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If you corral a score or more of young men into forced close proximity for any length of time, their irrepressible energy will express itself as either fractious behavior or horseplay.
Also, the period of the early 1970s will be remembered as the time of counter-culture and widespread drug use.
In autumn 1972, the admin unit called Team 1 was created from the 530 Administration Company of the 3rd Armored Division, stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. As a quick aside to this story, let me mention that yours truly was responsible for enabling many of these same enlisted personnel to live off-post in apartments and get paid for it.
While poring through my set of Army Regulations, I happened to run across a housing reg that established the minimum allowable square footage for permanent enlisted billeting. From our earlier residence at Drake Kaserne in Frankfurt, we both remembered this young major who was friendly to the grunts. When we got back to Kirsch Goens, we showed 1LT McLinn the authorization orders and he had to let us move out. We quickly punched two small holes in the bottom of each can with a pocket knife awl (so thata€™s what that tool is for!). Within fifteen minutes of the heist, we were lowering the converted six-pack back down to its perch. Then the five-pack disappeared not too long later as some passerby in the dark thought they had found a prize. One day in the office there was a big meeting of Divisional Top Brass in a room across the hallway from our office. Sp4 Dave Ramsey was walking down the hall and noticed that there was one of those fold-over locking hasps on the aforementioned door. Realizing that inserting the dinner fork through the lock ring would only invite some passerby to pull it back out again (this was, after all, the Army), he did what any admin troop would do: he made a sign. But it is still funny to imagine the look on that officera€™s face after he climbed out the window and walked back around to unlock the door.
Summer arrived in 1973, and with it came warm weather, and the need to clean up the office building. One day during that same summer while I was at the PX, I happened to notice a pack of party balloons.
The remaining party balloons stayed unused in a drawer until the move to Giessen the following year. One summer night two camouflaged figures crept out into the dark carrying a large heavy box between them. The next day a certain admin group was performing soccer practice on this same soccer field when they found out the hard way that it had been mined. It just so happened that the same mena€™s room where the water balloon event occurred had extraordinary resonance.
One day in the summer of 1973, I was washing up in the mena€™s room when I saw Wallace arrive in his blue VW hatchback.
I waited a reasonable period and sauntered back into the office, wearing my most contrite expression. Part of the essential kit of all soldiers at that time was a butane-lighter to ignite the omnipresent bowl of hashish. This of course resulted in everyone having to have one, and soon fiery sword fights could be witnessed that pre-dated the Star-Wars light saber by a decade. I have always thought that printera€™s ink is one of the most amazing substances ever created. Then the printera€™s ink just happened to have exactly the same patina and shade of black as military toilet seats. I used the same technique to get even with a pain-in-the-neck corporate executive in the mid-1980a€™s. Answer: a€?YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO YOUa€™RE CALLING!a€? I forget the ladya€™s name right now, but she was married to a Captain and was pretty used to handling brass. It was a curious characteristic of those telephones that, even without a microphone, if you shouted loud enough, you could actually be heard at the other end of the call: there was probably a low efficiency transmission through the handseta€™s earphone speaker.
Then Embury would distract McLinn for moment: call him away from the phone to provide some pertinent info (travel order number or something), and Ia€™d slip in, and put the microphone back in. The one time we pulled it off, the two parties simultaneously picked up the phones, and then launched into their answering speeches. About this time the curiosity of a€?why did you actually place this call?a€? began to intrude very cautiously and diplomatically into the discussion. I was sitting at my desk when SP4 Dave Morgan stomped into our office area, obviously furious. Realizing that the incident was spinning into nowhere, Morgan stalked out in a huff, but not before warning me something about a€?winding up a Jimmy.a€? From then on, everyone first checked their carbons, just like looking into their typewriters. My good office partner Sp4 Scotty Martin sat on the opposite side of our small bay, about twenty feet from me.
