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Homeopathic remedies for tinnitus – ringing ,hissing, Homeopathic remedy aethusa is an excellent remedy for tinnitus that presents itself as hissing sound in ears .
Home remedy for tinnitus – home-remedies-for-you, Read more about causes, symptoms, treatment and home remedies for tinnitus.
Homeopathic remedies for tinnitus and herbal remedy for, Homeopathic remedies for tinnitus and herbal remedy for tinnitus our best selling herbal and homeopathic remedy product buy 2 and get 1 free today. Tinnitus treatment remedies from t-gone – the original, The original homeopathic tinnitus treatment remedies from t-gone tinnitus remedies.
Tinnitus treatment natural therapy, supplements, herbal remedy, Tinnitus natural treatment, vitamins, herbs, and supplements (ringing in the ears) by ray sahelian, m.d.
Amazing all-natural Tinnitus breakthrough permanently eliminates Tinnitus issues without drugs or surgery.
Rock legend Pete Townshend has suffered ringing in the ears, or Tinnitus, for many years the NME reports. Cellulitis is a very common bacterial skin infection in which there is inflammation of skin and connective tissue.
The main causative agents for causing cellulitis are Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphyloccus aureus bacterias.
The main symptoms of cellulitis include redness, swelling, heat and pain in the affected area. Homeopathic remedy Belladonna acts as a very good natural medicine for cellulitis where the skin is markedly red and swollen giving it a shining appearance.
Apis mellifica is suited in those cases of cellulitis in which there is much swelling of the affected area alongwith much burning and stinging type of pains.
Homeopathic medicine Ledum palustre holds a very good image in treating those cases of cellulitis resulting from insect bites.
This homeopathic remedy Silicea gives very good results when blebs are formed on skin in advanced cellulitis cases. Sir, i developed a red sore one month ago on upper limb above knee joint on back side, it opened one week.later and with use of antibiotics for about ten days the sore healed. My Mother aged about 93 , had a hip fracture last year and got healed by homeopathy medicine. Over 2 months ago I was hospitalized for cellulitis and today even though the redness has gone away, I am still weak and limping. I have over 60 different homeopathic remedies I can take, but would like your help as to why I am not getting better. I have been battling cellulitis for 6 weeks now which resulted from an infected puncture wound I got when working in the yard. Hi, I have a brother who is 30 years old and is suffering from a myriad of health problems after returning from a 2 yr trip to China. Hi my dad only got his 1st Ulster on his leg 5 months now he has redness and swelling and more ulcers on his legs despite the doctors creams that he does use every day.
Have red patches in the calf muscles of right leg and that part is also hard.the allopathic doctor has diagnised as CELLULITES. What are the best natural remedies you would recommend for cellulitis infection in my case and for bronchitis ? Doctor i am begging you please help me give me some medicine that can cure of this type of desease i was getting weak and exhausted of fighting this everyday.. In the initial stages or in the milder forms or in people who are not aware of the disease, depression can go unidentified till its implications become too obvious. The best part of homeopathic treatment is that the homeopathic medicines are totally side effect free and its long term use leads to no damage to the body.
Following are the symptoms of depression and if three to five or more of the following symptoms which persist for more than 2 weeks, there are chances that one might be suffering from depression. Depression frequently co-occurs with other physical illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.
Homeopathic medicine Aconite is one of the leading homeopathic medicine for treating acute anxiety problem .
Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos is one of the Best Homeopathic medicine for treating stress . Depression in teenagers is very common owing to hormonal changes and increased stress of coping with studies and the social world . Depression major refers to advanced forms of depression where there is extreme hopelessness with marked symptoms of suicidal thoughts. Although the Indicated homeopathic medicines for depression give relief to the symptoms of sleeplessness , if they persist beyond that homeopathic medicine Coffea cruda or kali phos can be used to treat insomnia in depression.
Seasonal affective disorder or depression that occurs in winters can be very effective treated with homeopathy . Homeopathy for Menopause – Menopause can be a major turning event in the life of a woman . Most of the the homeopathic medicines are made from naturally occurring substances which are very safe .
I went to the doctors and he is wanting to test me for cancers and arthritis and he is already treated me for it and he proscribed me some meds to take away pain. To be honest, I have been smoking tobacco and small amounts of cannabis and that makes me feel more optimistic, imaginative, happier, and motivated. Sir, i want to stop this allopathic medicines which are robbing me of my life so please suggest me a Homeopathic alternative that i can get easily in India. I am suffering form depression associated with anxiety, panic attacks and extreme jealousy.
Please suggest good medicine to treat my depression, sleeplessness and weight gain problems.
