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The typical symptoms of food poisoning are abdominal cramps, high fever, vomiting and headaches. Usually if the food poisoning is not very severe, the symptoms can be mild but when it is very harsh then the food has to be expelled out of the body one way or the other. This 28 year old Japanese woman suffered from alopecia areata for 5 years including a large, readily visible and embarrassing bald area over the occiput. The safety, low cost and virtual absence of adverse effects using Dr Wheatgrass products for healing, makes it ideal for use by everyone - health practitioners and general public alike.Dr Wheatgrass contains numerous important health-giving bio-actives.
Because it was a totally different idea to anything ever considered before for wheatgrass, he knew the wheatgrass immunity concept was not going to be an easy one to get across to prospective clients. Since 1995 I have successfully used a specially formulated Dr Wheatgrass extract for both topical and systemic use in numerous medical conditions in approximately 30,000 patients attending my clinic.
Numerous clinical observations such as rapid re-epithelialisation of wounds, burns and fracture healing suggest that Dr Wheatgrass probably works by activating growth factors.
There are a number of medical and surgical specialties, particularly plastic and general surgery, dermatology, orthopedics and burns units, where many patients could greatly benefit if Dr Wheatgrass was used as a healing agent.
Dr Wheatgrass has been used either internally or externally for centuries as a therapeutic substance and is known to have a powerful and positive effect on the immune system. Because Dr Wheatgrass has such a broad spectrum of activity, there is no individual who could not in some way benefit from the healing properties of Dr Wheatgrass. More information about the science and the therapeutic effects of Dr Wheatgrass can be found here. As you know, antioxidants are a much discussed topic and there is a formidable amount of information about them on the internet as a quick search on Google Scholar will quickly demonstrate.Basically, as oxygen is used up by the body’s normal metabolic processes, potentially damaging chemicals called ‘free radicals’ are produced.
Up to 250% higher in alcohol-extracted solutions compared with freshly juiced wheatgrass. Significantly lower in the wheatgrass tablet compared with both fresh juice and alcohol-extracted solutions. During the processing of my own Dr Wheatgrass extract, one of the steps involves alcohol extraction. Researchers have described many of the biologically active substances in Dr Wheatgrass, but have yet to ascertain the exact nature of the elusive 'Grass Juice Factor'.
Among other properties, the Factor has powerful growth and fertility effects in experimental animals.
Clinical and research evidence has shown this 'factor' to have, among other properties, a powerful effect on the regeneration of damaged skin and improvement in health in general.
These findings prompted him to attempt to formulate a possible physiological mechanism that might explain at least some of his observations. It eventually came to him that the most likely way in which wheatgrass worked was by facilitating the body's own natural ability to heal itself. Review of the medical research surrounding the cereal grasses revealed numerous references to the healing effects of chlorophyll, the much touted molecule that supposedly has an important role in physical healing.

Well, it appears the most likely explanation of the ability of Dr Wheatgrass to facilitate the healing process is due to the presence of Growth Factor Activators. Recently in Melbourne, at a prestigious research laboratory, DNA technology developed for the Human Genome Project was used to detect the presence of a specific biological activity of Dr.
The importance of this discovery is that it brings us closer to discovering exactly what the Grass Juice Factor is, and possibly, in the near future, exactly how it works. Through various scientific and clinical studies and my own modest contribution, we know of many healing properties of Dr Wheatgrass. All of the above effects have been observed and recorded by medical scientists and practitioners. This type of food may not smell bad or appear to be rotten however it is capable of causing food poisoning. Such people are taken into the emergency room and a tube is inserted through the rectum under local anesthesia and the food is flushed out. It usually takes 2 to 3 months for recovery if the Dr Wheatgrass is used on a daily basis and not intermittently as in this case. Extensive medical and scientific research since the 1930's shows that Dr Wheatgrass can facilitate and hasten the natural healing process. He also noted many of his patients gained considerably more energy and stamina after using wheatgrass, and felt generally much better in themselves after drinking a diluted form of the wheatgrass extract.
Reynolds (Dr Wheatgrass) went on to discover many other medical uses for the wheatgrass extract and conveyed many of his observations and discussed his ideas on how he thought wheatgrass achieves its success as a healing agent.
Chris (Dr Wheatgrass) to establish the Company in February, 2002 to research and develop health-related Dr Wheatgrass-based products. Even with a multi-million dollar advertising budget, (which he didn't have) it would still have been difficult. Dr Wheatgrass, in cream or liquid form, is a safe, general purpose active healing agent that can significantly facilitate the work of hands-on health professionals.
Unlike some immune stimulants such as echinacea which can sometimes have adverse effects and should not be taken over long periods, Dr Wheatgrass is very safe and can be taken indefinitely. Its use can also result in outstanding and sometimes quite phenomenal therapeutic outcomes. These conditions included tap water, tap water with nutrients, soil and tap water and soil with nutrients. From what I have observed in patient recovery clinically since 1995, I have no doubt Dr Wheatgrass has a very positive effect on the human body and on the skin. It is known to be present in all the cereal grasses and a number of other plants such as peas, cabbage, spinach and white clover.
In one case, pigs were fed cereal grass supplements for seven weeks and gained weight rapidly. Researchers had already described numerous biological actives in cereal grasses, but none of them seemed to explain the apparently enormously broad spectrum of conditions that improved using wheatgrass.

Having treated burns for some 25 years, he was left with no doubt that the natural healing process was being significantly enhanced by the wheatgrass, compared with previous clinical experience. They are also responsible for tissue repair and the production of blood elements by bone marrow and other blood producing cells. It may be possible to detect Growth Factor Activators (The Grass Juice Factor) which could readily explain the increased production of fetal hemoglobin in the research mentioned above. That's why you need to hold Dr Wheatgrass in whatever form in your mouth for a minute or two to obtain maximum benefit.
Any information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any illness. It can be treated only using antibiotics and unless the bacteria are killed, the infection cannot be controlled and the symptoms do not stop. The most common place these bacteria breed is in human feces and they can find their way into food items from here.
The simple fact that the skin products - a Dr Wheatgrass Cream and Dr Wheatgrass Spray - were having such dramatic effects in a large percentage of his clients (see testimonials) was sufficient to sell the Dr Wheatgrass products. All it needs is an open mind and a degree of imagination to discover how useful it can be for your patients. In turn, the free radicals attack other cells in the body, oxidizing them and causing damage. Weight gain stopped almost immediately the cereal grass was withdrawn and replaced with a mineralised milk diet only. Wheatgrass was also working for auto-immune conditions such as acne rosacea, psoriasis and in some cases multiple sclerosis. There are many types of growth factor in the body that are responsible for cell growth, recovery, repair and many other functions. This was a world first for a herbal substance and the result was outstanding, exceeding all expectations!
In any case of illness it is highly recommended to contact a qualified medical practitioner. That is why children should be taught to wash their hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom. After applying Dr Wheatgrass cream every second or third day, she regained complete hair re-growth within 4 months. Then, overnight, a new surface became visible over the open burn that appeared to seal it and isolate it from the surrounding germ-laden air. These and many other observations led him to believe wheatgrass was acting as an immunostimulant or immunomodulator.

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