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She supposed it started when her 11-year-old self picked up her first copy of A History of Magic, eager to gobble down any and all information she could about the new world she belonged to. Still, as much as spells and divination fascinated her, it was the tale of Harry Potter, the green-eyed wonder who had defeated the Wizarding World’s most terrible foe, that had captured her interest. As the years passed, Hermione’s adoration changed from that of a fangirl to a friend to finally something indescribable.
Still, Hermione had never adored Harry more than right this moment: Standing together, hands clasped in comfort and solidarity, overlooking the scenery of some unknown Apparition point.
Each year, the design community waits with bated breath for the Pantone Color Institute’s announcement of the colour of the year. In our September blog, we will be looking into trends from a forecasting standpoint in greater detail – this blog previews a taste of what to expect next month. Pink is most commonly thought of as representing love and romance through a merging of both the passion of red and the purity of white.
GREEN, a combination of the mental clarity of yellow with the emotional calm of blue, but extremes of either base colours can create a very dramatic impact. The scale of green encompasses everything from organic, lush deep greens to pale minty shades or yellow induced limey versions, to even tealy blue greens or the eye catching seafoam jade. Softer shades of green tend to create a calming effect which is ideal for those suffering from insomnia and is often used in hospital wards to calm patients down, although a room done entirely in this shade would make me go crazy. Traveling back in time, Restoration Hardware once had their store interior walls painted a signature silver sage green. While most greens carry a cool aura to them, some greens bring warmth into the environment. Introducing the colour green into ones home or work environment allows for the opening up of new ideas and the ability to view life and obstacles with a fresh eye. Spring is officially in full swing  with warmer weather and blooming landscapes, despite the snow flurries still hitting parts of the country last week. The general atmosphere takes on a relaxed spirit as we slow down our pace to take in life and share more time among friends and family. Inspiring new colours in both fashion and interiors, these cool shades of blue such as cobalt and ultramarine infuse the season with a sense of energy while also drawing upon the naturally vibrant colours of blooming vegetation, clear skies and the ever alluring ocean. Moving forward in time to the more contemporary work of the French artist, Yves Klien, who utilized the intense colour of ultramarine. As said, these saturated blues are very much colours of summer and a bohemian style of living with feelings of serenity, calm and freedom that also inspire a spirit of adventure. Whether you are planning a trip to an exotic destination or rejuvenating yourself from the comfort of your home, let blue inspire a courageous and carefree spirit for the upcoming summer season. Nestled between the strong colours of red and orange is the colour vermilion, which maintains its own vivid presence on the colour scale.
Since vermilion shares characteristic of both red and orange, it truly plays a dynamic role in any context. In interior design, vermilion can be used with the similar hue of orange to energize any room. In terms of fashion, vermilion has been appeared on the runways more frequently in recent years and has been featured as a main colour, rather than only as a simple accent. Tom Ford produced a dress, jacket and handbag in the vermilion colour for his Winter 2012 collection and featured a vermilion suit in his Winter 2013 eye wear advertisements.
Whether you decide to wholly embrace vermilion or test out the waters with simple accents, vermilion is the perfect colour to usher in the Spring season.
There is something quite wonderful about the combination of yellows and grays and while a seemingly mismatched combination, they obviously work well with one another. In exploring the psychological properties of yellow and grey as isolated entities, it becomes understood why this relationship is so successful. Can it be that the overly emotional yellow and emotionally lacking grey provides the perfect balance?
David Hockney, a distinct contributor to the Pop art movement, has to a much greater degree of synesthesia, as did Wassily Kandinsky, which is present in his various abstract works. While there is no set formula for organizing an immaculate bookcase, there are some tips you can utilize when arranging your books along with your sentimental odds and ends to create a great display.
I have recently been inspired by an image in the Novemeber issue of Elle Decor, a favourite design magazine no less.
As always with colour, it is about the intertwining of relationshops and scale of each used. I take my hat off to Alex Papachristidis  for the courageous use of this colour and so carefully balancing each of the contributing elements, which I know from first hand experience  is like walking a tight rope in order to achieve this degree of perfection.
Bottom LineThe GP62 Leopard Pro allows gamers on a budget to get a notebook capable of some serious gaming, albeit at lower settings in more intensive titles.
The last MSI gaming notebook we reviewed was a behemoth both physically and performance wise. All black with the Dragon Army shield smack dab in the middle of the top lid with the MSI logo above it  the GP62 doesn’t look out of place if placed beside one of its stronger brethen.
