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Listen up – we’ve got olive oil ear drops for gentle cleaning, so you can avoid chemicals and harmful prodding of that painful ear wax!
When there is a build-up of ear wax, you are more vulnerable to problems, such as discomfort, earache, itchiness, and tinnitus. Some people are prone to a build-up of ear wax and attempt to remove it with cotton buds (and sometimes hair grips – no, no, no!), but this can actually do more harm than good, by either pushing the ear wax further into the ear canal, or prodding the ear drum!

Very effective, I warm mine and have been pleasantly surprised that a small drop every other day has seemed to prevent the rebuild up of wax that has been the bane of my life. If excessive ear wax is left untreated you may even experience a temporary loss of hearing. This procedure is used to remove wax from the external auditory meatus, the passage from the outer ear to the eardrum.
A large proportion of us use cotton buds every day to give our lugs a good clean as part of our daily hygiene routine, however, this can be dangerous and affect hearing. Oleax’s organic olive oil ear drops gently rinse away excessive ear wax and can be used by the whole family pain free!

Oleax Olive Oil Ear Wax Softener is a safer and easier way to gently rinse away ear wax build-up that is 100% organic. To remove the wax a solution is introduced into the passage from the syringe to soften the wax.

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