SP4 Goody must have heard this steady, a€?whiirrr a€“ BANG!a€? coming out of the smaller office where I was and got curious. Ia€™ve always thought that if I was ever trapped in a building with bank robbers, terrorists or that ilk, Ia€™d scan around quickly to see if there were any rubber bands and paper clips.
Without fanfare, Lindsey touched a flaming match to the touch hole and there was a momentary sizzle as the charge inside the tube ignited, just like the old flintlock muskets. Perhaps more importantly, the Code of Office Conduct now required that a spitball be delivered via cannon shot. The zenith of Admin-Cannon design was achieved with a steel tube that somebody found lying around outside: obviously divine providence at work.
Rather than have someone actually touch a match to the touch hole, it was deemed safer to make a rudimentary fuse using cigarette paper. Considering all of the untested features of this advanced model Admin-Cannon, one would have thought that the most appropriate testing time would be in the quiet of the evening. I had just achieved eye level with the top of my desk when 1SG Spence heaved himself upright and dashed for the doorway connecting the large bay and small bay. As one gazed out into the large bay, the record clerks were joyously operating at full capacity, while the smoke continued swirling around the left end of the bay.
Since the record clerks were so determinedly carrying the air of normalcy, the Vietnam soldiers were soon up and back to normal too. Ramsey and I were just sitting around, nothing to do, and probably feeling a little frisky from the snort we had had.
After what seemed like a half an hour (we were rapidly running out of space alien energy), Wallace started to stir. Around an hour later we were poking around, getting dinner ready when the door opened and in staggers Wallace. One of the jobs that a Personnel Actions Specialist had was reviewing the a€?RA Applicationsa€? of officers who had decided to make a career of the Army. Having written all the above, one might assume that ultimately, the pressure of perfection proved to be just too great: a practical joke simply had to assert itself. One day in the fall of 1973, I was paging through some old National Geographic magazine lying around somewhere. McLinn paged contentedly through the document, checking the personal info of the applicant, probably comparing the a€?Applicanta€™s data against his own personal situation. Inasmuch as no one had ever heard McLinn (or anybody) make a sound like that before; it immediately got the entire officea€™s attention. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a person laughing out of control, and a person wracked with extreme anguish. I knew McLinn would need a few minutes to collect his thoughts, so I took a little powder and did a quick walk around the building.
Apart from hating me, from that point on McLinn and I were tightly bound to a unique fraternity.
As a quick aside to this story, let me mention that yours truly was responsible for enabling many of these same enlisted personnel to live off-post in apartments and get paid for it.A  As Team 1a€™s Personnel Actions Specialist, I had a full set of Army Regulations, and was trying to read quickly through them so I could hasten my On-the-Job-Training.A  Why was I hastening with OJT? We quickly punched two small holes in the bottom of each can with a pocket knife awl (so thata€™s what that tool is for!).A  Crockett finally made it back with his big bowl (a€?they kept pointing me to the mena€™s room!a€?), and we emptied the cans into it.
Then the five-pack disappeared not too long later as some passerby in the dark thought they had found a prize.A  It probably migrated all around the base, losing one can at a time. One day in the office there was a big meeting of Divisional Top Brass in a room across the hallway from our office.A  They were discussing sensitive issues and so closed the door to their meeting room. The meeting went on for what seemed like hours.A  And everyone of our gang wandered by and chuckled at that sign and the locked door, just thinking about what was surely going to happen. Nothing was said when Wallace returned after a rather lengthy time out of the office.A  It was understood that nature sometimes cana€™t be hurried.
