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These gorgeous hoops are large size sterling silver clip hoops with cubic zirconias pave` set both on the inside and outside of the hoop for extra special shine! Handcrafted in precious sterling silver these stunning inside-out micro pave cubic zirconia hoops were designed to stand out.
Black diamonds are set into Sterling Silver that is plated with black rhodium for a high glam look!
These beautiful earrings features over 500 Swarovski crystals pave` set into inside out hoop earrings of sterling silver. These highly polished 65mm hoop earrings feature diamond-cut detail work that adds a touch of brilliance to this sleek silhouette. These beautiful earrings are fashioned in sterling silver and are 2mm thick and 35mm in diameter. Get the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price with our exclusive 18kt yellow gold layered jewelry collection, Oro Bello. These stylish hoop earrings feature a unique twisted rope design that adds a modern touch of brilliance to this classic style. We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics.
This classy pair of refined 4 mm wide 14 karat yellow gold hoop earrings are sophisticated, charming and elegant, a must-have jewelry accessory. When you select two to four products we'll show you a side-by-side detailed comparison so you can choose the best piece of jewelry you're looking for.

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Stylish 10K yellow, white and rose gold provide exceptional glamour in these delightful hoop earrings.
This elegantly shaped pair of 14 karat yellow gold 2 mm thick hoop earrings is simple yet timeless. I've been looking for gold hoops for a while- but I'm never really happy with the sizes they come in. These hoops are so impressive, and they look really expensive, none of that cheap stuff you sometimes get when you're ordering jewelry online. Only recently I've found that non-gold jewelry, like costume jewelry with zinc and nickel have really been bothering my ears. These 30mm hoop earings feature diamond-cut detail work that adds dimension and shine to these sophisticated earrings. Get the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price with our exclusive 18kt gold layered jewelry collection, Oro Bello. Louis bought 5 pairs of these hoops to auction off to help raise money for the nearby children's ward. I love the sleek, lustrous look of the earrings and how the hoop shape beautifully frames my face.

Three flowers - one of rose gold and two of white gold - are displayed on a hoop of yellow gold. Constructed of 14K yellow gold and polished to a glowing shine, they’re the perfect accompaniment to any attire.
I ordered them off the site hoping and praying that they would be as gorgeous in real life as they are posted on the site, and they WERE!! I'm so happy I decided to get them, they're a great addition to my amazing jewelry collection. Anyways, I was looking for the ideal present for our upcoming anniversary when I found these hoop earrings on your site. This girl loves earrings- she wars them like crazy, but she hasn't had a pair of real gold earrings for ages. I was looking for a site that had jewelry that wouldn't burn a hole in my ears or pocket, and I found some beautiful products on Zoara that really fit my budget including these hoop earrings. And you can imagine how happy I was when they arrived and they were every bit as gorgeous as I had hoped they would be.

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