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The Howard Leight Quiet ear plugs are reusable, foam, earplugs that do not require rolling prior to insertion. Description  As the global leader in earplugs, Howard Leight leads the industry by offering the most innovative choices for in-ear hearing protection. Howard Leight AirSoft Corded Ear Plugs are reusable and can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

Insert using the built-in flexible stem and reduce the risk of infection in unclean environments. The complete range of disposable, reusable, detectable and banded earplugs include options for material type, shape, size and SNR rating provide a unique Comfort Profile for every user, in every environment. The patented design features a built-in miniature membrane that allows enhanced communication. I use them for noisy tools (chainsaw, mowers, blowers, gas powered trimmers etc) and also at the shooting range.

MultiMax offers a comfortable fit with its self-adjusting foam and smooth, soil-resistant skin.

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