Both Wallace and Pardekooper fell out of their chairs as if theya€™d been axed.A  Ron had of course, heard the wounded moose and its final despair. I used the same technique to get even with a pain-in-the-neck corporate executive in the mid-1980a€™s.A  The jerk didna€™t know that I had received special training in the military. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Samsung is trying to add some additional cachet to its brand with a self-produced line of high-end audio accessories, dubbed “Level” by the Korean electronics giant. Samsung’s design is a bit overdramatic for my liking with the Level In, as they appear large and bulky – they seem designed to attract attention, in other words, and perhaps to signal to viewers that the wearer is rocking Samsung buds. Somehow, despite presenting a plethora of tip options for various fits of the earbuds, none of those included actually work with my ears, which isn’t a problem I typically have with in-ear type headphones.
Sound quality, when a seal is achieved, is decent, and on par with ear buds in the $100 range. On-ear headphones have to strike a delicate balance in terms of blending comfort with a lightweight design that doesn’t box ears in, and Samsung has managed to create a headset that does that with the Level On.
The Level On also folds up for easy storage, and comes with its own hard shell carrying case.
Overall, Samsung has done well with the design on the Level On, but the metal-look accents and slightly pearlescent paint don’t mask the fact that at base, these are still constructed mostly of plastic, and don’t necessarily have the premium feel of other headphones priced in this range. The Level Over is Samsung’s top-of-the-line set, and provide big leather-lined cups that completely enclose a listener’s ears.
The problem with the Level Over, which have active noise cancellation, is that this key feature isn’t executed all that well; the internal, rechargeable battery works well, but when on the noise cancellation produces a lot of auditory feedback when connected to a source, and still isn’t quite as powerful at blocking out ambient noise as industry leaders like the Bose QC15. Samsung’s audio quality likewise leaves something to be desired with the Level Over (sound comes through somewhat tinny and lacking the rich quality you’ll get with headphones from companies with more audio chops), but the trade-offs in terms of their complete compatibility with the Galaxy range and in-line controls might make that an exchange worth making. Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company engaged in consumer electronics, information technology and mobile communications, and device solutions businesses worldwide.
So yesterday, after the Christiania adventure it was fly-time to StockholmWaking up to a morning wander with Scott for a change to find some coffee for a change. I've heard that it's hard to get a good sound in the globe, is that true or is it like that in all arenas?

To prevent automated Bots from commentspamming, please enter the string you see in the image below in the appropriate input box. After our last exceedingly stressful holiday, we decided to take a very, very simple and small trip to Rockingham. I think the dark brown colour suits my balayage hair colour much better than black, and it also gives my face a more natural and daytime look. Black brows seems a bit harsh and glam; good for the evening but not so suitable for daytime and everyday wear. The brushes are surprisingly nice too, very precise and soft, yet still firm enough to spread the colour around. Pretty good stuff for $12.95, considering that this Bobbi Brown Dark Brown Kit is $75 and this Benefit Brow Kit is $55.
My 5 year old boy and I were doing some gardening the other day, when I asked him to pull out some weeds on the driveway. They are mossy landscapes are cute and all, but I don’t want to grow a garden of weeds in my house! My children’s school sent home letters informing everyone that there had been an outbreak of head lice.
My boys are feral, wild, dirty, smelly, and they have NO natural sense of cleanliness or hygiene WHATSOEVER! The lotion was a disgusting, greasy, oily, sticky, unpleasant, eucalyptus-smelling OIL that I had to pour all over their hair and scalp. Does this mean, I have to put this insecticide crap (waves bottle of oil around) in my long, thick, beautiful, shiny hair?!?!
You can’t really TALK about lice without FEELING a little TWINGE in your scalp and a strong the urge to scratch one spot on your head!
Anyway, I just couldn’t stand not-knowing whether I had those little buggers in my hair. I was complaining about the whole fiasco to my father in law, and he gave me some interesting insight.
He grew up in Scotland in the 1930s and 1940s, and was a doctor there in the 1950s and 1960s. So when we needed TO GO… we had to pick up our tools… walk off into the bush… find an unused spot… and dig our own hole.
We were very fortunate that there were several pools of fresh water that we could use nearby. We knew that the water was clean and uncontaminated, because there were 8 DIFFERENT KINDS OF WATER BUGS LIVING HAPPILY IN THE POND!
