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She can hardly be described as self-conscious.But Rihanna came over all shy as she stepped out in New York on Wednesday night, wearing a ridiculously short pair of denim hotpants.
And despite its teenage leanings a backpack has become the bag of choice amongst the cool kids.
Rihanna, being the coolest of the cool girls has of course got involved with this trend and has got herself a very special backpack to prove it. She tweeted last December, 'he told me "you better not give it away"' of the necklace, and it seems that despite their split, the singer has held on tightly to the gift. Clearly regretting her outfit choice, the 25-year-old singer tugged at the shorts in an attempt to make them even a millimeter longer as she was photographed arriving back at her hotel.

Rihanna teamed her ensemble with a giant pair of silver hoop earrings - so large that they actually rested on her shoulders as she walked along.
The new autumn clothes hit the shops, the leaves start to fall and there's the joy that is getting a new pencil case and bag for school - or work - this applies to grown ups too.
Hers is from German leather goods company MCM and their collaboration with artists and graphic design duo Craig & Karl. Her new BFF Cara Delevingne has also got one of course - perhaps it's a necessary buy to be part of their gang. But as she hailed a taxi in Manhattan earlier in the day, Rihanna proudly sported the accessory - a gift from her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

For her outing earlier on Wednesday,A  the Barbadian singer displayed her slender legs in blue skinny jeans paired with a black T-shirt sporting a picture of a dog on the front.She added a boost of height to her already tall 5ft 8in frame with simple black heels. The Diamonds singer finished off her look with a white vest top, Nike trainers and a baseball cap bearing the slogan 'Teenage Fantasy'. Renowned for their vibrant designs, Craig Redman and Karl Maier work separately from London and New York and have translated their signature style onto bags, purses, key rings and document cases in this Eyes On The Horizon collection.

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