The bottom of the MSI GP62 is plain with a lot of vents to help with cooling and some very grippy rubber feet that will help prevent the GP62 from sliding around the table even when during the heat of combat.
The rear only has a single vent on the left side, and a little red line across the middle, and that’s all to see on the rear of the GP62. The appearance of the GP62 is very similar with its pricier siblings, albeit a little toned down.
NOTE: The unit we are testing is an engineering sample, certain specifications may differ from those available in the market.
The Leopard Pro I am testing came with a SSD slotted into the sole M.2 2280 slot in it, and I can say SSDs really make a whole lot of difference. Moving on, the i7-5700HQ is a member of the Broadwell family, and packs the Intel Graphics HD5600 iGPU.
While we see an improvement over last-gen’s HD4600 iGPU, the performance is still very lacking when compared against the dedicated GPU. According to CPU-Z benchmarks it is also faster than the AMD FX-8150 desktop CPU, which could either mean that Intel has done a good job packing immense performance into their mobile CPUs, or AMD is really in dire need of a new CPU to level the playing field.
Enough with the synthetic benchmarks, lets see whether we can actually play games on this gaming notebook. Defense of the Ancients 2 is a very popular game among casual gamers and pro gamers alike, and if a laptop is unable to hit above 60 fps in DotA 2, it really doesn’t deserve the title of gaming notebook at all.
This is another game that isn’t really graphically intensive, but is still an extremely fun first person shooter. Battlefield 4 was released sometime back in 2013, but as you can see at the highest graphics preset BF4 is still a little overwhelming for the GTX 950M in the GP62. The heavy-weight of my game benchmark suite, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt brings the GP62 down to its knees with an average fps of 15 fps at native resolution and Ultra presets. The body may be almost entirely made of plastic, but it doesn’t really affect the overall feel of the laptop. MSI didn’t skimp on a proper gaming keyboard for the GP62, and it gets the standard keyboard by SteelSeries. The GP62 also comes with the Cooler Boost feature that makes the lone fan go full throttle. Three USB 3.0 ports populate the left, along with the Killer E2200 LAN port, HDMI port, miniDP and the usual audio jacks. A rarely found optical drive reader is found on the right, and to be honest I find it a little weird that MSI is still including an optical drive with their notebooks.

The screen is a little cold out of the box, but a little color calibration with the windows utility fixes it and it does look quite nice if viewed from directly in front of it. Audio pumped out of the stereo speakers located on the front edge of the GP62 is plenty loud, but really lacking in bass. On the one hand, she was finally, finally, meeting the boy who had plagued her thoughts nonstop in the months prior to her arrival to Hogwarts. How could she not feel some level of unabashed adoration for the boy who she would forever associate with First Year jitters and the excitement of a new world?
But when the highly-anticipated news was released, the shade chosen for 2014 was greeted with decidedly mixed reactions. It evokes memories for me of little girls in toile tutus, cupcakes and smoochy makeup smeared onto young faces wishing for adulthood too soon. Pink also served as a Christian symbol in churches during the third Sunday of advent. In 1921, the Women’s Institute of Domestic Science in Philadelphia made the distinction between pink and blue in relation to boys and girls. I find that I am drawn to the dark jewel shades of green that evoke such a richness, depth and sophistication. The colour itself drew so many customers in,  inspired to ask about the particular shade wall paint and consequently sparked the beginnings of the Restoration Hardware paint line. In either case, green embodies ideas of new growth, prosperity, good fortune, fertility, health and vitality. Summer vacations are already being anticipated as the days grow longer and sunny weather beckons us from the more mundane of our daily routine. A gypset lifestyle embodies this easy going season with loose clothing, playful colours, nomadic tendencies and a Boho flavour I readily embrace. He adopted this hue as a means to evoke immateriality and boundlessness that represented his own particular utopian vision of the world. It can also be used with darker, warmer tones to romanticize a space and promote a feeling of depth. As a result, many other designers and manufacturers have been inspired to embrace vermilion into their designs.
As new trend combinations emerge in high fashion, we must come to terms with our colour prejudices. What has inspired interior decorators, fashion designers and artists alike  to pair these particular colours within their designs?