I had heart bypass surgery in 2001 and was on Asprin but in 2013 the pain in the arm returned. I suffer from SAD type of depression & develop chronic fatigue disorder with the problem of sleeplessness.
I am 70 yrs old and am Om medicines for years, but the medicines don’t work any more.

My wife is 40 years and from last 2 months she is suffering from depression and every day 2-3 time she feels very low energy ( not having sleep from last 2 months ), guilty ,hopeless , helpless ,puzzle and this face remain for 2-3 hours or more .
Allopathy Doctor suggested clonspaam and said it seems a negative stress on brain and none of the symptoms found related to menopause currently. I had given her alafalfa tonic and recweg sleep drops also 10 drops thrice daily from last 7 days . Dear sir I have 4 symptoms are feel in my life which is Work stress enxiety negativity aggression no control on me when I was agressive.
Due to some Personal reasons like 4year I had faced divorce case , real life partner ditched me ,very small age me have to working due to father had a loss in business no good friends gernally they are only selfish I have nobody to disclosed my problems due to they would laughing on me. This time the symptoms are quarrelsome, very much suspicious, anxiety, not talkative, angry and sometimes laughs talking herself, bitterness especially with me and relatives, ignore to attend any social gathering, absent mindedness and irrational discussion.
I have got treatment for her in allopathy three or four times but did not get permanent amelioration. Also my skin left side reddens, Tremendous dryness, and pigmentation occurs, what shud I take for it?? Cellulitis can occur on any part of the body but face and lower legs are the most common site for cellulitis.
In healthy condition the skin act as a protective barrier against infectious agents, preventing their entry into the body.
The medicines work wonderfully by increasing the immunity of patient thereby reducing the swelling, pain and burning in cellultis condition.
Apis mellifica also respond to those cases of cellulitis in which the burning pains are relieved by applying something cold over skin and the pains that rapidly shifts from one part to another.Another feature of this medicine indication is rosy hue of skin with much sensitivity towards touch. This natural homeopathic medicine is used in  cellulitis when there is  coldness of affected part with tearing type of pains.
The points that guide towards its use in septic conditions is  a ) fever with chills b) The body temperature being 103 to 106, rising quickly with abnormally very rapid pulse rate making the patient restless.The patient requiring pyrogenium complains of excessive chilliness in the back. If applied locally to the wounded skin after an injury it helps as preventive for cellulitis . Before healing it was very painful to touch, swollen , and oozed blood and yellow fluid for about two weeks.
Shaman sir, i, Rama Mohan from India my mother age 68 was infected with severe cellulites problem Aldo she is having kidney (initial stage),herneaya ,stones in air bladder and having sugar and high Bp. In both calfs she is in much pain she was trested a month ago in the hospital with antibiotics. The surgery was not successful and due to doctor’s negligence the right leg become shorter than the normal leg.
I had my medication for 2 months after i dignosed and until now it was not gone and i am still suffering from swelling, redness, tenderness, cramping and paining leg.. The patient is now admitted in the hospital because she fainted and is getting intravenous antibiotics. People often overlook it as a mere low mood or some start assuming it as a part of their psychological makeup. Suddenness of anxiety calls for the use of this medicine .The symptoms appear very suddenly and may give the patient a feeling of impending doom. Homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum is one the best homeopathic medicine for treating depression major. Homeopathic treatment for Seasonal affective disorder is dependant upon the nature of symptoms exhibited by the patient . It is very common for women passing through menopause to go through depression during this phase. Homeopathic remedies use body’s own natural restorative processes to form a great alternative treatment for depression. I start his medicine and within 2 days it is acute and I feel like going meeting the dr again and he tells no changes. But i am only 16 going on 17, and it so devastating to know at 17 years old you may have cancer and arthritis.
However, my wife doesn’t approve and so I need to hide it from her and that makes me feel guilty and ashamed that I am lying to her.
During night time these thoughts will increase and sleepless with great difficulty if i go to bed throught night indream talking with dead persons and my mind becomes restless. Negativity and work illness I feel very hurry up in my work profession little bit wrong talks will hurt me from the director and family. Since 2 years I started anti stress and enxiety medicine in alopathic but it’s gives me only sleep nothing as. Homeopathic Remedies for cellulitis treatment  are very effective in fighting out the bacterias without the using antibiotics . When the integrity of skin is broken due to various factors like insect bite, cuts, scratch marks, injuries, surgical incision etc, the bacteria gain entry into the body through this broken skin and leads to inflammation of skin and connective tissue.
Even in cases of cellulitis with bleb formation homeopathic medicines works wonders that too very gently preventing the physical and mental trauma of surgeons knife intervention. Apis mellifica can be taken in all those cases where cellulitis is a result of honey bee sting.