There were creatures that looked like beetles, transparent sluggy things, tadpoles, teeny tiny swimming ticks. First you have to (1) splash water on yourself, (2) soap up your body and hair, (3) scoop up a container full of water, (4) walk AWAY from the pond… (5) then pour the water over yourself to wash… so that the soapy water does not flow back into the pond.
Oh you also have to CLOSE YOUR EYES, so you don’t see any water creatures you’ve scooped up in your container of water!!
My first step to help her… is to get registered as a stem cell donor, and to blog about the process to show everyone how easy and worthwhile it is.
The reason is because, when I was in my late teens and early 20s, I struggled with low iron and a low blood count.
I made an appointment to donate blood and to put myself into the Australian Bone Marrow Donation Registry.
When I arrived at the Australian Red Cross Blood Services, the little waiting room was PACKED full of people. And by the end of it, I was thinking – Holy cow, I’m pretty lucky to be so healthy! For example, one question was “Have you EVER travelled outside Australia in the last 3 years? I found a nice comfy seat, and the nurse gave me a snuggly, woolly blankie, which made my day. I have to admit, I was feeling a bit tense… because I was EXPECTING to feel dizzy or light headed. My blood packet sat in a little dish, that was rocked back and forth by the machine, like a happy little baby being soothed to sleep.
Actually, 420mL was my blood donation, and they took 2 extra vials for testing and registering to be a stem cell donor. To find Emily a match, thousands of ethnically Chinese people need to register to donate stem cells.
The page is an online celebration, dedicated to all the ethnically Chinese people who have registered as stem cell donors. Every time someone posts here, it will add momentum, and spread the word, to help Emily, and others in need in the future.
And then think about how many ethnically Chinese people in your family, at work, at university, your sports club, social club, church group? For those in other countries around the world, you can find a registry near you from the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide’s list.
As much as I love shopping at my regular global, fashion stores (which can be very mainstream and same-same)… I also love love LOVE buying from quirky-cool shops and local boutiques that offer eye-popping accessories, cool homewares and unique vintage style clothing designs.
They celebrate their 5th birthday and Pigeonhole is now run by a team of 50 staff, with five stores in Perth and Northbridge, an online store, a cafe and gallery, and a production house! You can find plenty of old school film photography gear, cute stationery (I found some vintage-style alphabet ink stamps!), cute bottles, glassware, ornaments, racks of clothes, and lots and LOTS of jewellery! To top it off, they had a fun fashion show showing off the latest arrivals for the new season. If you are interested to check out their online store, they have some really nice necklaces and bracelets (I liked the metal chain ones with antique silver finish) and very cool earrings and rings. Then after that event, I looked out the window and noticed another new pop up shop in the 140 William Street Building. GENERICS is a fashion accessories label (run by a friend of mine) full of cool and on-trend handbags, travel bags, clutches, belts and jewellery from around the world and inspired by the love of people, travel, culture, music and fashion. It turns out they had a mini shop celebration that night too, with tasty snacks, drinks, good company, lots of photos and some crazy dancing in the store.
The rat had been dead for a long time, and it had been cleaned out by the ants, who left nothing but the fur and the bones. My boys separated the bones and the fur, and proudly brought the bones into the kitchen to give to me as a present.
I was expecting Scandinavian fashion and styling to be serious, dark and practical, but as you can see, there was also a much lighter, humorous side to the shows as well.
There were anti-fur protesters outside the show, but even they were so nice, friendly, and smiled for the cameras. Here are the dark, moody clothes and silhouettes I was expecting, put together in another wearable range. Thought I’d just share 5 of the 8 shows that I went to, and I hope you enjoy the photos. When the hairy yellow flowers burst out of the buds, the bud casing breaks into tiny, perfect half shells, and they fall to the ground. And then I walk along the path, and the shells crack under my feet, making the sound of teeny-tiny, Chinese firecrackers.
