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Still, for all my fretting and worrying (needless of course, I was home on leave when my contractions started for reals), the element of surprise when it comes to baby’s arrival is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy (gender too). Make it clear to all the medical professionals involved in my care that I do not want to know when I’m coming in for the procedure. Even though Suzanne chose her son’s birthday, I think his birth story totally makes my point. Are you someone who stayed engaged for two years just to get married at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2000? There are plenty of reasons why someone might be compelled to handpick a baby’s birthday given the choice (and provided the date was somewhere within the appropriate timeframe to deliver a full-term baby). Except that the date we picked had nothing to do with how he made his entrance into the world.
Because as all new parents learn rather quickly, you really aren’t in control of much of anything when you have a baby. Do you like the idea of selecting your child’s birthdate — or is it something better left to pure randomness? The folks at The Icecreamists are cooperating, but all along they’ve maintained the breast milk they used to make the ice cream had been tested the same way blood donors were screened. Of course the new product does need some au natural resources, namely mothers willing to provide the milk. Beyond the icky factor, there are obviously other issues at play here as people decide whether or not to ingest from the breast. So what else can you do to ward off cabin fever, for however many more weeks of winter there are left in your neck of the woods?
Camp Stories: Turn a bedroom or playroom into a campsite, and pretend to go rafting on a throw rug. Play Toys: Sounds obvious, but when was the last time you sat down and actually played your child’s favorite toy with them?
And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be having such a great time trying out these fun indoor activities that Spring will sneak up on you. Suzanne recently ‘fessed up to some fellow mom bloggers at Playdate Crashers about why potty training her toddlers was such a slam dunk. It’s been a long running joke among my working mom pals that you finally see a return on your investment at day care when they help potty train your child. Tell us about your child’s potty training experience, and if you would have been as open to someone else taking the lead.
But before you pull out your old Wonder Woman costume, maybe you could casually bring up the subject in conversation, without making your friend feel self-conscious about something she may or may not perceive as a problem herself. Next time you talk, you might say in passing that your little one continues to sleep through the night and *fingers crossed* you hope it’s not just a phase.
As for her not wanting to leave baby behind for a little girls-only time, you will just have to wait her out on that one. For me, justifying time spent alone with friends took a few years and that was a direct result of my self-imposed guilt. I could be way off base here, but it sounds to me like Jennifer is practicing attachment parenting, whether she’s made the conscious decision to do so or not. Around that time, we started polling other parents about where they went for their daughters’ ear piercings.
Getting your ears pierced is a big decision and I think a child old enough to ask for them is old enough to get them — and care for them.
For my daughter, pierced ears was something she totally wanted, but she was a bit apprehensive about.
My sister was getting married in July and A., the flower girl, decided that she wanted earrings before that. The thing was, not everyone embraced and supported our decision (yes, my husband and I decided together). I cannot catch a ball, nor can I throw one or hit one with a bat (or golf club, or tennis racket).
On an acute level, breastfeeding is a very basic relationship between two people and two people alone: mother and child. There is nothing like the strength of feeling that rushes over you when baby latches on to your breast and begins to suckle for the first time. I found that after I nursed my little ones, my head was much clearer and I was a lot more refreshed and energized.
Suzanne formula-fed both of her kids and her now 8-year-old son is almost as tall as me, so I think she’s doing just fine in the baby-feeding department. It would be easy right now to hide behind the medical reason why I couldn’t breastfeed and decided to formula feed both of my children. Plain and simple, I just decided breastfeeding wasn’t the best approach for my baby and me. In the meantime, I can still be confident that they received adequate nutrition during that first year, given that my son is stronger and taller than most kids three years older than him (he also drank almost 40 oz. Even the weight loss benefits of breastfeeding weren’t missed, as my pregnancy weight was shed surprisingly easily and effortlessly after both pregnancies. Australian Company Offers Return to Work Bonus After Maternity LeaveUsually when we talk about maternity leave, it's about what's lacking about it.
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I fully understand that placing your child in pain deliberately is absolutely the last thing any mother willingly wants to do. My position still stands that I feel that yes, babies do feel real pain when they get their ears pierced.
I know that it is one more thing to do in the long list of daily tasks that a mom has but, keeping their ears clean and turning the earrings is not something that can’t be incorporated into a routine for 2-6 weeks. Well, I don’t regret piercing their ears because I feel that it is a form of femininity and it is something that eventually mostly every girl wants to do.
