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Most problems with iPhone are fairly simple to explain and resolve, but a somewhat rare outlier is the case of the spontaneous continuously vibrating iPhone.
This is a really peculiar issue that does not happen often, but it’s annoying and puzzling enough when encountered that troubleshooting the endlessly buzzing iPhone issue is worth covering.
Before anything else, realize usually the only explicable cause of an iPhone starting to buzz and vibrate constantly out of the blue is usually if the device has gotten wet or made meaningful contact with liquid.
Of course, if your iPhone boots back up and starts vibrating immediately again, the device may have some deeper issue with harder, or in some very extremely situations it could even be damaged or defective, and in those situations contacting official Apple support channels or going into an Apple Store for help may be the only remedy. I had this happen with a relatives iPhone once, started buzzing constantly out of nowhere and wasn’t responsive to trying to turn it off or reboots. Removing the battery on the iPhone 4S and up requires heat, logic board removal, and prying but it can be done. Keep in mid on the iPhone 5S you have to disconnect the Touch ID ribbon cable before you can lift the display assembly 90 degrees. If the phone is 100% unresponsive to all means of input wait for the battery to die like was suggested above, but before you plug it into the computer you need to hold down the home button for 5 seconds and continue to hold down the button till iTunes recognizes you are in Recovery Mode. After my bf had this problem for weeks and was unable to even charge his phone (he tried many diff chargers) He discovered tons of lint inside the charge hole. Just happened to my 6 plus, fixed it by rebooting the phone, weird thing is the screen was still responsive and I was able to answer a call but no sound.
I held down the home and off button simultaneously as mentioned above for a really long time and it finally stopped and the phone turned on like normal. After an hour of playing around with it with the above suggestions, I set it down, held it motionless, and turned off the screen.
This happened to my iphone 6s i have no idea how long it had been vibrating for, and it would not turn on at all.

This just happened to me and I hold the power button as well as the home button… and it turned on by itself again. My phone would not stop vibrating so I tried the rebooting tenique and in 5 seconds my phone was back on and not vibrating.
Mine was a simple fix, I cleaned the contacts on the charging cable, plugged into the phone and the vibrating stopped. If that’s the case, you need to immediately initiate procedures to save the iPhone from liquid contact, which basically means turning it off and letting it completely dry out.
However, there are situations where the iPhone is so locked up doing who knows what that even force reboot attempts are ignored and thus option two of letting the battery drain out is the only choice. With the exception of the water situation, you’ll almost certainly never have an answer, and it typically only happens once and never happens to the device again. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Apple thankfully fixed this annoyance on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus relocating the Touch ID ribbon cable to the top part of the logic board with the rest of the connections.
This is only applicable to those that can’t just hard reboot or run down the battery of said device, and this only works if the battery has been run down 100% or disconnect (for the fast version).
So i just held the power button and the home button till i saw the apple logo and it turned back on.
I think it started to when I dropped my phone and I didn’t want to tell my parents I dropped my phone.
There is one exception to the water situation; if the iPhone vibrates constantly while charging only.
With the latter situation, be sure the iPhone is completely drained of battery, meaning it has stopped vibrating entirely and that the screen doesn’t even show the low battery indicator.

It also seems to happen more often on older iPhone models than new iPhones, which could entirely just be a coincidence. Took it to a phone repairer in the local market who declared the battery to be the fault and replaced it for ?15. Otherwise you can let the battery run out and it will turn itself off, then charge it again. This is usually indicative of a USB cable or charger cable being damaged or defective, and simply disconnecting it from that charger and using a new or different charger should resolve it. Then just plug it into a charger as usual and let the iPhone recharge, it should turn itself back on and work as normal. It’s been fine since although I suspect disconnecting then reconnecting the battery would have been sufficient. This is what I used to fix an iPhone 6 Plus that was run over by a car, bent, and vibrating no matter what I did. Richardson told reporters at the Pentagon."I don't think the Russians are trying to provoke an incident. You can turn them completely off, or just tweak them to your own preference.I did that very thing, so I no longer get a buzz or a banner when a message comes in over Facebook Messenger. If it won’t turn on after you know it has recharged, you can try another force reboot otherwise you may need to contact official Apple support.

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