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We offer 1000s of fun, creative worksheets to help children attain their targets and build their confidence in all areas of the syllabus. Primary Leap was founded in 2008 and is run by a small team of highly qualified teachers and online professionals. Rosa Parks showed us all that one little person can make a whole bunch of noise without so much as a whisper. Richard Pryor Quote“Rosa Parks showed us all that one little person can make a whole bunch of noise without so much as a whisper. In September of 2006 I was doing volunteer work at a local prison and went in for a chest x-ray since I test positive to the TB skin test. We aim to provide teachers and parents with a wide variety of subjects and topics that make learning fun for kids. Gain access to our interactive section which in the coming months will be the relaunch of Math Mania & Spellathon. Pryor was known for uncompromising examinations of racism and topical contemporary issues, which employed colorful vulgarities, and profanity, as well as racial epithets. Two weeks later, the night I was being elected Area Chair for that non-profit group, I received the call from my doctor.
Now although this relates to my diagnosis I saw so many people posting things on blogs that said their Doctors told them they had nothing to worry about I feel a need to influence. I was having lower back pain and went to a facility were the removed fluid around my disk in Feb.
After you read my story please remember to ask your Doctor to go the extra mile if you are at risk or just want to know.
The day after my procedure I developed pain in my left lung that went around to my chest. I thanked my doctor for the information, but shared with him that I was in the middle of an important business meeting and I would have to call him back in the morning for more information. My father died first and he was a non-smoker, and my mother 5 years later and she was a 55-60 year smoker. I was 17 and had been an athlete at school but had started to lose weight and just become lethargic. I have smoked and quit many times throughout my lifetime but I was not a heavy smoker and haven’t in years.
Maybe Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy can look to East Lansing and borrow Dantonio’s “Reach Higher” mantra and apply it to his team. I was referred to a pulmonologist immediatedly in a town about 40 miles from home where a great Cancer Center is also located. I was finally told that I had pneumonia and that they saw something in my left lung when they had done a chest x-ray. I was concerned, but even back then knew I would be in charge and I would not let the fear of cancer control my life.
In July 2006 I went to the Doctor because my Primary Physician thought I might have a hernia but wasn’t sure so she ordered a CT of my abdomen. I had the CT done and went back to see my Doctor and she said I did not have a hernia but that I needed to see a Thoracic Doctor because the CT picked up some spots in both my lungs. My pulmonologist assured me that what they saw on my Ct scan was an infection left over from my pneumonia.
I'm just not sure that me writing my story truthfully would be of help despite me being 28 years clear of LC. That’s where reaching higher comes into play.The Pistons making the playoffs should be the standard for success this season. The results of the PET scan showed the spot on my left lung was warm, but there was a hot spot on my right lung. This was the guy who, 8 days later, was removing a big tumour and the top lobe of my left lung. He recommended that I take a stronger antibiotic and see him in another few weeks for a follow up.
It was decided I should have a bronchoscope to biopsy the spot which looked like lymph node involvement.
After a general phsical and looking over my labs and ct scan results that had been done at home a pulmonary function test was done then a bronchoscopy was scheduled. Results of all biopsies done during that came back benign, however, he was unable to get to the actual 2 cm.
Well, there was motorbike racing on the TV so I’d persuaded the nurses to stick me in a chair in the TV room along with my drip and 2 drains. The Cleveland Cavaliers remain the class of the conference and with guard Kyrie Irving finally returning from off season knee surgery, the gap between Cleveland and the rest of the teams should only grow. Now keep in mind I had 3 different Doctors during this period and they were all concurring with each other. Now go ahead and tell me who will fill out the remaining seven.Entering play on Monday night, the Pistons are 8th in the standings. So in a nut shell for almost 5 years it sat dormant then since my last CT 3months prior it grew wild. The Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks are bunched in at the 9-10-11 positions in the standings and only two games separate 11 from 8.
I had no other real symptoms and like I said the weight loss came quickly  after the CT scan in May.
Basically, the Knicks are a hot streak away from being the second seed in the Eastern Conference and they currently sit in the NBA draft lottery. Again I told him no trying, you have to do this and I asked if he believed in God and he told me God would be there with us both so I knew he had some help! How’s that for parity?With all these teams and all these near-.500 records - what sets the Pistons apart from anyone else? This is were I found out that I had stage lllB lung cancer and that I was unable to have surgery to remove the cancer.Soon I had a team of doctor's to help me fight my lung cancer.
When I went into surgery my Doctor had done some great math on his white board in his office about my survival rate. Any blogger in any one of these NBA cities could sit here and write the same thing about their home team and their chances for competing against a non-Cleveland team in the postseason.First of all, the Pistons have distinguished themselves quite nicely against the East. He saw a spot he didn't like the looks of on my upper middle lobe which is why he removed it also.

