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We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. These exquisitely designed 14 karat two tone gold hoop earrings are a combination of sophistication and style. Love these hoops:) They're so amazing and the white gold and yellow gold really go well together:) It's perfection!! These stylish hoop earrings feature a unique twisted rope design that adds a modern touch of brilliance to this classic style.
These highly polished 65mm hoop earrings feature diamond-cut detail work that adds a touch of brilliance to this sleek silhouette. Get the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price with our exclusive 18kt yellow gold layered jewelry collection, Oro Bello.
These stunning 14 karat yellow gold hoop earrings are exquisitely designed to form a three dimensional sensation of sparkle, shine and brilliance that will simply light up your look. I've always thought hoop earrings are the most practical, but not necessarily the most beautiful type of earrings! I was looking for a pair I could wear daily, without catching the attention of everyone around me. You’ll receive lots of compliments when you wear these stylish and trendy, hand-crafted beaded teardrop hoop dangle earrings featuring White Czech glass rondelle beads surrounded by antique gold embellishments and suspended from hypoallergenic gold plated surgical steel ear wires. The photographs simply don’t do these exquisite White Czech glass and Gold artisan earrings justice.
This classy pair of refined 14 karat yellow gold hoop earrings is magnificently sophisticated, charming and elegant, making it an absolute must-have jewelry accessory. My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years now, and every month I buy her a small gift to celebrate our "monthiversary", so to speak.

I wanted to get myself some earrings that would go with anything so the first type of earrings I checked out were the hoops. I only received them yesterday, but I have a feeling they will serve me for a long time and will draw compliments from many people in my life. These small earrings shine from a mile away, and the packaging is just like receiving a gift. This pair of ultra-feminine earrings will be a welcomed addition to your jewelry collection or give as a gift to someone special.
This month was extra special as it marked precisely two years since we started dating, so I wanted to get her something a bit more serious this time. My husband bought them as an anniversary present and surprised me with them while we were on a romantic picnic. I knew she wanted a pair so I took the opportunity to surprise her and I am very happy I took the initiative. It's a great product: excellent price, excellent quality and above all – my daughter loved it, which for me is the ultimate test. They look amazing no matter what I wear, but I like to wear them best when I'm not wearing a necklace. We were just sitting there on the beach on our little blanket eating egg salad sandwiches (thus far, not very romantic) when he suddenly pulled out a beautifully wrapped jewelry box and handed it to me. I placed the order and I couldn't believe how high the quality was when the package arrived! I wasn't disappointed AT ALL by anything, on the contrary – I was even very much impressed by the whole handling.
Hoop earrings are very abundant and can be found in any store one can think of, but there's a big differences of quality out there and I think in this case I managed to obtain a fantastic item.

I'm not afraid to have them damaged, and whenever I want to clean them I just take a soft towel, and make them look perfectly new.
After several years of avoiding earring I decided to give it a try once again (a friend helped me picked this pair, as she has insights concerning earrings that don't promote allergy:)).
I was so touched and was completely blown away when I opened the box and saw the amazing earrings he had gotten me. She made sure that my card wasn't charged and then talked me through the whole paying process. I'm sure it will last long and not undergo strange transformations, like jewelry (of cheap quality) often do. What can I say, this pair is right on, I have been wearing it for over a week and I didn't experience any problems whatsoever so far. A few years ago even hypo allergic metals made my ears suffer and I'm really surprised this pair has no negative effects. They are now my favorite piece of jewelry, not just because of their sentimentality but also because they are quite simply amazing! I must recommend these earrings for everyone that has an allergy to metals and also to everyone who doesn't.

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