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Every once in awhile a video comes across my desk that just hits all the right notes for me. Since some people don't know how to edit YouTube videos and the time of all Stoolies is extremely valuable, fast forward to about the 1:00 mark. Has there ever been a bigger sudden change of momentum in the history of youtube then with this video? Use the falling shapes to create full rings of blocks and achieve the highest score you can! The signals start ringing a bell and flash red lights when a train is coming to alert cars and people to stop and wait for the train pass. However, some cars will stop on the tracks and sometimes a car will still be on the tracks when the signals turn on and a train will have to wait for the car to get off. A video that isn't punch you in the face hilarious, but the more you watch it the funnier it gets. But it's clear from watching this that the president of UFC is the perfect man for the job. I mean when it started I would have bet my ass this was going to be all about some ridiculously hot cheerleader sticking her tits and ass in my face.

I remember the last Time you and Weezy pulled this on me, I sat up so hard, I wore you like a hat forlike three days..
You want to see hot chicks come to our cover model of the Year party at Liquor Store at 9pm. Officials at Cleveland Elementary School notified authorities about the possible drug use last week. I'm still not sure what's got his panties in a bunch, but apparently some writer named Loretta Hunt wrote something White didn't like so rather than issue some mamby pamby press release or send her an email, White unloads on her with a crazy, rambling, obscenity-filled pointless rant. And then boom the camera pans to arguably the creepiest motherfucker on the planet doing the Stanky Leg. Nothing brings me greater happiness than the Celtics beating the piss out of a team in the first half so I can go to bed early. The reason I know this is because I played for the Worcester Tornadoes last summer and seen it attempted serveral times. On Wednesday, state police charged 33-year-old James Tyson and 34-year-old Christina Miczek of Bernhards Bay with endangering the welfare of a child.
Memo to Roger Goodell and Bud Selig: THIS is how you run a professional sports organization. But, this one was pretty fun- Ray Allen was bombing clutch threes like he was the computer in NBA Jam. He would've just let the ball hit her then fielded the carom off her squash if she looked like America Ferrera. It's just tough to take somebody seriously when they are doing back-flips on their head as they try to argue.

The Bobcats could have had a three point lead with two seconds left with Gerald Wallace flying through the air doing a hundred flips, prepared to boom shakalaka, and Ray Allen would have somehow shoved him midair, picked up the loose ball, and bombed it in from his own baseline. The challenger takes the person, puts him on the ground, then takes a towel places it over his eyes.
And as the guy who sent us this video points out the best part is the announcers laissez faire reaction to when the coach goes down..
Troopers also charged a 15-year-old who made a smoking device for the boys.What am I missing here?
An opposing player is just standing there and Mikki comes sprinting in, grabs the guy's tits and grinds on him. The other interesting little nugget from this game is that the Celtics are now in second place in the East. That's great, because the Pistons are in seventh place and Iverson is hinting that he wants to retire. It's hard enough to raise kids without having to hover over them every minute making sure they don't get into your stash.

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