Both my daughters are very different, Gabriella is loud, funny and so very gentle and kind-hearted. I’d recommend that you leave them out for at least a week and you can try to use segment hoops. This is my little snag in the road of infant ear piercing, my first daughter was a breeze and never ever touched her earrings. My solution was to purchase a pair of sterling silver hoops, really small ones where the end goes right into the earring and where pressure would have to be applied to be removed. So, you may run into little snags along the way but, if you do want to keep your daughter’s ears pierced you can try the above. If all else fails and your toddler or infant can’t keep the piercings in her ears, just keep them out and every week and a half just put earrings in to keep the hole open. About Nancy Polanco is a freelance journalist and editor of lifestyle blog Whispered Inspirations. Disney Dream Cruise: First-Timer Tips to Make The Most Of Your Sailing Experience to The Bahamas! Not once did you get frazzled as my almost 2 year old got upset and cried and tried to push you away!
Margaret is also very helpful with helping me get the exact earring that I want for my baby girl, as well as for my niece.
When we got to our appointment (A Monday at 11am), we just focused on the actual ear piercing experience. Anyway, I'm a first time mom and a little picky (okaaay, very picky) about what's happening to my Boo.
Margaret responded to my email inquiry within a couple hours and I was able to make an appointment for 3 days later. My fiance and I took our daughter Alayne to get her ears pierced with Margaret about a week ago and so far her ears are healing very nicely. Over the weekend my wife & I decided to finally have our 9 month old baby girl ears pierced.
Overall a great experience for our baby and us parents it beats going to a store at the mall and having a teenager with no experience and a piercing gun coming near our baby's ears.
If you're looking for safety, quality, & years of experience when it comes to piercing your baby's ears, this is DEFINITELY the spot!

Margaret is so friendly, professional, & most importantly, she definitely knows what she's doing! We wanted to express our gratitude and thanks to you for making this experience a pleasant one. My husband and I took our baby to this place last Saturday to have our baby's ears pierced and we are so happy with the results. We arrived 15 minutes late for our appointment but Margaret was oh so kind enough to still accommodate us despite the fact that she was running late for her own personal appointment elsewhere. We really appreciate you taking the time in explaining to us the process of the ear piercing & for making sure the holes would be perfectly aligned. It has been 3 days since Margaret pierced our daughter's ears and we are extremely excited with the outcome!
My husband, daughter, and I just returned from our appointment with Margaret and I must tell you how extremely happy we are with the outcome of our daughter's ears pierced.
On the day of our appointment, Margaret was a very calming presence, she was also very friendly, patient, and professional.
I was a bit apprehensive in my search for a truly reputable place to have my 4 month old daughter's ears pierced. Margaret is the best!I was shocked at the review on YELP regarding Margaret and her services.Oviously this mom was only concerned in having her way!
Since our daughter was getting restless, I had to hold her hands down while Margaret pierced.
I recommend bringing snacks and toys for older babies and getting the "screw back" earrings. Change my contact number to Tracy’s number (in case they call to remind me of my forthcoming appointment). I don’t care how she does it (pulls slips of paper out of a hat, throws darts at a calendar), as long as the process is completely arbitrary.
Did you know you met your soul mate because when adding up the month and day of your birthdays, they each equaled 28? Aside from having a preference for the actual date, it might be more about the timing itself.
We settled on the 15th (for no particular reason other than I had scheduled my maternity leave to begin on the 14th and could use a day to get things ready). But I would have liked the 14th or the 16th, or any other day, in any month, or year, for that matter. But there’s quite an elaborate plan in place in case that had to happen for some reason. After getting hundreds of complaints (and the media frenzy surrounding the flavor no doubt) representatives of  the Westminster City Council has put sales of Baby Gaga on hold while it is tested by the UK’s Food Standards Agency.
While the nutritional value of breast milk is well-documented, it is designed for babies and there are some who believe that women with surpluses could better serve society by donating to milk banks that distribute the food to infants in need rather than an ice cream parlor trying to make a buck (or a pound as the case may be).
Try Hanauma Bay in Hawaii for snorkeling, the San Diego Zoo for a panda cam or polar bear cam, or head over to National Geographic Kids for a look at life in places like Costa Rica. Roast marshmallows over a fire of blankets and pitch a tent out of couch cushions and bedsheets. In the middle of the day fill it up with warm water, throw in some pails and shovels and other assorted aquatic toys, pull out the bathing suits and then let them have at it. I think more parents might start paying a few hundred dollars a month if they only knew that someone else would readily take care of that dirty work!