Yellow is known for being emotionally charged and inspires optimism, confidence and wisdom but oddly remains an inherently less popular colour. And interestingly enough, this combination does not need to be confined to a design style since it effortlessly works within modern, traditional and eclectic contexts with both the yellow and grey working together in perfect harmony. My taste buds will convey information about the chemical composition of the pigment, allowing me to essentially taste the colour. From the perspective of a colour consultant, I find that arranging my bookcase according to colour works best for me – tell me the name of a book and I can tell you the colour. Use a fun and bold paint, wallpaper or printed fabric for the back of your bookcases, it’s a great little detail that goes a long way. Arranging you books according to colour brings attention to all of your great reads and creates an artistic element out of an everyday item. You can add visual interest to your book collection by alternating the stacks between horizontal and vertical. Bookcases need not to be limited to just books – photographs, collections and trinkets can be strategically placed to break up areas and serve as a reminder of your hobbies, travels or special occasions. If you like your bookcase to be a bit more functional in terms of storage, a few baskets, boxes and even old wine cases are great places to store photos and small items that you don’t necessarily want to show. If all else fails and you find your organizational skills and creative eye are not pulling it all together,  just keep it simple.
This interesting colour, being used as a wall treatment in the dining room, has been partnered with a soft grey blue and a very beguiling drapery.
Some colours holding this vibrant intensity could easily eclipse others, but not in this case as it was so masterfully executed. It also doesn’t come cheap, and that level of performance will cost north of RM15 999, which is beyond the means of most gamers.
MSI did away with the aluminium found on its more expensive models and used a smooth plastic material for the top lid.
The lack of huge vents is a slight disappointment to me, as I like them big and I cannot lie. The palm rests are made of a smooth sandblasted aluminium and adds a touch of premium to this entry-level gaming notebook.
I was informed that the models in the market do not come with a SSD, but has a faster 7200 RPM hard disk drive than the 5400 RPM one in my review sample. However the use of DDR3 VRAM is a little worrying as it will most definitely limit the available memory bandwidth.
Perhaps the performance hit taken due to the DDR3 VRAM can be mitigated through faster core clocks?
I have previously noted in the review of the GT80 that the Haswell i7 4720HQ is marginally slower than the desktop  i7 3770, and now the i7 5700HQ in the Leopard Pro is faster than the i7 3770. In light of the fact that this is a budget gaming notebook, we will test the more intensive games twice, once at native resolution and the highest graphics preset available in game and once again at NVIDIA optimized settings. Even with maximum graphics the GP62 pushes out an average of 117 fps, which is very playable in my book.
The GP62 pushes out 27 fps at maximum graphics, but considering that I played in the story mode, it was actually quite smooth. The game was extremely unplayable and I gave up trying to play it at maximum settings as it was torturous trying to move around while staring at what looks more like a slideshow.
The CPU does occasionally hit 93°C during gaming sessions and stop boosting for a moment before returning to full boost, but overall performance is unaffected.
A slight flex is observable if you press the lid behind the screen hard, but that’s about all the weakness that the chassis of the GP62 shows.
The left Control key and Shift key are enlarged while the Windows key is moved over to the right side, which optimizes the layout for gaming.
About the fan, at full blast it makes a whooshing sound that reminds me of optical drives accessing a disc.
MSI still keeps the audio jacks separate, making it a good match for gaming headphones with separate connectors for microphone input and audio output.
I would have preferred more USB ports and a lighter weight without it around, but some might actually find it useful. The matte finishing of the display prevents distracting reflections in dark scenes while gaming. However being a TN panel, it does show apparent color shifting when viewed from obtuse angles. It is still a true gaming notebook through and through, albeit one will have to play more intensive games at lower settings. She still didn’t quite believe she would soon be joining the world where such things were possible. When he learned that Hermione was also from the Muggle world, he delighted in debating the pros and cons of books and music. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, described the 2014 colour, dubbed Radiant Orchid, as: “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.

Pink was considered the stronger colour and therefore associated with boys while blue was considered daintier and thus related to girls. I feel embraced by these shades and they make me connect more to a space through a greater responsiveness to the colour. The word green has always been synonymous with the idea of growth dating back to its conception which was largely associated with nature and vegetation.
The number of companies expanding into transitional furniture with cross over fabrics and styles that create fluidity to both worlds. Vermilion also works well when used as an accent colour by adding bits of brightness to an otherwise neutral palette. A prime example is high chroma yellow, which has been rated one of the least popular colours  in the U.S. From years of design experience, I have always noticed many people shy away from the energetic hues of yellow while never thinking twice when presented with subdued grey tones. As always in design, the personality of a home is about physical, structural and emotional relationships. It was not something I recognized as even being a personal trait until well into my adulthood. Although this technique works wonders in my home, one may find that arranging books alphabetically, by subject or by size is a better suited approach. In addition, a contrast can be created when you stack books in a pyramidal shape near the middle of the shelf.
