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I don’t know whether this caricature will be familiar to those in the US, but in the UK the deck shoe is synonymous with a certain floppy-haired, rugby-playing, scruffy bloke of wealth. As I have little knowledge of how exactly the term ‘preppy’ is used in the US, I shy away from saying that this character is necessarily that. This man has no interest in clothes, and this turns me off the idea of a scuffed, maltreated deck shoe. Driving shoes have thicker stitching, but they can work well as house shoes, as casual shoes – to pop down the road in.
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I’ve seen them around and think they’d be a nice compromise between scruffy converse and brogues when wearing jeans or casual trousers.

He certainly wears Ralph Lauren (polo shirt with collar turned up) but there is nothing forward-looking about the style – it is lazy and, essentially, a mimic of everything he sees his peers wearing (as well as his Dad). The thickness of the rubber sole, the inelegance of its waist and – especially – that thick stitching around the toe. And they work best sockless, with summer trousers, as many men in Italy are apt to wear them.
But if you want something between Converse and a brogue I would recommend either a smooth slip-on of this type or a driving shoe – Tod’s does some lovely ones in bright colours for summer.
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It looks as though someone has wrapped two pieces of leather around your foot and then roughly cobbled them together (no pun intended).

But the slip-on I favour is smoother – the Harrow shoe pictured is obviously a well-made shoe. And given the weather in Hong Kong you will probably have far more opportunities for wearing them like this than I do.

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