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Sound levels are almost exclusively measured with units called Decibels, abbreviated as dB. Decibels are the measurement of the exact levels of sound pressure reaching your eardrums.
Once you start getting close to 100 dB or so a set of relatively cheap ear plugs starts looking like a sound investment (pun intended again).
120-130 dB – jackhammers and some other heavy construction tools, a loud car stereo, band practice. 60-70dB – most conversation, average street traffic, a TV set, dishwasher or vacuum cleaner. To help you minimize the risk of dangerous sound levels, HEAROS ear plugs have created several different ear plug styles and noise reduction ratings (up to NRR 33) to protect your hearing.

The entire range of effective human hearing occurs between one and two bels — so a smaller unit is required. Excessively loud volumes damage the cochlear hairs, especially if sustained for extended periods of time.
HEAROS offers earplugs for loud noises, loud snoring spouses, shooting (hunting, target practice), motorsports and traveling. The eardrum vibrates as pressure waves strike it, causing the hairs of the inner ear area called the cochlea, to vibrate as sound level increases.
It is a dimensionless unit, meaning that Decibels are not measured from some objective absolute zero value.
Sound levels can also vary due to factors like the acoustics of one’s surroundings and individual hearing loss.

You don’t have to be popping off shotgun rounds every week or working at the airport to do it, either. Also, HEAROS makes waterproof ear plugs to protect your ears from infections like swimmers ear.

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