But to find a teeny-tiny, baby praying mantis, crawling on your shoulder towards your neck, centimetres from your nostrils… is possibly just a little too alarming for a midweek afternoon. My baby is 8 months old and I have been using 50% cloth diapers and 50% disposable nappies since his birth. I received an email from Mummy Knows Best, an online shop specializing in a wide range of cloth diapers and other eco-friendly baby products. I wanted to try them each for a good 4 weeks to make sure that I could give a good comparison.
The theory of the One Sized Diaper is that you can buy many of these ONE SIZE diapers, and use them from birth to 3 years (or more).
I suspect that they are only “perfect” once you know the size of your baby – which involves measuring your baby’s thigh size, bum size, bum rise, and categorising your baby as a “medium build” or “average”. In terms of FIT – They are nice and snug, not-bulky, not tight around the thighs, but unfortunately I ordered 2 MEDIUM diapers, and they were a little big for my baby (they came up above his belly button and half way up his back). But there are only 4 BUTTONS on these diapers, so they are really quick, simple, no-fuss diapers.
I conclude that these diapers will be better for bigger and older babies, who don’t stay still, and wriggle around a lot – they are so much faster to button up!
My advice is to buy 2 of each, use them for a while and then choose which fits your baby best!
I think I will buy 4 more Happy Heinys One Size Diapers to add to my collection (because my baby is still small).
Mummy Knows Best also stocks cloth diapers, reusable cloth menstrual pads, designer maternity wear, breastfeeding accessories, organic prenatal tea, nursing tea, organic natural remedies, eco-friendly green toys and 100% natural household products. Liam is approaching 6 months… and he just loves curling up like a ball and rolling around the lounge room. He was unusually irritable one day – grizzling and crying, I thought it was his teeth, until I realised that he was just hungry. In fact he’s digging his toes into the carpet, bringing his knees up and moving very quickly towards CRAWLING! A few weeks ago, we were at a park and my 4 year old, Sean came running over to us in tears. I immediately made an appointment to see our doctor, who ordered us to have an ultrasound to see what was inside.
Sean on the lying down thing, pointing to the computer screen thing, which had lots of blurry blue blocks on it. I was going to record Sean’s voice and put it up online, but trust me, he would have talked your ear off. Then instead of walking to the cupboard to put the rice baby back, I suddenly deviated to the living room. But ah, when you rock a baby to sleep, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed – like you’re doing the most important job in the universe.
When we bought our hermit crabs, my 4 year old learnt several things from the pet shop lady. I quickly realised that he wasn’t choking, and that the crab had in fact nipped the tip of his tongue. I assessed the damage on Sean’s tongue : A teeny tiny, shallow spot of blood on the tip of his tongue. It also covers topics on family, parenting, beauty, food, photography, and women’s online fashion shopping.

Although the first version of Karen’s blog was created in 1999, the current version of the site begins in April 2003, with the birth of Karen’s first son, Callum. The Level series includes three different types of headphones, including an in-ear model, an on-ear version and an over-ear variety. It comes in either white or black, with metallic accents, and ships with various earbuds for varying fit and a carrying case. The size doesn’t make them overly heavy to wear, but it might contribute to the general discomfort I experienced when wearing these. The squishy memory foam variety come closest, but these still don’t alleviate the slight pain I get in my ears from wearing these for extended periods.
You can still get better sound from buds that are cheaper, however, including the Klipsch S5 series, and those are more comfortable to wear in my experience. Audio quality is good, with a somewhat strong bass performance, but get muddy at the top end.
They look much the same as the Level On, borrowing the same design cues and color styles (though the ones I reviewed came in a piano black) and they also wear quite comfortably.
