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Many do it yourself car washes have the high pressure sprayer wand (or you may own a pressure washer), which can be used to back-flush the nozzle of your washer fluid system.
Spray with high pressure using the rinse setting (non-soapy), about .5 to 1 inch from the washer fluid nozzle for a few minutes.
Mine just stopped working out of the blue a few weeks ago, so I should make sure that I at least have enough windshield wiper fluid.
Ideally, temporarily disconnect the tubing from the engine compartment side, usually they are plastic tubes you can pull from their connector with bare hands. Since I don't have a compressor to clean the hoses, I might have to take my car in for some attention.

The cause can be various, started from scum of soap, hair, or metal things which fell off into the shower.
Otherwise the fix may be temporary, as the debris is still in the system and may or may not work its way back to the nozzle. Just keep in mind that when you hold the sprayer an inch away from the nozzle that you should be ready to quickly adjust your grip and stance to avoid getting wet from splash back.
Keep reading for details.You will need to first get the drain plug removed to check it out. The type of the shower will define the way of how to remove it, read the manual which comes with the shower package.

By doing this shall make your shower work properly again.If the second step did not make the shower work back properly, then you will need to do another way.
To check it, use metal wire, and get it inside the pipe and if there is something which block the shower, you will know it. After you are sure where the thing is, get it flushed using hard pressure of water.This time I am sure that your shower has been back to its normal condition.

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