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Silver Circle Hoop Earring Tops host ruffles of luminous white pearls and petite turquoise beads.
Follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and even more design inspiration! The piece of handmade jewelry ideas today is inspired by the famous chandelier earrings, except for the difference that but this pair is totally handmade and the finished items are really fantastic!
Take a new strand of brass wire and start to wrap from the location where you place the connected loops components.

When finished all works about the chandelier, the rest process is attach the earring hook by a jumpring.
Watch different gauges of wire incorporate in one item that really makes lots of fun and amusement.
Keep wrapping the chandelier, when the wire reached to the two positions, cross two end through the bead. However, for the handmade jewelry ideas, please do be careful as to your hands may be easily scratched by wire while working with them.

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