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4th, wrap a large on top of the lollipop design making sure that the loop is over the middle and not closed.
Though these earrings are simple in design, their bright colors and well-shaped wires can make them fabulous either. The wire wrapped bird nest is cute, but I love the beautiful beads more, lol~ This necklace is warm, a mother and her children, reminds me of my family.

This entry was posted in Customers Beadwork Show and tagged wire accessories, wire jewelry, wire wrapped accessories, wire wrapped bracelet, wire wrapped earrings, wire wrapped jewlery, wire wrapped necklaces. And it’s not so difficult to make them, you can have a try even if you don’t know much about wire wrapping. We all know that wire wrapped jewelry can be very pretty, but it do require for wire wrapping skills to finish a masterpiece.

So, if you want to make a delicate wire accessory, arm yourself with excellent wire wrapping techniques first.

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