I personally like a theme to objects so that your display is not too random and has a sense of unity. Less is often more, so a single object in a colour that relates to the room is an easy solution and will always work. MSI of course knows this and has a range of notebooks that will fit into the average gamers’ budgets. Using NVIDIA optimized settings, quite a lot of eye candy was sacrificed in exchange for a much higher fps. Turning on NVIDIA optimization, the resolution was dropped to 1366 x 768, and most graphics settings were set to High. I believe the real bottleneck in the GP62 is the GDDR3 VRAM, as it actually shares the exact same core as the GTX 860M and 960M, and the only difference I can see is the slower VRAM. The much more manageable weight and size also makes it a lot more portable than the back-breaking GT80 Titan. You do not want to accidentally jump out to your desktop in the middle of a intense firefight, do you? The fan noise is not loud at all even at full speed, and during my usage with Cooler Boost off, it rarely has to be spin up to its maximum speed. Voices are very clear though, so it does work quite well with movies that have a lot of talking and very little action. However, if you can afford the higher-end GE series, the improvements in terms of gaming performance, cooling, display and audio quality and also a more solid build are hard to ignore. Nothing overly spectacular about him–except for his unnaturally green eyes and she was certainly not going to dwell on those eyes. And Harry, her Harry, despite all the turmoil he himself was going through, gave his last ounce of support and strength to her. In the 1940s, the gender associations of blue and pink were reversed and by 1951, the introduction of Barbie solidified the feminization of the colour pink for generations to come. Hence, green is particularly popular in Spring when we see new shoots and growth which provide the sustenance for both man and beast.
The harmony and enjoyment of living in the outdoors is now merged with our interior environments. The original vermilion colour was derived from the ancient Chinese method, which utilized the ground up pigments of cinnabar, a common ore of mercury. Why are these colours so aesthetically pleasing when combined in a design while so obviously contrasting when seen separately?
In turn, nothing sets a course for these relationships as immediately and effectively as colour. I just always knew that my experience of colour seemed different and colour was the way I connected to the world. It’s a bonus in my line of work, I just have to listen to my instincts and palette for it to all come together, which still takes skill and experience.
Seuss’s book - My Many Colored Days - is a reflection of some kind of synesthesia as he gives colours and moods for the days of the week. Whichever way works best for you, a bookcase with a cohesive and well thought out display can serve as a great focal point in any room. Today we will take a look at the MSI GP62 Leopard series, a more budget-oriented gaming notebook for the masses. As I have noted in the MSI GT80 Titan’s review, a higher fps does seem to make it easier to aim. Visually I couldn’t really differentiate between NVIDIA optimized settings and the highest preset. However its thickness of 3 cm means it won’t slide into any bag like an ultrabook would. The keys require little force to actuate but still maintain a level of tactility so you will know you have pressed a key.
And if her heart broke for the Boy Who Had Never Really Lived, she just tucked it away, determined to ignore the rapidly developing feelings and focus on the fact that she finally had a friend. His eyes, just as startling green as they were when she first saw them still spoke to her,  Just keep going. We thus associate green with freshness, goodness and success, all of which are ideas that can be translated into the work environment to promote good fortune and business development. In the 17th century, vermilion gained popularity when Europeans developed a method to create an artificial vermilion using a chemical mixture, which allowed the colour to be produced inexpensively and more efficently. Now when we say it is budget-oriented, of course certain corners have to be cut to make it fit into a certain price range, and we are here to see if MSI did a good job with the MSI GP62 2QE Leopard Pro and cut all the right corners but left what makes a true gaming notebook intact. A much more powerful (and pricey) GPU is needed for proper enjoyment of The Witcher’s well crafted story and environment. They have a nice sandblasted texture to them, reducing the need for cleaning off fingerprints and improving the feel of the keys all in one shot.
While the end colour is strikingly similar, the Chinese vermilion, also known as Chinese Red, remains the purest and most natural form of vermilion. The touchpad works just as it should but I doubt a gaming notebook’s touchpad will ever see much action during its lifespan. In some cases, I relate sounds to colour, which has its drawbacks, as dark colours cause a sort of whooshing sound, so at night I often wake myself as the sound gets pretty loud and very annoying.

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