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With the continuous rains, it was but natural for the mosquitoes to be just there, buzzing around! Whether it is a visit to a mall or just a walk around the park, these Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz  bands came as huge huge respite. Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz comes with an instruction manual, but what you need to do is wear it like wrist band or an ankle band. Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz are certified safe for use by the dermatologists for kids over 3 years.
Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz are medically coated with  Citronella oil & are 100% natural, Non Toxic and  chemical free. About Latest Posts Find me onPratibhaA work from home mom, a blogger, a social media enthusiast - that pretty much sums up what I do. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Better known for keeping a close watch on countries' nuclear activities, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has joined the fight against Aedes aegypti -- the notorious mosquito responsible for spreading dengue, chikungunya and now the Zika virus. The method has already proven successful in eradicating several pests, including the tsetse fly in Zanzibar and the fruit fly in most of northern Mexico.
The recent Zika outbreak in Latin America and the Caribbean is now spurring governments to find ways of containing the epidemic. The stench in the hot lab is overpowering, prompting several of the visiting journalists to cover their noses.
In a large foyer, several trays on a table contain either wriggling larvae or hard-shelled pupae -- "the stage when the mosquitoes get irradiated," Vreysen explains. There is a brief moment of panic when one manages to break free and circles wildly around the narrow space.

The escape is short-lived, however, as the lone daredevil meets a scientist's expertly-swung electric fly swatter.
In any case, a bite from a Zika-carrying mosquito would be primarily dangerous for pregnant women. While it causes only mild flu-like symptoms in most people, the virus is strongly suspected of sparking a recent surge in the number of children born with microcephaly -- abnormally small heads and brains -- to infected mothers. Right on cue, a lab assistant behind her starts to fill a sausage-shaped membrane with a thick, dark red liquid.
Countries may be itching to wipe out the bloodthirsty creatures, but several obstacles remain.
There's also the size issue: the ratio of lab-reared to wild mosquitoes needs to be at least 20 or even 10 to 1 for SIT make inroads into the host population. Last but not least, SIT entails building industrial-scale rearing facilities -- an expensive undertaking.
IAEA member states affected by Zika will discuss using SIT at a meeting in Brazil next week. And with two cranky boys complaining that they were locked at home wasn’t really helping stop the rains or the mosquitoes. Slap it on the wrist or the ankles or use two bands at the same time if the mosquitoes are too many to protect your little one as they indulge in outdoor activities.
Citronella oil in known to have aroma benefits which provides activating and warming qualities both physically and mentally. There are so many of them here," shrugs entomologist Rosemary Lees who works on the SIT team. While I do my best to keep the pests at bay by using EO’s in diffusers, dhoops and incense sticks at home, there is little that I can do when I have to go outside the house.

They currently have an offer of a free sipper with each band, so if you have a tot, make use of this offer. I have one hole pierced in the bands and I use one band per boy because the mosquitoes are lesser where I stay, but they are there! I was a bit apprehensive about the fragrance of the product, as soon as I opened the package, the fragrance was slightly strong, but it lessened when kept in the open for a while. Every band has a special compartment that stores Citronella oil, aroma of  which protects children when they are doing outdoor activates. When not rooting for the environment with my eco blog, I make magic with my social media skills!The boys, coffee, books, music and ME TIME are my modes of relaxation! SafetyKart is your one stop shop for all safety related products not just for kids, but for everyone and everything. As a precautionary measure I wash the hands of my kids before and after they have used this.
So take that precaution and use these mosquito bands that your kids will love to protect them against mosquito bites. These bands have been tested by a government certified  external laboratory bases which they are certified safe for use by children. Mosquito Banditz are available in various animal characters like Froggy( Frog), Batty( Bat), Spidey (Spider) & Lizzy (Lizard).

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