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Catch the ball, and carefully rotate ring until the gap is in the right position to pull away from your skin.
Scratches on the metal in your body jewelry can promote the spread of bacteria.Remove the ballPry open the ring by placing the end of the wrapped pliers in the center of the ring. Not only can you use it on just about any surface, but it’s also it’s dishwasher safe and machine washable. Be careful not to warp the shape of the ring.Rotate the ringRemove the earring by slowly and carefully rotating the ring until the gap in the ring is positioned to pull away from the skin.

Pair it with the new Handmade Charlotte Stencils (both available at Michaels), and you have yourself endless possibilities.If you want your studs to be more than one color, you’ll need to tape off your design.
The paint is so thick that there really isn’t a need for a second coat!Remove tape when wet then let dry before moving on to the next section of color. Once it's lubricated, firmly hold the front of the earring in place, and gently turn the clutch to loosen it. When finished, you’ll want to seal your paint (I just used Mod Podge) when completely dry.Apply a dap of E-6000 glue and place your earring back.

Let dry then fold over the sides of the stud inwards.While waiting for the earrings to dry, I decided to make a monogrammed gift box using the Handmade Charlotte stencils and left over Plaid paint.

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