean response, and he felt very connected to his volleys with this racquet. She said, "It was easy to get this racquet in position, and I really felt the clean response. I was able to access plenty of pace and spin, allowing me to serve aggressively without sacrificing consistency.
She said, "One of my best shots is my return of serve, and racquets that offer maneuverability and stability often complement my aggressive style.
It fits right in there with those two and really impresses with spin, power and forgiveness.
It truly is a game changer, allowing you to take huge cuts at the ball without fear of a mishit or loss in control.
Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. I helped my team attain a respectable national ranking and we faired well in the division II national playoffs both years. If you get broken too easily, you will be under constant pressure from your opponent, especially if he or she is serving well on that day.
However, many times, even if you do have good serve speed, you still can get broken because you are being too predictable with where you place your serve.
Aside from that, hitting your first serve with spin can help increase your first serve percentage in order to take pressure off your second serve. Therefore, these shots are excellent for times when you want to come in and volley immediately, like when you are playing doubles. If you let the ball drop to the ground, it should drop behind your left shoulder if you are right handed.
If they move in to take the ball on the rise, their timing has to be perfect to hit the return well. It crosses the net lower than the kicker or twister but still makes a good alternative for a second serve because it is still less risky than a flat serve. Even though these serves play more to the forehand side of a right handed returner, it can be tough due to the high bounce or the way it can curve away. Power, spin, control and maneuverability were all rated highly by our playtesters, who were able to play aggressively from all areas of the court. She said, "I was really able to whip the racquet around on low balls and hit them with spin. On the first few hitting sessions I found myself a little ahead of my down-the-line forehands and was pulling them toward the middle of the court.
He offered, "Sure, it doesn't have the mass to punch the ball quite as much as I like, but its stiff beam did enough to keep the racquet feeling solid most of the time and for power to be decent.

My arm muscles leave a little to be desired and sometimes at net I get some instability, but the AeroPro Drive really stepped it up for me. It was very solid up at net, and I had complete confidence volleying any ball that was hit at me. I felt like my flat serve was coming out of a cannon, and my kick and slice serves had tons of action of them. For my first serve, I loved hitting a flat serve into the body, which was very effective in doubles. He said, "Returning with this racquet was great, but this is the one area I felt a slight loss of control. The racquet felt super fast, and all the spin I was getting helped me hit some crushing shots.
The AeroPro Drive fit my game style perfectly, offering everything I need to hit big returns. If you have hit a Pure Drive or previous AeroPro Drive, you'll feel the lineage in this one from the first hit. After the contact in picture 13, the hitting side of the racquet is facing the opposite side. He or she will be looking at a ball coming over to the left but then bouncing sharply over to the right.
With Active Cortex technology in the handle, the AeroPro Drive's feel and response are cleaner and more dampened. Again, I liked the amount of bite I was finding on the ball, and this racquet is well very suited to poly strings.
I'm not the biggest server, but I was able to win some quick points when serving with this racquet. I like to take a big cut on my return, but I also like to take the ball early and use the server's pace, and sometimes I just felt the return get away from me a bit.
I was able to really whip the racquet around, although I had to rein in the power because this racquet almost whips around too fast. I felt confident stepping inside the court and taking the ball early, such was the level of control I was finding. I don't think Babolat has changed much here, and for me that is a very good thing, as the previous version still feels very good.
To me, it felt like the Head YOUTEK IG Extreme Pro 2.0 that I recently tested, but with even more power and spin potential.
Side spin is when the ball is rotating along a vertical axis relative to its direction through the air. Active Cortex also increased comfort, and the stiff response that players experienced with the previous version has been reduced, although the stiffness was still noticeable by some playtesters. I really enjoyed hitting angles with this racquet, and I was even able to hit a low, penetrating slice with this racquet (which I don't do very often!). There was less bad feedback and a more solid response than I expected, which I really enjoyed. I happily switched between touch shots and solid volleys, and I enjoyed the way I could dictate play. I still felt like I could put the ball where I wanted, and I was putting it there with tons of juice on it! Once again, I felt like I could control my returns, and I enjoyed turning on the spin when I felt like it. Control was paramount, and the placement abilities of the racquet had our testers hitting with pinpoint accuracy. Coupled with the open string pattern and light (11.3 oz) weight, you can absolutely rip the ball with massive power and spin.
It's very stiff feeling, which is where all that extra power comes from, but this is where Babolat's innovation kicks in. I love the maneuverability and the way I can switch between heavy spin and hard flat balls with ease.
Active Cortex, now introduced into the AeroPro Drive line, does a great job dampening the feel and creating a better connection between ball and player, which I felt previous versions of this racquet didn't quite have. I got a lot of comments on my ability to whip back really low balls with a lot of pace with this racquet, and I like how I didn't have to adjust my swing speed. Within one year I made varsity and was named Most Improved Player, and my senior year I earned Most Valuable.
The Aero just flies through the air, allowing me to create some heavy racquet speed, so I can absolutely fire forehands with this racquet.

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