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Simple and modern come together to create an aura of sophistication in this Amethyst earring kit. The Gallery at Harlequin Beads and Jewelry is meant to inspire with jewelry design ideas, jewelry project instructions and a showcase of designs shared by other jewelry designers. Harlequin Beads and Jewelry specializes in Swarovski crystal, pendants and pearls, Czech glass and seed, Japanese seed and gemstone beads, plus a full selection of stringing supplies and jewelry findings. Hammered Silver Earring Findings from Nina Designs will inspire you with their simple elegance.

Hammered Silver Earring Findings combine with silver rings and mini coin pearls to create these distinctive earrings.
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Rectangle hoop earrings (tutorial) — jewelry making journal, These rectangle hoop earrings add a dashing touch of geometry to your look. These earrings combine two of our favorite designing components, Swarovski crystal and sterling silver chain, to celebrate those February birthdays, and our love of the color purple.

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