Homeopathic medicine Ledum palustre can be used in long standing cases of cellulitis in which the skin colour changes from blueness to green. Silicea is  also used when along with cellulitis there is  fever with chilliness and offensive perspiration . In cases where septicemia occurs after surgery or after childbirth, Pyrogenium acts very effectively. Just before healing of the first sore another two sores developed above knee joint now on front side. Once in three months I get severe fever of 102 with pain in the right leg with severe swelling of leg, redness of leg , below from the knee to the toes. He also is chronically fatigued, has psoriasis, joint pain and even had his hip replaced this spring. Immediately I consulted the allopathic physician and taken Antibiotics, Analgesics and Antacids.

My legs have been wrapped but it is still spreading up my leg above the knee and is red hot and irritated. My legs have been wrapped but it is still spreading uo my leg above the knee and is red and irritated.
Even families or spouse start accommodating accordingly, thereby making identification of depression all the more difficult.
Homeopathic remedies for  depression in teenagers are no different from those used for treating depression in adults .
I have in my personal experience found Ignatia to be very effective homeopathic cure for Seasonal affective disorder.
Homeopathic medicine Sepia and Lachesis are the best homeopathic remedies for depression during menopause. Homeopathic remedies for depression are so safe that they are even used as home remedies for depression . Its two days before Christmas day and I am so depressed because I don’t know what to think about anything anymore.
My mind always dweling in past occurenses and feel lonely and get lot of fear andrestles.
So after doing hard work for their rehabilitation and mental pressure, my wife is effected with depression. People with diabetes mellitus, suppressed immune system and venous stasis are more prone to cellulitis. In advanced complicated cases of cellulitis where septicemia has set in homeopathy holds a ray of hope in treatment according to well selected homeopathic medicines. Another marked feature where this homeopathic medicine Belladona can be used for cellulitis is dryness of skin with much heat. He is interested in trying homeopathy but we have yet to find a doctor that practices homeopathy near us with experience with his health issues. 6 hrs later had to go back to the hospital because the bruising was becoming red, inflamed and itchy with buring sensation. Homeopathic treatment for depression is great form of alternative medicine and natural therapy for depression . Homoeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara, leads the homeopathic medicines in treating depression. Since last two months she is suffering from chest pain and suffocation when ever she thinks of anything which hurts her even little. I always want to improve my financial condition by the hard work but till now I’m standing at the same place as I was before.
Further, I am a fastidious person and like to keep my things in order both at work and at home. Further, I am a fastidious person and like to keep my things in order both at work and at home. But there is no much improvement and i gained weight 20kgs extra because of allopathy medicine. I still feel depressed, I have no energy to exercise, I have no motivation, I stay home and watch tv all day, I can’t get up before noon, I fall asleep late at like 3am, I have a lump in my throat and have no drive or optimism. If the condition is not properly treated at this stage then it goes further deep into connective tissue and gain access to the lymph nodes. I would really appreciate any suggestions you can give me as my dad may be 82 years old but was quite active up to this.
Further after getting from night sleep there is no swelling and the same is after morning walk also. He has had to be readmitted to the hospitatl as an outpatient because his system has gone septic and offical diagnosis is cellulitis. For patients requiring Ignatia, the key indications are Persistent dull mood, inability to enjoy, tearful, non communicative and withdrawn.
Read this following feature on our website for detailed information on how to treat depression in teenagers with homeopathic medicines. Now they are doing very good in studies and have the career in painting, even my wife is not pleased as she does not feel happy because of future of life of my daughters. Then the infection spreads to blood leading to septicaemia or blood poisoning which is a very critical condition. And maybe something that will build his strength up again from stroke as he is lethargic and legs are just shuffling about instead of lifting his feet.
Does Homeopathic medicine cure my depression and insomnia without any side effects like weight gain. Is there anything that you would recommend to help raise my energy levels and feel less depressed and help me sleep better as well?
Because of weight gain i got other health problems like Hypo thyroid, daibetes and harmonal imbalance.
I have read the 6 different cause and remidies listed on this web sight and believe #5 Homeopathic medicine Pyrogenium for septicaemia in cellulitis: fits the decription best of what his symptoms are. Natrum Mur and Carcinocin are often employed to treat chronic and serious forms of depression. I went to the gulf on job and a psychiatrist advised me to keep away from this medicine and suggested me escitalopram cipralex 10 mg along with Seroquel 10 mg which again is causing excessive sleep, dullness, lack of sexual desire.
Is there any mor information you could give me so that I could forward it on to my friend and try to help him heal up?
She was staying at our native place in Allahabad and used to visit us occasionally or we used to go during holidays.
I feel that had she lived with us, I could have given more attention to her and tumour could have been detected earlier.

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