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An industrial ear piercing or construction piercing, is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry.
What is Topicden?Topicden is continually evolving to provide a location complete of the most relevant and current information from across the net. What's the name of the long piercing that runs through the back of your ear vertically and goes down and comes out behind your lobe?
Just like its name, the piercing too is highly simple, with just the right amount of twist. Auricle piercing refers to the piercing done at the middle part of the outer rim of your ear. In 90s or early 2000s, there were two things that shrieked rebel-tattoos and helix piercing. There is nothing that can match the coolness quotient of industrial piercing or Scaffold piercing.
Tragus piercing is one of the highly infamous piercings due to their being highly prone to infections and irritation.
Orbital piercing is a lot like industrial piercing except that the piece of jewelry does not connect the holes horizontally but rather from front. Pro-tip: You can adorn thick, black rings to get a rock chick look or dainty, white studs to get a dolled up glam girl look. You should know that a proper Helix piercing, or really any piercing should not be done with a gun. A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it..

The outer portion of the ear that falls to the inner side of your face is where you need to face the needle. It is done on two different cartilages, more specifically, the cartilage fold on the upper inner ear.
Usually, a circular or heart shaped ring is used to beautify the already pretty part of your ear.
This piercing might seem horrendous but when you get down to business, you’ll realise it is not as painful as it looks. The earlobe is pierced horizontally at an angle and a piece of jewelry is passed through both the perforations, which makes the piercing an immediate eye-catching one. As the name suggests, it is consisted of a number of piercings that are connected to each other with the help of a single piece of jewelry. This kind of piercing is a combination of three or more piercings done on the lobe at a certain interval from each other. You can choose whichever angle you want, but do keep in mind the size of your earlobe and piece of jewelry to be used. It’s more accurate and safer when it comes to sterilization and they give you proper after care instructions.
Usually, an earring in the shape of an arrow is used for this, to provide a more dramatic touch to it. Yet, the complications and nasty irritation that accompany tragus are absolutely divorced from daith. Despite the fact that lobe piercings tend to heal quickly, this one takes relatively more time for the same.

It is not just the location of the piercings, which is generally the helix, which makes it more amusing but rather the shape of the jewelry that adds an enchanting appeal to the piercing.
This type of piercing has the power to make you the centre of attraction in even the most crowded of places. The way a gun functions is that it forces a piece of sharpened jewelry through your ear, and tends to cause a lot of trauma to the area. However, ear piercing is something which is highly common and provides you with a whole avenue of options in itself. Also, as someone who recently got 3 helix piercings at once, it really does not hurt all that much. What it comes down to is that you get what you pay for, going to a professional will cost more, but you’ll get better care and have a better experience, just like with tattoos.
A vertical Industrial Piercing is similar to the Industrial piercing but instead is vertical. Industrial piercing is a pair of piercing connected by the jewellery usually on the upper ear cartilage.
The industrial or “scaffold” piercing is any piercing in which two separate pierced holes are connected with a single piece of barbell body jewelry.

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