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Mentioned hoop earrings are really small & these earrings will always give a casual and simple look to a person. Its chummy style make it more exciting on heart shaped face with medium size silver colored design. Decorate your self with this flowery design of flexible style & crafted Sterling Silver, with polished finish and lovely, adorable fashion. Round shaped three rows circle hoop diamond earrings with 52 stones beautifully studded in 18k white gold to give a gorgeous and refined look.
These dumpy squared hoops are a elegant, polished sterling silver for coherent look, They are about half inch long and sized to hug the earlobe. Their modern geometric design is spectacular and modish, yet not overwhelming, making these earrings more versatile. Eye-catching and striking, statement jewelry is one of the stylish tricks to refresh your look. Bold, oversized, and haute couture earrings are perfect for women with long necks, making your body type look more proportioned. Chunky necklaces are a form of bold jewelry that frames the face and draws attention upward.
Long chains emphasize the length of your body, especially if you have a wider neck as it will give some proportions to your frame.
If you have broad shoulders and wide neck, you can get away with wearing multiple strands of necklaces on your street style. Unlike necklaces or earrings, people are more likely to ask to examine the bold jewelry that you wear on your hand or arm.

Wearing statement jewelry is one of the stylish ways to look fashion-forward on your style and make those heads turn. When wearing these bold accessories, you may stick to one statement piece at a time to avoid looking over-the-top.
Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for hoop or chandelier earrings with matching cuffs and bangles.
Women with larger bust must skip chunky necklaces that fall on their bust line as it may only look exaggerated on your body type.
If you’re intending to wear a long chain, choose a single chain that reaches down your torso or even your belly button.
Like Kristina Bazan, keep your strands on their respective layers to avoid looking cluttered and messy on your neckline.
However, if you’re wearing a printed dress, you may resort to colored bangles matching the shades of your prints to look coordinated and polished on your looks. Wearing several statement rings all at once, especially if you have long fingers and broad hands perfect.
Go for statement jewelry that you feel more comfortable wearing and flatter you best. Whether you’re a fan of bright, big, or visually striking pieces, keep on reading for our rules of wearing statement jewelry perfect for your street style.
Just remember that earrings draw attention to your face and your neckline, highlighting your neck. Instead, go for chunky necklaces that fall on your collarbones or just above the bust line.
But if you have a long neck and don’t wish to emphasize it, go for a choker style of chain necklaces.

Every woman can get overwhelmed if you have too much going on, so stick to a neutral color like gold, silver, or black that blends into the top that you’re wearing. For a playful vibe, choose bangles made of colorful hard plastic while metallic ones for a glamorous look. Like Kristina Bazan, stick to the one color of metal when wearing statement rings altogether to keep the harmony on your looks. If you feel uncomfortable with oversized drop or hoop earrings, you may opt for a pair of stud earrings instead to frame your face without focusing too much on your neck. If you wish to add more volume to your chest, you may opt for chunky necklaces with oversized pendants and fall on your bust line.
If you’re wearing a printed top, you may stick to gold chains in different length for a beautiful, rustic statement like Blair Eadie had.
On the other hand, layered pearl bracelets will add some classy feel to your style mking you look more sophisticated and elegant.
You can also choose something colorful and eye-catching, or keep it quiet with silver, gold, or bronze shade. The key is picking for chunky necklaces that lie flat against your body and stay relatively still as you move, rather than a moving piece of jewelry. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a gold chain necklace like Blair Eadie wore, feel free to go for printed tops like stripes, polka dots, floral, abstract and such.

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