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The experiments were performed in a straight circular tube with an internal diameter of 4 mm. The results show no significant differences in the mean volume flow rates (averaged during one cycle).
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The effectiveness of pulsed vs constant infusion of ovine(o) prolactin (PRL), given by different schedules, at restoring lactation in PRL-suppressed rats was compared, and the possibility that the liver participates in the restorative effects of the infused hormone was investigated.
Little information, however, is available about their accuracy in a time-dependent flow field. The fluid (saline) flow was fully developed, laminar and pulsatile with flow reversal occurring near the wall in certain phases of the cycle.
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Lactating dams were given subcutaneous injections of bromocriptine (BC) between days 7 and 12 postpartum to suppress endogenous PRL secretion. In miniaturised sensors especially the magnetic flux density cannot be made uniform, which may result in a non-ideal response to axisymmetric flows. Small but briefly significant differences were found in the instantaneous flow rates, the largest deviation (7·8%) being found at flow reversal.
Osmotic minipumps were used to infuse the oPRL into either the jugular vein or the hepatic portal vein.
The measured flow rate may therefore differ from the actual flow rate owing to the varying shape of the velocity profile.
Variation of the pulsation frequency (by a factor 10) or the mean flow rate (by a factor 4) has no significant effect on these differences. The latter route would expose the liver to higher concentrations of PRL than would intrajugular infusion.
The velocity profiles obtained were integrated to obtain the instantaneous flow rates and compared with those measured electromagnetically (Transflow 601).
Constant infusion of oPRL in different doses was, overall, more effective at restoring lactation (i.e. Intrahepatic infusion of oPRL was not more effective than intrajugular delivery regardless of the schedule of administration. These results indicate that pulse duration is a more important determinant of the effectiveness of the galactopoietic action of PRL in the lactating rat than is pulse frequency.
Are both the nocturnal and diurnal prolactin surges necessary to maintain pseudopregnancy in the rat?
The secretion of rat prolactin and its metabolic clearance rate after increasing intervals of nonsuckling.

Episodic prolactin and growth hormone secretion not related to the actual suckling activity in lactating rats. Insulin exerts metabolic and growth-promoting effects by a direct action on the liver in vivo: Clarification of the fuctional significance of the portal vascular link between the beta cells of the pancreatic islets and the liver. Evidence for a time delay between prolactin release and the resulting rise in milk secretion in the rat. Milk secretory response of the conscious lactating rat following intravenous injections of rat prolactin. Intravenous growth hormone: growth responses to patterned infusions in hypophysectomized rats. Pulsatile intravenous growth hormone (GH) infusion to hypophysectomized rats increases insulin-like growth factor I messenger ribonucleic acid in skeletal tissues more effectively than continuous GH infusion. Renaturalizing the sexually dimorphic profiles of circulating growth hormone in hypophysectomized rats.
Physiological evaluation of the role of the liver as a mediator of the growth-promoting action of somatotrophs. Prolactin directly stimulates the liver in vivo to secrete a factor (synlactin) which acts synergistically with the hormone.

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