Open fire on the street is not common at home unless there are a bunch of red trucks zooming around it.Hey, look, water that looks like soundand as we drive toward the gig we spot an alien space ship that has landed and most likely is on a mission to abduct and probe the Swedish people for the secrets to making the perfect meatball or perhaps to pick up a few things at Ikea. At first I resisted using it, because it was new and different to what I was used to… but once I tried it, I loved it! I went to the chemist to buy some natural, kid-friendly, lice-killing hair lotion, and the special, superfine-louse-catching fine-tooth comb that comes with it. I realised that there had been an entire zoo full of animals living in each of my son’s hair for weeks! Peroxide will kill them off for sure!” But the idea of going into a fancy salon and THEM discovering I had lice was just too awful.
I then washed my hair TWICE with my super-expensive $40 per bottle shampoo, which smells like magical fairy flowers. I had to be in intensive care and I was given something like 2L of blood to help me recover. The registry is called the Bone Marrow Registry, because the stem cells that are found floating around in your blood, actually grow in your bone marrow.
Lots of men in business suits, there was a guy and girl couple, a few young woman, and lots of young guys too.
Eventually the people in the waiting room moved on and I took a quick snap, before it filled up with more people again.
That one day… someone on the other side of the world, or someone next door, or even you, will be able to find your 1 in a 10,000 match. Send them this blog post or the Facebook page link, and ask them to go with you to register. Anyone of them could be Emily’s match, and if they are not, then someone they know could be. Now to see his shop, his brand, his vision… explode into a kind of mega store of quirky-cool goodness, right smack bang in the central mall of Perth City (next to the main train station no less!) makes me all teary and filled with pride.
With all that waiting around outside, watching the fashion crowd grow, I fell in love with the sheer entertainment of seeing people arrive wearing crazy and beautiful things – from feather helmet-sunglasses, to multi-coloured patchwork fur coats, to sweeping superhero capes.
This show featured several designer capsules all showcasing real fur, and no one seemed even slightly apologetic about it. This show began with an almost naked muscular guy, in teeny tiny boy shorts, dancing and writhing behind glass.
But many people have asked me about other popular diaper brands – which I have never tried, so I couldn’t really give an opinion. However, I discovered that I couldn’t really compare them… because they fill different needs.
These diapers can fold and button up in a special way that makes them fit a teeny tiny baby, as well as a big tumbling toddler.
So immediately it sounded like there was a lot hassle involved in finding the “perfect fit”.
I really like the fact that I now have a mix of diaper brands, with slightly different cuts and fits. But when he turns 2, I’ll re-visit some larger sizes and buy some Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized Diapers. I have been eating large meals, 6 times a day, pigging out on dairy and carbs, and I still can’t keep up the milk production. We wiped away the blood, said “there, there, it’ll be alright”, gave him a pat on the head, and sent him back to his ball game. She also warned us… that if there was something inside, we might have to get it surgically removed. We’ve been referred to see a plastic surgeon, and we’ll be discussing what’s the best way to cut this thing out. I love their smell, their wrinkly skin, their baby sounds, their soft hair, their little noses, their teeny tiny fingers and toes.
I dragged it out, dusted it off, and as I picked it up carefully, I held it in my arms in THAT WAY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO CARRY REAL BABIES. Until we heard the sickening sound of a shell being rolled in a mouth, clacking against teeth.
The Level In, Level On and Level Over each offer a different experience, but they all serve the same purpose (and achieve the same goal): Give Samsung Galaxy device owners a line of accessories to call their very own. The remote controls, especially volume on an Android phone, are nice, but again only real benefits if you have a Samsung Galaxy device. They’re generally unimpressive performers, however, and if audio quality is your top priority, other options in this range will serve you better.
Over-ear headphones are generally more bulky, and these are definitely that, and in fact they add a decent amount of weight, too. Oh, wait a minute, that's not a space ship, that is the gig.**** Little Mini Sound Nerd Speak ****In order to mix in the dark or more precisely, in order to mix without needing to look at the console, I have set up a few brail like markers.
