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I have a lot of earrings and wanted to have an easy way to store the ones I use the most so I can have quick access to them when I get ready in the morning. Step 1: Remove the glass and any metal clips from the frame and drill holes around the frame, evenly spaced out (I painted my frame with gold metallic paint before drilling).
Step 4: Fish the ball chain through the top corners of the plastic mesh canvas for hanging. I hung my earring organizer on the towel rod in my small bathroom and use hooks for my towels instead – works for me!

I entered your website as I was searching cartilage jewelry and I admit that I am hugely fortunate for doing so. So I came up with this idea for a really simple and inexpensive DIY earring organizer that can hang from a towel rod or rail. You can use this jewelry organizer with any towel rod, or towel rail and place it anywhere, like on a closet door, or a wall. The earrings measure 2" in diameter Coral and Coral Jewelry Turquoise and its use in Turquoise Jewelry Native American Turquoise Jewelry NewsWould you like to order this item?

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