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Ear Wax RemovalEar wax secretion:Did you know, the movement of your jaw pushes ear wax to the opening of the ear. Ear Wax RemovalHow often should one use a ear bud to clean ear wax?This is one question that everyone wants answered.
Ear Wax RemovalTreatment for ear wax:In case of hard and dry extensive wax, the softening of wax can be achieved by repeated instillation of wax softening ear drops into the outer ear for 3-4 days and then cleaning by suction.
Syringing with sterile water at body temperature: Usually removes wax but should not be done forcefully and with great pressure as it can damage the ear drum and ear canal. Abrol explains this waxy substance, “It is produced in the outer cartilaginous part of the ear canal by the secretions of cerminous glands and is usually soft and brownish in colour.

Abrol states that, “Normally, the wax is expelled from the ear canal in flakes, scales or small balls which is aided by the movements of the lower jaw, located in the front of the ear canal.
Abrol, Consultant ENT Specialist at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, New Delhi tells us everything that we should know about ear wax.
To this are added secretions of Hilo sebaceous glands and desgumented cells of the skin of the outer ear canal which makes it hard and dark chocolate coloured.”You may have noticed that the wax appears in different consistency, the ENT Specialist elaborates on this, “The consistency of wax is determined by the proportions of this mixture.
The symptoms are sudden and severe when a plug of wax is pushed in by buds, which are thick and hard, as the ear get infected against the tympanic membrane.ALSO READ: Can Music Boost Your Workout Performance? Removal with of wax with forceps, hooks and probes: They may be helpful in the removal of large masses as one piece, as broken bits can cause injuries to the skin of the outer ear canal.

One must be cautious when the patient is on blood thinners as it can cause bleeding while cleaning.3.

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