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You know how your stomach sometimes acts as if it has a full set of vocal cords of its own and starts making those weird noises that draw unwanted attention to yourself? As explained in the video, stomach growling is the not-so-sweet sound of air moving through the digestive tract. This air in the digestive tracts is pushed around and guided one way or another by special muscles that are designed to herd food.
When in the stomach or in the small intestine, the air trapped in the digestive tract makes noises similar to the ones produced when blowing air through a straw into a glass full of water or some other liquid. The reason hunger makes stomach growling worse is because, when we're desperate for something to eat, the muscles handling our digestive tract become hyperactive. It is widely believed and generally recommended for an individual to clock in an average of seven and a half to nine hours of sleep to assure full functionality during waking hours.
And while you may want to sleep for more hours, there are some cases when you might suffer from sleeplessness or even chronic insomnia.
At bedtime, it is best you dim the lights, get rid of unnecessary noises, and try to set a cooler room temperature, if possible. Huffington Post suggests that if you are having trouble sleeping, you should keep a pen and paper by your bedside for any spur of the moment thoughts that might crop up.

You can't hope to ever get rid of them once and for all, but maybe being familiar with their source will help you tolerate them better. This is why, contrary to what some might think, eating does not always help silence the guts.
This may vary from person to person but investing six hours below is the norm in this era and basically, that is the most worrisome.
The last part may pose a challenge when presented with a tropical summer but the former items will help to induce sleep.
It is therefore recommended that when going to bed, you should get into comfortable pajamas with equally comfortable blankets that are neither too thin nor too thick and comfortable pillows that will let you slip into a deep, undisturbed sleep. So if you want to fall asleep better, it is suggested that coffee and tea intake must be limited. We’re sure a lot of you crave it but you can’t have it as easily as you did when you were a child. It goes without saying that sleep deprivation is harmful to your health and to your professional and personal life. But this era defines life as wired (and weird, perhaps), shaped by the people whose attachment to gadgets are bordering on unwise and unhealthy (and at times even fatal).

If you share a room with someone who absolutely can’t sleep without the lights on, maybe a pair of eye masks will do the trick. You might not be an insomniac but you might having trouble sleeping if there is still something bothering you. A magazine that puts the spotlight not just on technology, gadgets, and cars, but also on sports, business, politics, and pop culture. Fiddling with the smartphone by bedtime will further fuel brain activity, which defeats the purpose of this list.
If you can afford it and have the space for it, a roomier mattress will also be more comfortable and give you freedom to move around.

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