In 1998 I reversed a diagnosis of Dilated Cardiomyopathy with diet, exercise and supplements.
He said this is stage 1A and after I remove this I feel certain you will go home cancer free.
Pathology came back stage 1 non small cell in the 2.5 cm mass in upper lobe and benign just scar tissue from a previous pneumonia on mid lobe and all lymphs clean. I felt if I could beat that, I could beat cancer, or at least give it a good run for its money. At the time it was a huge centre for cancer research and my reason for being accepted was that my cancer was a bit strange and took a while to properly diagnose. The surgery ended up taking a lot longer than expected because of some scaring that made the lung harder to remove. They suffered two gut-punch losses - one to Memphis on a Matt Barnes halfcourt shot and one to the Clippers when Van Gundy admittedly made a bad tactical decision in the final moments of regulation. However I left the hospital a week later with a positive prognosis and a lot of pain, those rib-splitters are no joke.
I won't say it's a breeze cause it isn't, however, if I had it to do all over I would still do the same thing. I rarely went completely to plan with any treatments and the toll on my family and friends must have been awful. I was home a week when my Surgeons Nurse called me and asked me if I could come see him today. Being very lucky that it was found so early and removed surgically no chemo or radiation was needed. I was constantly in and out of hospital during this time and barely had time to look around or think about anything. I was very friendly with her and asked her what was up and she was very tight lipped and just said come on in the Doctor wants to talk to you. There have also been some head-scratching losses to the Los Angeles Lakers and Charlotte Hornets.
I made it in record time and my Surgeon sat me down and said Mary I’m sorry and I just burst into tears because I knew I was in for a fight. But for the most part, this has been a competitive team most nights, one that reflects the head coach.The thing is, I think the Pistons can play even better than they have so far. My lung pathology had come back with two separate types of lung cancer and all the removed lymph nodes were also positive. Reggie Jackson has been terrific in the point guard role since he came to Detroit and will clearly keep that role when Jennings returns.But don’t forget how well Jennings was playing a year ago when he went down.
The Pistons were on fire after cutting Josh Smith, and Jennings was playing as well as anyone. Very hard to swallow food or liquids.I was given medication for my nausea and a liquid medication to numb my throat when I needed to eat. Whether he starts or comes of the bench (the more likely option), he’ll be an asset to the team. For some people it might be strange that I have spent a good amount of money getting these notes. Then they realized I had a nodule in my adrenal gland and by the time I got to the Oncologist to start Chemo I was stage 4. The fact that Jackson and Andre Drummond went to watch him play in Grand Rapids on Saturday night only fuels the belief that Jennings’ return will do nothing to alter the chemistry of this team.Kentavious Caldwell-Pope can clearly play better after battling a shooting slump for much of the first two months. I am feeling rather well today as I have for some time because I am not having Chemo or Radiation at the moment. If one has an off night, the other can easily pick up the slack.The Pistons have been relatively injury-free through the start of the year and will undoubtedly face some adversity as the NBA dog days arrive in February and March. I am blessed because I have a 15 year old that makes me want to live more than any other thing in the world.
I have the world’s greatest best friend who is there for me at the drop of a dime and two loving sisters that stay on top of taking care of me. I have other family and friends that help and keep me upbeat and remind me why I want to fight every day.
And there is enough parity in the East that the Pistons have as good a chance as any team not named the Cavaliers to make a little bit of a run. The real reason I wanted to write this is that I have read a few things on line, mostly at the beginning of my diagnosis and they trouble me deeply. There’s nothing wrong with reaching higher.Download our new Pistons Xtra app on iTunes or Android!
The A4 notes I got from them is over an inch thick and is nowhere near all the records they have.
That is probably why as I was finally finishing my Bachelor’s degree last year I wrote an argumentative essay on Cancer funding and the lack of equality in it, my Professor thought it was so good she asked me if she could use it as an example for others. The reason I placed quotations around nodules in this paper is because far too many people are being lead to believe that nodules in the lungs are nothing to worry about. I am sure that may be true in some cases but don’t take that as an all-inclusive answer from your Doctor. It is a conscious sedation procedure that although not fun is not any worse than a root canal. Their main concern was the tumor blocking my bronchial tube and the threat of the lung collapsing if the tumor shut off the airway.
I can reach top of my head, use it for chores that do not require lifting or reaching with that hand, but can't reach my back and scratch those annoying itches on that right side with it as my arm won't go behind my back.