I’d like you to put down that knife, right now.” Look at that hilarious expression on his face! And if you look a little closer, the lush green fields roll back into the horizon, with a lumpy swamp-like terrain, covered with a smattering of trees and shrubs. My boys play so much sport… heat and sweat are the instant recipe for scratchy heads.
But, obviously, I couldn’t have lice, since, as my husband points out, I am obsessed with my hair, and wash it every second day. Apparently, lice can move so quickly that you don’t see them when you just look with an ordinary comb. Then I gave myself a fancy hair conditioning mask treatment, a full blow wave and some Morrocan hair oil on top of it all… you know, just to make up for my hair inadequacies.
When someone with head lice came into a school or hospital – the lice would spread through everyone. Years ago, doctors had to take out bone marrow to get the stem cells, but now, they just sift them out of the blood stream. So I sat there for a few more minutes, just sipping my water and watching all the action in the donation room.
But at other shows,  I found myself having to wait outside for up to 45 minutes, with temperatures below 0°C.  I was so.
There were some pretty amazing fur creations… and I was confronted and amazed at the same time. There were a lot of silky-flowy fabrics (which, I admit, was quite unexpected for me), mixed with some more structured pieces and leathers. I have read some comments in a few forums, and it seems that diapers with Button Snaps last longer, but Velcro gives a better fit, especially before and after feeds, when your baby’s tummy has expanded to a size between the button holes! Thus Anthony and Billy have now been elevated to Superhero Status in our house – never mind that it might take something like TWENTY YEARS to grow back. Many times, he’ll hold the hermit crab right up to his mouth – to which we snap, DO NOT PUT THE CRAB INTO YOUR MOUTH!!! My son, curled up on the floor, his tongue sticking right out, with a little crazy crab dangling Spiderman style to his tongue, holding on for its dear life, dripping with saliva.
Jeffrey Wallace and I drove back to Frankfurt to get some anonymous major to sign the authorization.A  That alone was kind of an interesting little affair.
Here you can see from my right hand's point of view that I taped ear plugs on the 'gated toms' and the 'non-gated toms' VCA's.
I grimaced at the fact that the boys had no shoes on, but hey I did the same when I was a kid.
And once you are registered, go to a really nice cafe together, and celebrate life and friendship. So a One Size Diaper might not be a good fit – which is pretty bad if you go out and buy 24 of them and they ALL don’t fit!
Our plan was to explain the WHOLE medical process to him in meticulous detail, so there wouldn’t be any surprises.
Upon entering the Army, I had originally been trained as an a€?armored reconnaissance scout,a€? a deadly profession. Chambliss and I put together a request (as allowed under the reg) to receive payment for off-base quarters: renting an apartment. Military Academy at West Point receive their commission upon graduation, but officers who become officers by graduating through a€?Officer Candidate Schoola€? do not belong to the Regular Army until they submit a petition to be accepted: the RA Application. Everyone had to be treated regularly, and girls and women kept their hair short, because it was just easier to get rid of the lice that way. Typically I do not use such distinct markers but the non-gated toms' VCA is in a dangerous spot between my pre-compressor master VCA and post compressor VCA pair.
A slip up to either side while dropping the non-gated toms would mean turning off the sound for the entire show or turning off vocals, Kick and Snare, hence the foam plugs.
This brief memoir is a recollection of events that primarily took place at a€?Team 1:a€? an administration platoon stationed at Ayers Kaserne in Kirsch Goens, Germany.
He quickly but quietly unpacked the small umbrella that he had carried disguised inside his fatigue shirt. Out in the hallway it sounded like a tuba half filled with water attempting to mimic a wounded bull moose trapped in an echo chamber. Slightly after the arrival of the electric typewriter, Team 1 received an actual photocopier.
I finally took his hermit crab away and proceeded to launch into a lecture about The Importance of Caring For Creatures.

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