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Provided your hands are similar in size, most brides choose to wear their engagement ring on the right hand ring finger temporarily. Similar to the best man carrying the wedding rings, you might entrust your engagement ring with your maid of honour. Another nice way to include a family member that may not have a job is to give them the task of looking after your engagement ring. If you are wearing some bridal jewellery, sometimes you might be able to clip your engagement ring into it. To find out more about engagement and wedding rings, contact Karl via the Xennox Diamond Website and Facebook Page. How could you say right hand when you were talking about left hand before that statement..?
If you've recently celebrated a special anniversary with the purchase of a new ring, you may find yourself wondering where to place the ring.
If your anniversary band is a right-hand ring or is more ornate than your wedding set, wear it on your right ring finger.
Because of their simple design, anniversary bands give you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to selecting a finger.
Are you comfortable wearing your anniversary band on the same hand or finger as your wedding set? If your new anniversary ring is a belated engagement ring, then you may want to wear it on your left ring finger. Ultimately the style of anniversary band you choose will depend on your personal preference, and the same is true for how you decide to wear your ring.

As is the custom in most western countries, the wedding band is the first ring on your wedding ring finger, followed by the engagement ring and then the eternity ring. Being such a special day filled with love and lifelong memories, it is certainly nice to have both rings on. If the bridesmaids’ dresses don’t have anywhere to discreetly carry the engagement ring, you might also consider giving it to the best man. It’s certainly a good idea to ask your jeweller for a jewellery pouch or something similar for the best man to carry the rings in safely, as ideally you want it to be less bulky than a ring box.
Consider asking your mother to hold on to your engagement ring during the ceremony. This is a lovely way of assigning the mother of the bride with a very important task on what is undoubtedly a very special day for her daughter.
Much like a charm bracelet, your engagement ring will adorn your bracelet until you need it. Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable and stress free on your wedding day, so we recommend you choose the option that works best for you. While there's no set rule about this type of jewelry, there are some guidelines that can help to clear things up. Whether you choose a three-stone design or another style, wearing your new ring on the other hand allows you to display the ring properly. Since there are no set rules when it comes to eternity bands or other anniversary rings, it's important you choose the finger you think looks best. If you're still asking yourself, "What finger do you wear an anniversary ring on?" simply try on a few rings. In light of this though, the last thing most brides want to be thinking of when they are exchanging their vows is taking off their engagement ring. In doing so, you won’t have to worry about your engagement ring as it is never too far away. Then, at an appropriate time, after you have exchanged your vows (usually just before signing the marriage certificate), add your engagement ring to your ring finger.

Another option might be a younger sister or a sister in law that may not have been heavily involved in the wedding prior. Just be sure to check that the bracelet is secure enough, as the last thing you want to be doing is searching down the isle for your engagement ring. If you wear your engagement set on your left ring finger, you may need to choose another location for your anniversary band. If you're right handed, be sure to choose an anniversary ring durable enough to stand up to the abuse most people inflict on right-hand jewelry.
However, the uncomplicated design also means you can wear an eternity band on your left middle finger or stacked with your engagement and wedding ring. It is a good idea to check how close your fingers are in size prior to the wedding day, as there is usually a half a size difference between your two hands.
That way you will be photo ready should your photographer choose to take a photo of your hands whilst you sign the marriage certificate. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are all quite durable stones and make excellent right-hand options. The last thing you want is to get the ring stuck on the wrong finger the morning of the wedding. If your wedding ring is simple, you may want to stack the rings together on your left ring finger. When stacking rings on the left ring finger, etiquette dictates the anniversary band goes first, the engagement ring second, and the wedding ring third.

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