Lung Cancer is such a MAJOR killer because it is so often diagnosed to late because there are few symptoms. I was very fortunate that my friend Dawn from my bicycle spin class at 24 Hour Fitness was a scan technician and assisted on the CT guided needle biopsy. Of course every day I see new procedures coming out for earlier detection but I know this is readily available now for those of you that may be wondering and from what I have read there are tons of people with these lung nodules. She was a great comfort during the procedure and she held my hand while they guided the needle through my back and towards the lung. I have been told I could live 6 months or twenty years depending on if my other nodules start to grow but I am opting for twenty plus.
YES I had cancer, it was found early and by accident in a routine CT Scan without contrast dye, it was surgically removed, I went home 4 days after surgery as they couldn't keep me in bed!

Most chemotherapy at that time would severely ruin my sperm count and it might be permanent. I asked the nurse while he was hooking up my IV for the needle biopsy if that was for the morphine, he laughed and said you won’t be getting any morphine, they want you alert. This meant a few visits to St Marys Hospital ( just up the road from Christies ) where I did what I needed to do. I never lost my faith thru all of this and I maintained my positive attitude thru out it all.
I was alert and felt everything including when he nicked the bone with the needle and I just about jumped off the table. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by an unbelievable support group these past two years.
Then there were people who have been people who have been touch with someone who had lung cancer. I refuse to take the ignorant stigma that people throw out there about smoking and deserving lung cancer.
With all the checks and treatments my family really didn’t need any more trouble from me. I know that it can always come back but I pray every day that this beast never invades me again! But mostly I pray for the cure so that no one would ever have to hear those words YOU HAVE CANCER !!! It was confirmed as Hodgkin’s Disease ( again ) and just added to the amount and type of treatment I had . The ward had a nice day room with a snooker table and was comfy enough but very dull for an 18 year old. Once again Monday to Friday but these were targeted as high as my cheeks covering both sides of my neck. During both courses I did feel quite sick a lot of the time and it took a few months to die away.
The higher course of radiation had been up to my cheeks and I was told that this would weaken my tooth enamel. The flesh in my mouth is still very sensitive and anything more than mild spice has me in a lot of pain. I have a lot of great friends and family and they were very instrumental in keeping me positive.
I continued to hike and ride all through my treatments and I feel this was important to keeping my spirit up. Modern technology will mean less very invasive surgery but a lung being removed still removes a lung. My friends Tim and Steve and my girlfriend Shelly and I would ride with other members of our biking group after work in the local mountains.
We would have a picnic table at the top and we would stop for a quick break before heading to the lake. This has both helped with the effectiveness of the drugs and reduced the dreadful side effects. The Christie Hospital where I was a patient was more of a laboratory than a hospital in the 1980s. I have found over the past two years  that cancer is a subject some people just are not comfortable talking about. What would you do, if you had unlimited resources, etc to remove this stigma and make LC a more “acceptable” cancer?
I take one day at a time and enjoy it to the fullest as none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. I find myself talking with newly diagnosed cancer patients and have found the lung cancer community an extension to my immediate family!! My treatment was completed the end of May 2010 and I was able to start rebuilding my strength.
I was pretty weak after almost a year of radiation and chemotherapy, but was excited about the break from IV Chemotherapy. People need to feel that they are talking to people who REALLY understand and people who can EMPATHISE .I cannot stress how good it feels to be truly understood. We would spin two nights a week, ride two nights a week in Annadel State park and hike or ride on the weekends. As I got stronger I was able to take less and less breaks until I was able to ride the entire loop without a break. June 23, 2011 has been two years since I was diagnosed with lung cancer and I am still stable.
There were the many days off work they had to take for my appointments as an outpatient too. I always get a bit nervous before my scan because I know everything can change with a blink of the eye. I have been using the time since I finished IV chemotherapy to build back my strength so I am ready if I have to start IV chemotherapy again.
I had not been in a relationship in the last two years and had figured after being diagnosed with cancer that no one would want to take on that type of heart ache dating someone that was terminally ill, but Shelly was different.
I explained to Shelly when we started dating that with Stage 4 Lung Cancer I couldn’t promise her anything long term, but I could guarantee her some fun and exciting adventures while I was still healthy. Better still is that I can maybe help people by letting them know that over 3 decades ago CANCER PATIENTS SURVIVED ! I had been there in 2006 and never thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to return and ride after chemotherapy and a diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer. As I am writing this I am planning a trip over the fourth of July to my friend Tim’s property in Laytonville. He has 500 acres of land and that is our get-a-way if we have no other plans on the weekend. I have been blessed with great friends and family and feel that has allowed me to keep a positive attitude through this cancer journey.

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