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Agree, earrings are the only decoration that can transform your face - add fresh and light notes to it, and make it more lively and bright.
This is the ultimate in romantic decor and would be wonderful on display in a wedding, which is where this idea comes from. Put a turn in your jewelry box with this bold long earrings faceted by a hoop and dangled rhinestone and chain fringes in a chandelier frame.Crafted in gold plated alloy,this Fringe Long Dangle Earrings will make any lady feel glamorous on her night out. Earrings should be the constant accessory of every woman, especially since today it is not necessarily to pierce ears to wear beautiful earrings.

If you’ve got a bunch of Grandma’s old doilies or lace tablecloths, why not put them on full display by using an embroidery hoop as a frame?
You can easily showcase your earrings by using an embroidery hoop and lace, and it will look just as much as a piece of decor as a functional way to contain your earrings. Simply wrap the yarn haphazardly and you can do as many as you like to create a feature wall in your home, or just fill in an empty space! In my free time you'll catch me cheering for the Dodgers, cooking, baking, reading, crafting and probably watching a little HGTV!

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