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Jennifer, while she still had pierced ears after the 2006 Oscars, wearing a pair of smallish hoop earrings.
Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. A style essential, these large hoop earrings are crafted from 14k yellow gold tubing for a polished, lightweight look, finished with a latch back closure. We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics.

These perfectly lovely 14 karat yellow gold hinged hoop earrings create a beautiful silhouette against the ear. These highly polished 65mm hoop earrings feature diamond-cut detail work that adds a touch of brilliance to this sleek silhouette. These beautiful earrings are fashioned in sterling silver and are 2mm thick and 35mm in diameter.
Get the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price with our exclusive 18kt yellow gold layered jewelry collection, Oro Bello. These stylish hoop earrings feature a unique twisted rope design that adds a modern touch of brilliance to this classic style. Silver 3" hoops are encrusted with smokey quartz, garnet, pink jasper, and sterling silver and gold-filled beads.
Remarkably lightweight, these huge hoop earrings are sterling silver plated, with sterling silver earring components, making them suitable for sensitive ears.
These textured medium round hoops are made of sterling silver with a luscious overlay of 18k yellow gold. Please fill out the form below and your free ring sizer will be mailed to you within 4-7 days.

She does lots of curly hair reviews, although they're usually bundles and rarely wigs. These 30mm hoop earings feature diamond-cut detail work that adds dimension and shine to these sophisticated earrings.
Get the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price with our exclusive 18kt gold layered jewelry collection, Oro Bello.
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