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The hardest part for an independent artist is to compete with the sound quality of bigger labels with bigger budgets. Some engineers disagree, but we think it’s EXTREMELY important to check your mix against existing releases. Ruby now faces a gruelling two-year course of treatment, including chemotherapy and possible surgeryMrs Young and husband Rob, who run their own refrigeration business in Rainham, Kent, first spotted signs of the disease when Ruby, lost her appetite and began losing weight. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If putting together a piece of music can be relatively simple, getting that music to sound as good and credible as any other release out there is not so easy. Start by listening to tracks of artists that you like, and that are in the same genre as your track.
A song that sounds weak in the low end will have a real tough time competing against professionally mixed and mastered songs. Saturation is a great technique to improve the character, penetration, and assertiveness of a recording. Deconstruct their arrangement, deconstruct their mixes and start practicing their techniques on your music.

There’s no silver bullet for it, but there are techniques and methods used by expert sound engineers to get mixes to sound professional.
Unless you are working with very special or experimental music, the rule of thumb is: leave the bottom end (100Hz and below) clear for the kick and bass to move freely.
Put all your passion and all your patience into understanding the work of great music producers who have come before you and your mixes will start sounding better before you even know it. For example, if the keyboards occupy an important space down in the low-mids then you might want to have the guitars push more towards the high-mids.
We personally like to use tubes and tape for saturation: the Fat Bustard, the Vulture Super 15, and the Studer A80. Rock music might have quieter vocals than Pop, Hip Hop might have a louder Kick Drum than in Jazz. Tweak them, EQ them (we often like to darken them, so that they son’t interfere with the rest too much), filter them, chorus them, widen them, in other words make them YOURS. But also most DAW will come with their native saturation plugins and you can get a lot out of them without having to spend a fortune. Sometimes it’s a good idea to remove elements that are just creating confusion, and favour more interesting elements instead.

By wisely adding extra harmonics to your recording you will be able to obtain more punch and more character. But remember, understanding what goes on below 80Hz without a good set of speakers and an acoustically treated room can be quite tricky: the low end can go down to 40Hz, and sometimes lower! It usually starts in the child's abdomen and can then spread to other areas such as the bone, liver and bone marrow.A The cancer affects about 100 children in the UK each year.
Make a conscious decision about what should be at the forefront of the mix and what should stay in the back. Break the rules if you want, but first analyse the work of the artist who have done it before you, and who have done it well. You can find more information about mixing the low end in our post on How can I make my mixes louder?.
We couldn't believe this was happening to our little Ruby.'A She added: 'When they first told me all I thought was is she going to die?

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