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Treat the host:  Veterinarians can give you recommendations on the latest treatment methods. Professionals not only lightly mist flea activity areas with a labeled insecticide, but they also treat it with an insect growth regulator (IGR) material. If you are having problems with fleas or would like to prevent future issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
After your pet is treated for tapeworms, it is important to use good flea control so that your pet does not develop tapeworms again. It’s amazing how the mind will create an itchy sensation just from reading about fleas.
Insecticides are only effective on two out of the four stages (larvae and adult), which is why treating fleas with insecticide alone won’t provide adequate flea control.

This extremely low toxicity material will inhibit the natural maturation process of the flea, not allowing them to develop into the feeding adult.
In 10 minutes, you may have forgotten your psychosomatic itching, but if you have real fleas in your home, you’ll be itching for a long time until you do what is necessary to get rid of them. The female flea will lay approximately 40-50 eggs per day, and they quickly roll to the ground in areas where hosts sleeps or rests. It is also highly recommended to perform regular flea treatments on your pet with materials that will proactively control fleas, such as Frontline. This is why a professional flea treatment works so much better than the do-it-yourself remedies.
These eggs can hatch in as little as 2 days and the hatching larvae will transform into adult fleas within 2-3 weeks. Some homeowners even put a flea collar into the vacuum bag or canister, clean the area, and then sit the vacuum outside in the hot sun for a couple hours to kill off any fleas in the vacuum to prevent re-infestation.

Flea control treatments can be offered as a one-time treatment with a limited warranty or often come as one of the pests covered in a proactive quarterly pest control program to prevent fleas and other pests. Now there complete flea products available from Veterinarians that get rid of all the fleas. Unfortunately most times a homeowner tries to remedy a substantial flea problem in their home, it is only a temporary fix, and the problem gets worse later.

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