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The Dog Herbalist Natural range of Pure Medicinal Herbal Formula's are formulated specifically  for the dogs ailment.
Some people do not eat more but they eat at frequent intervals of time that can also be one of the causes of increased weight. Certain people suffer from increased weight due to the side effects produced by the prescription medications. Risk of heart diseases increases: People having increased weight have higher risk of heart diseases. Diabetes: Diabetes or increased blood sugar level is also a common problem in children suffering from obesity. There are many natural products that may be taken along with diet control and physical exercise. Drinking more water is necessary for maintaining proper functioning of the digestive system. Alcohol and other beverages such as soft drinks should be reduced for maintaining an ideal weight. Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Our product range also offers Herbal Minerals & Vitamins, to suit every dogs needs, whether it be a pet dog, kennel dog, working dog or retrieving dog, it is vital that all dogs receive the required amounts of minerals, trace elements and nutrients through out their life for pure true health and ailment free. Many people do not keep a control on their eating habits and they eat more than required by their body. People who take antidepressants, anti-convulsants, diabetic remedies may gain weight in certain period of time.

Obesity itself is not harmful to a person but it produces many other side effects on other organs of the body. This homeopathic remedy for weight loss helps in reducing weight by balancing the hormones and regulating the metabolic processes. It is very important to make lifestyle changes and dietary changes for maintaining ideal weight. One should consume necessary amount of calories because excess of calories eaten than required is the most important cause of obesity. Adults should take six to seven hours normal sleep and children should take eight to nine hours sleep. A diet have normal amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals should be taken to remain fit and healthy. Clear Sinus and Ear is used successfully by pilots, flight attendants, scuba divers, and swimmers.
Our Homeopathic Medicines & Nosode's are an alternative approach to the herbal remedies, these products are a pure and natural medicine, the small tasteless tablets absorb into the blood stream immediately to give instant relief to the ailment. They need to do more physical exercise to burn the extra calories but due to sedentary lifestyle they are not able to do much physical exercise due to which their weight increases. Obesity may lead to systemic disorders such as heart diseases, kidney problems, liver problems, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance etc. When there is less secretion of the thyroid stimulating hormone and other hormones, an imbalance occurs in the metabolism which leads to increased weight. People who are not able to lose weight by using other weight loss methods should take these tablets to reduce weight.

TheDogHerbalist Company offers a range of herbal medicinal formulas to cure the ailment or simply you can use one of our carefully prepared remedies as a preventative for all common day to day ailments. The Herbs used in our formulas are an excellent tonic and vitamin remedy full of minerals, trace elements and antioxidants to help promote the health, keeping your dog in tip top condition naturally.
All our products are freshly made to order and are 100% natural, we use only the finest quality organic (when available) herbal ingredients, our natural herbal formulas are so simple to administer, just sprinkle the powder on the main meal 5 days a week, the formula's contain no chemicals what so ever, no artificial preservatives, colorants or additives, no sugar and no added salt, the formula's are a pure natural alternative to the chemically orthodox medicine commonly used worldwide, we carefully select only human consumption ingredients of the highest standard. If you are taking the same amount of energy as much required by your body, then your weight remains constant. These factors include the basal metabolic rate, level of physical activity, and the type of food that we eat. Your lifestyle and living habits determine the number of calories that are required by you body. People who are in sitting jobs have to perform more physical activity to burn the calories.
Therefore, to control weight one has to determine these factors in order to maintain a constant weight or an ideal weight.

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