Not to say that breastfeeding is causing the sleep interruption, but can it be part of the issue? Just the thought of not sleeping for longer than four hours for fourteen months straight makes me tired. When she gives you the update on John (presuming they’re still in the same boat) ask in response whether her pediatrician has offered any advice as to whether she should try to stretch his feedings further apart. I thought I was shortchanging my babies while I was at work, so I wanted to give them all of my free time otherwise.
Now this is just a guess based on what you are saying and from my own experiences as someone who did it as well (and sort of stumbled into the method).
The night waking, the extended breastfeeding, even the not wanting to leave the baby at all. Or, as in my house, a 10-year-old having a mohawk (over the summer only and it needs to be gone before school starts). Once her Little League season was over (you have to remove earrings for games and I didn’t want to have to do that with new holes) off we went.
I will encourage every pregnant woman I meet to breastfeed, and I will offer emotional support to anyone who chooses to nurse and has a question.
Deciding to breastfeed, hands downs was one of the smartest, most wonderful decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
The sense of calmness that overcomes you as baby drinks the milk that your body so lovingly prepared. But, for those moms who choose to pierce their daughter’s ears, they just may run into a few snags along the road.
While Michaela is my little spitfire, she is confident and knows what she wants and is very particular. In this case, if you continue to put in the earrings and you know that she will rip them right out, she is damaging her lobe and leaving chance for infections.
Make sure to always have your hands washed and use an antiseptic to clean the ears when you do so. A social media junkie, travel-lover with insatiable wanderlust and an aficionado for fun gadgets, good eats and entertainment. I had done my research using yelp and babycenter regarding ear piercing for my 3.5mo old daughter.
She seemed to forget about the pain before we even left your office and hasn't even tried to touch them all day. We found Margarets website on a pediatrician ask any question page and we were thrilled with all her reviews but even more when we meet her. She cried a bit but forgot about it quickly with dad giving her a bottle and a vigorous walk through the mall.
It is not easy for parents to see their little ones in pain, however made us feel at ease. She explained the entire process to us while performing the actual procedure and in a few minutes, it is done. It's almost as if you were piercing your own daughter's ears & that you took such great care in making sure they looked perfect.
You really did a great job and took your time to make sure that her piercing was done right. We took our 6 month old to get her ears pierced yesterday and it was such a great experience. I called Margaret and told her I would write a personal comment on YELP - Margaret informed me that she was gratefull for my call and was truly sadden by what this mom had written.My expirence with babypiercing was incredible. With my first, my son C., I was working in a high-rise, 42 floors up, two trains and a decent car ride away from home. It requires the cooperation of many, and everything must go right in order for it to be carried out successfully until the end, but it’s doable. Because numbers intrigue me too — to the point where I kept the phone company rep waiting for a solid five minutes while I deliberated the merits of each combination of seven-digits she offered. Say your partner is being deployed in your 40th week and your c-section needs to be scheduled anyway. How predictable, especially because our family and friends knew his gender, name, and birthdate — all before it happened.
One of the major concerns is that many types of viruses, including hepatitis, can be passed through breast milk. For my son, nothing is better than when he and my husband head down to the basement to build one of the umpteen Lego sets that they have.
But all joking aside, potty training your child while he or she is attending day care can be a very positive experience — for you both. And to envision your good friend suffering in silence, having been there yourself for however short a period of time, makes you want to jump through her bedroom window and save her.

Some are ready to go immediately, knowing that baby is in good hands with daddy or grandma for an hour or two, while others might never leave their child’s sight until the drive to college. But now — well, I totally see the value in just hanging with friends for an hour or two and recharging in a way that ultimately makes me a more patient and well-rounded mom. I actually went through all of that myself — except for the extended breastfeeding part, which I had to stop at 13 months with S.
Not that they dictate that, but it’s more like, moms who practice attachment parenting tend to not want to be separated from their babies.
A flea market where sometimes my mom let me get a Chipwich chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich. There is definitely some maintenance involved with pierced ears and while a 6-year-old probably can’t handle it herself, she needs to be involved in the process. I don’t know if the potential, self-decided pain made her nervous or she just had to work up to it, but she waited at least a year from the first time she asked and my husband and I said yes and when she actually got it done. When I used to wrangle my way out of gym class in high school, my fellow students sighed in relief.
No matter how crazy things get when you are caring for an infant, breastfeeding makes you stop. Of course every toddler her age is but, when it comes to pierced ears, it’s not the best quality. Well, I’ve come to these solutions in order to keep the piercings and avoid Mimi any pain or discomfort.
Not to mention, she is causing a lot of pain to those little ears needlessly–which is something that we all want to avoid. The plastic backings also keep the back of their ears safe and free of rubbing  or poking from the pointy backs of normal earrings. The segment earrings are pretty neat, you pull out a segment of the hoop, insert it into the piercing and then pop it back in.
Bringing you product finds, service reviews, giveaways, tutorials, recipes, all that is travel and much more. Margaret is very patient, informative and does not rush each patient even if the next one is waiting in the waiting area. Like other reviewers have mentioned, Margaret is meticulous in ensuring the piercing position is correct. The place was located inside Clouds Rest Healing Center that is not in the congested area of SF. I felt very confident in your judgement and expertise during the whole process (even when I got a little teary myself) and it made everything so much easier. As a business owner ourselves we know how important customer service is and even with us being late due to traffic she still treated us like we were on time.
Maybe because of the quality earrings you offer with the screwbacks that prevent them to dig into her skin.
I read so many bad things on the internet about babies and piercing in malls I was afraid to have her ears pierced.
I would much rather bring my baby here, where I feel as if I can trust the person, than at some mall booth where they're not at all experienced w infants! You were very patient with us and gave us all the time to settle down and calm our little one before the actual piercing. Our baby cried for only 5 sec and immediately forgot about the pain after seeing her pretty face with earrings on both her earlobes. We just got back from Oahu & you're right, her newly pierced ears were just fine in the salt water. Not only does our daughter look super cute, also Margaret was very thorough about making sure the holes would be perfectly aligned  She also thoroughly explain how to take care of it so that our daughter's ears do not get infected. Heidi looks so great and her new earrings haven't caused any issues or concerns for us so far. Through considerable research and reading the reviews of Margaret, I was convinced that she was professional and would provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for me and my daughter. On the 14th, exactly twelve hours before I was scheduled to be induced, I went into labor, ending with his arrival in the midnight hour on the 15th. Simply playing with your child is a great way to bond while getting a front-row seat to their imagination. I feel like the worst Mom sometimes because I like to go out with my lady friends once in awhile. I knew that leaving the baby was fine and good to do, but it was just really hard for me emotionally.
She was very thorough in making sure the earrings would be straight, even and properly placed on the lobe.
We paid $175, which sounds expensive but considering Margaret's experience with babies and ear piercing and this is a ONE TIME, intended to last a LIFETIME experience.
I would suggest this business to anyone.Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for all of us! You made me feel so comfortable when I talked to you; all my friends wish you could come out and pierce their babies.
Margaret handled everything very well and made everything as pleasant as possible for our daughter.
Margaret was very thorough in following up prior to my daughter's appointment and was so kind and warm both during the piercing and following the piercing.
I felt that the mom that wrote the comment was only thinking about herself and not what was best for her baby.Truly selfish. From about April 15 until about May 15 every member of our family had multiple things to do. Not to get all new-agey on you, but you don’t choose to attachment parent, it comes from inside of you.
Not ideal in any situation, but certainly not for an emotional, hormonal new mom who didn’t know how to do much of anything and who was completely overwhelmed by the thought that I was the sole provider of nutrition to this sweet, precious newborn.
These earrings have a stud in the front and the endings of the earring have grooves that screw in the backing. So, your child will not be able to pull or yank it out, or use those little fingers to get them lose. When she wakes up in the morning, I say "let's go clean our pretty earrings!"  We then tromp to the bathroom, and I spray my own earrings front & back, and turn them--then do the same to her. Our baby did cry during the quick process but as soon as her hands were off her ears she was perfectly fine and looks adorable.
When I had mine done it was at a mall in one of those center booths when I was a little kid. Between the four of us, there were countless baseball, softball and lacrosse games and practices, doctor appointments, teacher conferences, T. I quickly learned about the importance of hospital-grade breast pumps and football holds and the value of a Boppy. The backing is a plastic semi-circle with a metallic insert that allows the earring to screw into. She took her time and made sure the alignment was perfect and took her sweet time in piercing our daughter's ears despite the fact that we went before her 10:30 appointment. And happy because although my parents agreed to let me get my ears pierced, it was my choice to do so.
The only problem is that the segments are usually thicker than most hoops, so it may require a little gauging and that is something I steered clear from. Of course my daughter cried but that was mainly because we were holding her head to not move.
Once Margaret was done piercing our daughter's ears our daughter cried for only a few minutes and forgot all about it and she looks even more beautiful with her pretty earrings on.
There's a small selection of earrings for you to choose from which includes your birthstone color. So, if you are willing to pay a little more, but be in capable hands then I would highly recommend her.

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